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North Wales Half Marathon30/07/2016Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:45:05 [Chip: 2:44:46]
Abergele 530/10/20165m (5 Miles)56:40
Conwy Half Marathon 201620/11/2016Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:09:34 [Chip: 2:08:03]
Vale of Clwyd Half Marathon, 201627/11/2016Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:01:09
Twin Piers 10k, 201721/01/201710k (10 Kilometers)53:28
Deeside College Borders League22/01/20174.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)37:27
Village Bakery Half Marathon19/02/2017Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:57:53 [Chip: 1:57:13]
Rhyl 10 mile25/02/201710 miles (10 Miles)1:36:30 [Chip: 1:35:55]
Ruthin 10k26/02/201710k (10 Kilometers)59:14
Wrexham Marathon12/03/2017Marathon (26.2 Miles)5:05:23 [Chip: 5:04:11]
Manchester Marathon, 201702/04/2017Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:55:53
New Brighton Borders League09/04/20175.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)44:06
London Marathon, 201723/04/2017Marathon (26.2 Miles)5:14:57
Big Rock 10k29/04/201710k (10 Kilometers)52:09 [Chip: 51:25]
Snowdonia Half Marathon21/05/2017Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:06:18 [Chip: 2:05:55]
Rock and Roll Liverpool Marathon28/05/2017Marathon (26.2 Miles)3:59:55
Runfest Rhyl Half-Marathon24/06/2017Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:44:05 [Chip: 1:43:51]
Swansea Half Marathon25/06/2017Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:46:40 [Chip: 1:44:20]
Chirk Half Marathon09/07/2017Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:50:35 [Chip: 1:50:30]
Great North Run, 201710/09/2017Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:48:51
Cardiff Half Marathon01/10/2017Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:54:37
Bangor Half Marathon07/10/2017Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:51:29 [Chip: 1:51:23]
Manchester Half Marathon15/10/2017Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:54:29
Conwy Half Marathon, 201719/11/2017Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:58:23 [Chip: 1:56:36]
Nick Beer 10k11/02/201810k (10 Kilometers)52:05 [Chip: 51:59]
Manchester Marathon 201808/04/2018Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:46:54
Peckham 10k05/05/201810k (10 Kilometers)50:37
Hackney Half Maraathon20/05/2018Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:52:16
Folkstone Coastal 10k27/05/201810k (10 Kilometers)49:34 [Chip: 49:03]
Snowdonia Trail Marathon15/07/2018Marathon (26.2 Miles)7:54:39
Canterbury Half Marathon27/08/2018Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:00:44 [Chip: 2:00:38]
Chester Marathon 201807/10/2018Marathon (26.2 Miles)3:56:00 [Chip: 3:53:14]
Cybi Striders Borders League, Ty Croes Racecourse09/12/20185m (5 Miles)39:46
Twin Piers 10k, 201919/01/201910k (10 Kilometers)48:05
Village Bakery Half Marathon, 201917/02/2019Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:43:02 [Chip: 1:42:14]
Chester 10k10/03/201910k (10 Kilometers)47:51 [Chip: 46:42]
Chester Half Marathon19/05/2019Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:44:49 [Chip: 1:44:00]
Folkestone Coastal 10k 26/05/201910k (10 Kilometers)46:51 [Chip: 46:22]
Vitality London 10k27/05/201910k (10 Kilometers)46:58
The Canterbury Half Marathon26/08/2019Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)2:24:00 [Chip: 2:23:44]
Chester Marathon 201906/10/2019Marathon (26.2 Miles)4:31:24 [Chip: 4:29:27]
Conwyn Half Marathon17/11/2019Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:52:25 [Chip: 1:49:34]
Dymchurch 10k (short)16/02/20206m (6 Miles)43:44

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