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Handicap08/01/20064.7m (4.7 Miles)39:59
Twin Piers14/01/200610k (10 Kilometers)44:58
Belview Off Road15/01/20065m (5 Miles)37:34
Wrexham XC21/01/2006XC 9k (9 Kilometers)39:46
Ruthin XC28/01/200610k (10 Kilometers)46:54
Menai Mini Marathon29/01/200610k (10 Kilometers)44:02
Torremolinos Half05/02/2006Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:15:23
Wrexham Fun Run19/02/20064.25m (4.25 Miles)31:31
Trafford05/03/200610k (10 Kilometers)46:12
Ironbridge26/03/2006Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:05:36
Paris Marathon09/04/2006Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:34:17
Runcorn Bridge 516/04/20065m (5 Miles)44:39
London Marathon23/04/2006Marathon (26.2 Miles)3:36:00
Market Drayton14/05/200610k (10 Kilometers)44:52
BUPA Great Manchester Run21/05/200610k (10 Kilometers)45:55
Rhyl 5k31/05/20065k (5 Kilometers)22:07
Lymm 5k24/06/20065k (5 Kilometers)27:37
Capenhurst23/08/20065k (5 Kilometers)26:30
Llanwrst Duathlon03/09/2006Biathlon 400m/15miles (15 Miles)1:08:27
Llandogged 12.5k17/09/200612.5k (12.5 Kilometers)1:05:50
Berlin24/09/2006Marathon (26.2 Miles)3:55:17
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006XC 8K (8 Kilometers)42:53
Flintshire 10k01/10/200610k (10 Kilometers)49:14
Sefton Park 10k08/10/200610k (10 Kilometers)43:40
Capenhurst 10k15/10/200610k (10 Kilometers)46:26
Caernarfon Border League12/11/200610k (10 Kilometers)44:48
Bangor XC25/11/2006XC 5MILES (5 Miles)43:46
Helana Tipping 10k03/12/200610k (10 Kilometers)45:27
Prestatyn Border League10/12/20065.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)37:11
2007 Handicap Race07/01/20077k handicap (7 Kilometers)39:09
Twin Piers 200713/01/200710k (10 Kilometers)44:22
Wrexham XC 200720/01/20079.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)41:10
Menai Mini Marathon 200728/01/200710k (10 Kilometers)45:40
Nick Beer 200711/02/200710k (10 Kilometers)45:31
Wrexham Half-Marathon 200718/02/2007Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:40:08
Barcelona Marathon 200704/03/2007Marathon (26.2 Miles)3:59:22
Runcorn Bridge 5, 200708/04/20075m (5 Miles)36:18
London Marathon 200722/04/2007Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:07:22
Market Drayton 200713/05/200710k (10 Kilometers)44:09
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/20075k (5 Kilometers)21:28
Faenol Park 10k 200704/07/200710k (10 Kilometers)44:56
Capenhurst 5k 200711/07/20075k (5 Kilometers)21:35
Caernarfon Race the Train 200718/07/20075k (5 Kilometers)20:31
Nantwich 5k22/07/20075k (5 Kilometers)20:57
Capenhurst 5k 2007, Elsmere Port22/08/20075k (5 Kilometers)21:18
Crewe 7.5k26/08/2007Crewe 7.5k (7.5 Kilometers)35:38
Caernarfon 10k 200702/09/200710k (10 Kilometers)46:42
Lake Vyrnwy Half-Marathon09/09/2007Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:44:48
Flintshire 10k30/09/200710k (10 Kilometers)46:00
Niagara Falls Marathon04/11/2007Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:08:00
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007XC 5MILES (5 Miles)42:44
Helana Tipping 10k 200716/12/200710k (10 Kilometers)44:20
Llanberis Round the Lake Christmas Run23/12/2007Fun run 5.6k (5.6 Kilometers)47:44
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/20085m (5 Miles)38:58
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008XC 5MILES (5 Miles)40:21
Twin Piers 200819/01/200810k (10 Kilometers)44:11
Menai Mini Marathon 200827/01/200810k (10 Kilometers)45:47
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008XC 6m (6 Miles)48:36
Nick Beer 200810/02/200810k (10 Kilometers)46:36
Wrexham Half-Marathon 200817/02/2008Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:38:39
Farnden 10k 200802/03/200810k (10 Kilometers)48:17
Runcorn Bridge 5, 200823/03/20085m (5 Miles)38:46
Chester Spring 5, 200802/04/20085m (5 Miles)36:56
Helsby Border League06/04/20086m (6 Miles)46:19
Deestriders Borders League30/04/20084miles (4 Miles)29:00
Eiddig 525/05/20085m (5 Miles)36:50
Rhyl 5k, 200828/05/20085k (5 Kilometers)22:21
Faenol Park 10k 200802/07/200810k (10 Kilometers)46:20
Llyn Alwen Trail Race, 200806/07/200811k trail (11 Kilometers)55:35
Burtonwood 19/07/20084.7m (4.7 Miles)33:41
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200820/07/20085k (5 Kilometers)28:11
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200823/07/20085k (5 Kilometers)20:43
Dolgellau 5, 200826/07/20085m (5 Miles)35:44
Gabowen 501/08/20085m (5 Miles)37:14
Borth Beach 10k03/08/200810k (10 Kilometers)47:13
Warford 1010/08/200810 miles (10 Miles)1:22:46
Race the train, Quarry Challenge, 200816/08/200810k (10 Kilometers)52:29
Birchwood 10k, 200817/08/200810k (10 Kilometers)46:49
Capenhurst 5k 200820/08/20085k (5 Kilometers)21:45
Provence Luberon Half Marathon05/10/2008Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:49:00
Helana Tipping 10k 200807/12/200810k (10 Kilometers)47:46
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009XC 9k (9 Kilometers)44:53
Twin Piers 200924/01/200910k (10 Kilometers)48:01
Menai Mini Marathon 200925/01/200910k (10 Kilometers)49:58
Nick Beer 200908/02/200910k (10 Kilometers)48:33
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Handicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)35:09
Fairy Freckled Cow 11k05/07/200911k trail (11 Kilometers)56:06
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200922/07/20095k (5 Kilometers)22:22
Llanfair TH 10k, 200925/07/200910k (10 Kilometers)54:22
Llandogged 12.5k, 200913/09/200912.5k (12.5 Kilometers)1:06:30
Flintshire 10k, 200904/10/200910k (10 Kilometers)49:02
Bangor XC 2009, Men21/11/2009XC 8K (8 Kilometers)41:48
Nick Beer 201007/02/201010k (10 Kilometers)52:35
London Marathon 201025/04/2010Marathon (26.2 Miles)5:17:00
Anglesey 10k, 201026/09/201010k (10 Kilometers)51:34
Flintshire 10k, 201003/10/201010k (10 Kilometers)50:53
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 201009/10/2010XC 8K (8 Kilometers)50:25
Fairy Freckled Cow 11k01/07/201211k trail (11 Kilometers)1:06:46

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