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Handicap08/01/20064.7m (4.7 Miles)39:19
Twin Piers14/01/200610k (10 Kilometers)50:17
Wrexham XC21/01/2006XC 9k (9 Kilometers)42:38
Oswestry XC04/02/2006XC 6m (6 Miles)47:45
Nick Beer12/02/200610k (10 Kilometers)48:27
Ironbridge26/03/2006Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:02:00
Chirk02/04/200610k (10 Kilometers)52:18
Bird Rock Half30/04/2006Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:54:27
Llyn Brenig02/09/20069 mile fell (9 Miles)1:26:00
Sefton Park 10k08/10/200610k (10 Kilometers)49:03
Telford Cross-country21/10/2006XC 8K (8 Kilometers)48:10
Bangor XC25/11/2006XC 5MILES (5 Miles)45:44
Prestatyn Border League10/12/20065.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)37:46
Twin Piers 200713/01/200710k (10 Kilometers)48:36
Wrexham XC 200720/01/20079.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)42:26
Christleton Border League04/02/20076m (6 Miles)42:35
Liverpool Half 200725/03/2007Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:47:31
London Marathon 200722/04/2007Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:14:21
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/20074miles (4 Miles)28:08
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/20075k (5 Kilometers)21:11
Riverbank Run 200724/06/200710k (10 Kilometers)46:51
Great North Run30/09/2007Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:02:00
Snowdon Marathon 200727/10/2007Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:46:00
Tattenhall Border League09/12/200710k (10 Kilometers)46:57
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/20085m (5 Miles)39:33
Twin Piers 200819/01/200810k (10 Kilometers)47:32
North Wales XC Championships, Senior Men26/01/2008Senior Men XC Champs (10.6 Miles)0:00:00
Nick Beer 200810/02/200810k (10 Kilometers)48:12
Liverpool Half 200802/03/2008Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:46:13
Edinburgh Marathon25/05/2008Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:01:16
Anglesey Half Marathon, 200821/09/2008Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:52:43
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200827/09/2008XC 9k (9 Kilometers)44:35
Great North Run, 200805/10/2008Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:46:23
Telford Cross-country 2008 men11/10/2008XC 5MILES (5 Miles)43:42
Dublin City Marathon 200827/10/2008Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:02:28
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/20086m (6 Miles)44:03
Bangor XC 200822/11/2008Long bangor xc (7.25 Miles)1:03:02
Helana Tipping 10k 200807/12/200810k (10 Kilometers)45:47
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009XC 9k (9 Kilometers)43:13
Twin Piers 200924/01/200910k (10 Kilometers)44:50
North Wales XC Championships, Senior Men31/01/2009XC 10k (10 Kilometers)47:22
Oswestry XC Men, 200907/02/20099.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)47:42
Nick Beer 200908/02/200910k (10 Kilometers)46:02
Wrexham Half-Marathon 200915/02/2009Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:39:53
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/20094.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)32:17
Liverpool Half 200929/03/2009Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:53:10
Paris Marathon, 200905/04/2009Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:00:24
London Marathon 200926/04/2009Marathon (26.2 Miles)3:58:30
Chester Half-Marathon 200917/05/2009Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:47:38
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Handicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)35:09
Liverpool Half 201028/03/2010Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:44:08
London Marathon 201025/04/2010Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:12:50
Chester Half-Marathon 201016/05/2010Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:43:47
Great North Run, 201019/09/2010Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:52:28
Anglesey Half Marathon, 201026/09/2010Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:50:04
Dublin Marathon 201025/10/2010Marathon (26.2 Miles)3:57:29
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/20105.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)38:19
Conwy Half-Marathon 201020/11/2010Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:44:52
Wrexham Cross Country 201027/11/20105.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)39:01
Twin Piers 201115/01/201110k (10 Kilometers)45:37
Oswestry Cross cOUNTRY 2011, Men05/02/20117k xc (7 Kilometers)48:45
Wrexham Half Marathon27/02/2011Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:37:09
Trimpell 2006/03/201120 miles (20 Miles)2:40:28
Ironbridge Half Marathon13/03/2011Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:41:03
Rhayader 2020/03/201120 miles (20 Miles)3:09:52
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Deeside bl (4.3 Miles)31:27
London Marathon, 201117/04/2011Marathon (26.2 Miles)3:48:00
Wrexham Border League27/04/20114miles (4 Miles)28:00
Chester Half Marathon 201115/05/2011Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:40:52
Llandudno 1022/05/201110 miles (10 Miles)1:13:27
Great North Run, 201118/09/2011Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:45:00
Bangor XC 2011, Mens01/10/2011XC 5MILES (5 Miles)39:35
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/20116m (6 Miles)35:51
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/20115.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)40:09
Snowdonia Marathon 201129/10/2011Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:20:30
Northop Cross Country, Men12/11/20119.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)41:55
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/20115.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:52
Conwy Half Marathon, 201120/11/2011Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:42:41
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/20116m (6 Miles)44:12
Abergele Border League 201208/01/20125m (5 Miles)36:39
Lillyshall Cross Country, Man14/01/2012XC 8K (8 Kilometers)42:00
Twin Piers 201221/01/201210k (10 Kilometers)43:54
NW XC Champs 2012, Corwen, Men28/01/201211k (11 Kilometers)52:37
Oswestry XC 2012, Ladies04/02/2012XC 5K (5 Kilometers)44:35
Nick Beer 201212/02/201210k (10 Kilometers)45:56
Wrexham Half-Marathon19/02/2012Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:44:04
Rhayader 2018/03/201220 miles (20 Miles)2:53:40
Great Manchester Marathon29/04/2012Marathon (26.2 Miles)3:50:22
Chester Half Marathon, 201213/05/2012Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:46:51
Llandudno 10 miles17/06/201210 miles (10 Miles)1:18:14
Great North Run, 201216/09/2012Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:47:07
Ras 4 Llyn, 30k07/10/201230k (30 Kilometers)3:57:07
Cardiff Half Marathon, 201214/10/2012Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:52:35
Snowdonia Marathon 201227/10/2012Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:44:33
Penmaenmawr Fell Race17/11/2012pen fell 11mile (11 Miles)1:57:57
Oswestry Cross Country Mens02/02/2013XC 9k (9 Kilometers)49:20
Nick Beer 10k, 201310/02/201310k (10 Kilometers)48:55
Rhayader 2016/03/201320 miles (20 Miles)3:05:27
London Marathon 201321/04/2013Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:15:25
Caernarfon 10k01/09/201310k (10 Kilometers)58:07
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/20135.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)47:25
St Davids XC, Mens 201319/10/2013XC 8K (8 Kilometers)50:50
Wrexham Cross Country, Men23/11/20137.4k xc (7.4 Kilometers)43:54
Wrexham "13.7" Half Marathn 201416/02/2014wrexham half wrong (13.7 Miles)2:02:46
Rhayader Round the Lakes08/03/201420 miles (20 Miles)3:26:16
Trimpbell 2016/03/201420 miles (20 Miles)2:59:15
Deeside Borders League23/03/20144.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)33:12
Manchester Marathon 201406/04/2014Short Marathon (26 Miles)4:27:22 [Chip: 4:24:25]
Deestriders Borders League23/04/20145.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:00
Chester Half Marathon, 201418/05/2014Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:54:16 [Chip: 1:53:01]
Trail Half Marathon Wales 201421/06/2014Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:23:57 [Chip: 2:23:40]
Run Fest Wales Half Marathon29/06/2014Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:51:28 [Chip: 1:50:59]
Great North Run07/09/2014Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:58:46
Warrington Half Marathon21/09/2014Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:56:51
Bangor Cross Country Men04/10/20145.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)44:39
St Davids Cross Country, Llandudno, Male18/10/2014XC 5MILES (5 Miles)49:50
Conwy Half Marathon 201423/11/2014Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:52:55 [Chip: 1:49:54]
Wrexham Cross Country Men29/11/20145.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)41:36
Vale of Clwyd Half Marathon07/12/2014Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:51:57
Trail Wales Half Marathon24/01/2015Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:40:09 [Chip: 2:39:41]
Oswestry Cross Country 2015, Men.07/02/2015XC 8K (8 Kilometers)58:40
Manchester Marathon 201519/04/2015Short Marathon (26 Miles)4:14:01 [Chip: 4:05:49]
Chester Half Marathon 201517/05/2015Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:51:16 [Chip: 1:49:19]
Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon, 201514/06/2015Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:58:06 [Chip: 4:58:06]
Great North Run, 201513/09/2015Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:08:34
English Half Marathon, 201520/09/2015Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:01:42 [Chip: 2:00:46]
Chester Marathon 201504/10/2015Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:44:03 [Chip: 4:41:24]
Mold Cross Country, Men28/11/2015XC 5MILES (5 Miles)47:50
Great North Run, 201809/09/2018Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:28:06
Great North Run, 201908/09/2019Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:18:06 [Chip: 2:18:06]

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