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St Davids Cross Country, Ladies22/10/2011XC 5K (5 Kilometers)29:22
Northop Cross Country Ladies12/11/2011X-C 4K (4 Kilometers)27:43
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/20115.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)49:01
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/20116m (6 Miles)53:58
Abergele Border League 201208/01/20125m (5 Miles)42:15
Lillyshall Cross Country, Ladies14/01/20125.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)30:42
Twin Piers 201221/01/201210k (10 Kilometers)48:44
NW XC Champs 2012, Corwen, Ladies28/01/2012Ladies XC Champs (5.8 Kilometers)32:52
Oswestry XC 2012, Ladies04/02/2012XC 5K (5 Kilometers)29:35
Nick Beer 201212/02/201210k (10 Kilometers)50:57
Mold Border League, 201226/02/20125.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)39:33
Chritleton Borders League01/04/20125.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)44:17
Deeside Borders League 201225/04/20124.25m (4.25 Miles)30:38
Chester Half Marathon, 201213/05/2012Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:41:32
Sun Centre 5k, 201223/05/20125k (5 Kilometers)21:33
Llandudno 10 miles17/06/201210 miles (10 Miles)1:17:53
Time Trial27/08/2012Time Trial (1 Miles)6:47
Caernarfon 10k02/09/201210k (10 Kilometers)47:55
Bangor Cross Country, Ladies06/10/2012X-C 4K (4 Kilometers)37:32
Caernarfon Borders League21/10/201210k (10 Kilometers)54:11
Christleton Border League 201216/12/20125.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)50:52
Telford Cross Country 2013, Ladies12/01/20135.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)32:33
Birkinhead Park Borders League 201313/01/20135.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)45:23
Oswestry Cross Country Ladies02/02/20135.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)32:20
Deeside Border League10/04/20135.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)44:06
Wrexham Border League24/04/20134miles (4 Miles)30:05
Caernarfon 10k01/09/201310k (10 Kilometers)48:55
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/20136m (6 Miles)48:28
Wigg Island, Borders League (Helsby)15/12/20135.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:35
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/20145m (5 Miles)38:01
Birkenhead Borders League 201402/03/20145.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:31
Deeside Borders League23/03/20144.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)34:15
Wirral Borders League, 201406/04/20145.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)39:23
Deestriders Borders League23/04/20145.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:25
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/20145.7m (5.7 Miles)45:24
Tattenhall Border League07/12/20146m (6 Miles)48:18
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/20155.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:41
Twin Piers 201517/01/201510k (10 Kilometers)48:51
Rhyl 10 mile, 201522/02/201510 miles (10 Miles)1:18:18 [Chip: 1:17:58]
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015Prestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)39:45
Llandudno Running Festival 10k15/03/201510k (10 Kilometers)47:13
Mold Borders League 201522/03/20155.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)38:03
Helena Tipping 10k29/03/201510k (10 Kilometers)46:56
Caernarfon Borders League, 201512/04/201510k (10 Kilometers)44:42
Chester Spring 5, 201515/04/20155m (5 Miles)36:10 [Chip: 36:04]
Wrexham Border League22/04/20154miles (4 Miles)28:57
Fairy Freckled Cow 11k, 201505/07/201511k trail (11 Kilometers)55:25
Pen Y Bryn 5k10/07/20155k (5 Kilometers)23:11
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201522/07/20155k (5 Kilometers)21:17
Vale of Clwyd 5k, 201509/08/20155k (5 Kilometers)22:17
Capenhurst 5k19/08/20155k (5 Kilometers)21:55 [Chip: 21:50]
Caernarfon 10k06/09/201510k (10 Kilometers)45:08
Swansea Bay 10k20/09/201510k (10 Kilometers)44:19
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/20155m (5 Miles)35:18
Flintshire 10k25/10/201510k (10 Kilometers)44:57 [Chip: 44:52]
Abergele 501/11/20155m (5 Miles)35:47
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/20155.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:03
Conwy Half Marathon 201522/11/2015Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:38:20 [Chip: 1:37:53]
Carenarfon Borders League 2015.606/12/201510k (10 Kilometers)44:02
Telford 10k13/12/201510k (10 Kilometers)47:19
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/20165m (5 Miles)36:15
Rhyl 10 miles21/02/201610 miles (10 Miles)1:14:04 [Chip: 1:14:00]
Staffordshire 20 relay13/03/2016relay (6.66 Miles)47:14
Tattenhall Borders League, 201620/03/20166m (6 Miles)43:17
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/20165m (5 Miles)38:52
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/20164.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)31:04
Christleton 5k, 201620/05/20165k (5 Kilometers)21:16 [Chip: 21:00]
Stone 10k19/06/201610k (10 Kilometers)44:24
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201620/07/20165k (5 Kilometers)20:15
Vale of Clwyd 5k07/08/20165k (5 Kilometers)22:04
Ellesmereport 5k, 201617/08/20165k (5 Kilometers)21:43 [Chip: 21:34]
Birchwood 10k21/08/201610k (10 Kilometers)46:08 [Chip: 46:02]
Caernarfon 10k, 201604/09/201610k (10 Kilometers)46:06
Cardiff 10k11/09/201610k (10 Kilometers)46:27 [Chip: 46:21]
Birkenhead Park, Borders League 201604/12/20165.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:41
Deeside College Borders League22/01/20174.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)33:36
Manley Mere Borders League05/03/20175.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)38:02
Vale of Clwyd 10k, 201719/03/201710k (10 Kilometers)45:13
Cheshire 10k26/03/201710k (10 Kilometers)43:39 [Chip: 42:54]
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201731/03/20175k (5 Kilometers)21:04
New Brighton Borders League09/04/20175.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)36:53
Wrexham Borders League26/04/20174miles (4 Miles)26:53
Ras Rhostryfan 10k03/05/201710k (10 Kilometers)45:07
Christleton 5k, 201719/05/20175k (5 Kilometers)20:14 [Chip: 20:09]
Deganwy Dash 5m02/06/20175m (5 Miles)35:12
Stone St. Michael's 10k25/06/201710k (10 Kilometers)43:14
Felinheli 10k28/06/201710k (10 Kilometers)43:35
Caernarfon Race the Train19/07/20175k (5 Kilometers)20:01
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/20175m (5 Miles)37:54
Flintshire 10k22/10/201710k (10 Kilometers)44:29
Abergele 505/11/20175m (5 Miles)35:11
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/20175.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:37
Telford 10k07/01/201810k (10 Kilometers)44:19
Caernarfon Borders League race 201818/02/201810k (10 Kilometers)43:29
Mold Borders League 201808/04/20185m (5 Miles)36:00
Shotton Borders League, 201825/04/20184.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)31:00
Bradford 10k29/04/201810k (10 Kilometers)42:06 [Chip: 42:00]
Rhostryfan 10k09/05/201810k (10 Kilometers)43:08
Ffrith 5k, 201813/05/20185k (5 Kilometers)20:21 [Chip: 20:19]
Christleton 5k, 201818/05/20185k (5 Kilometers)20:21
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/20185m (5 Miles)34:01
Stone 10k24/06/201810k (10 Kilometers)41:24 [Chip: 41:16]
Fairy Freckled Cow Trail race01/07/201811k trail (11 Kilometers)51:47
Feliniheli 10K04/07/201810k (10 Kilometers)43:00
Short, Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2018short race the train (2.9 Miles)18:09
Helena Tipping 10k, 201829/07/201810k (10 Kilometers)43:39 [Chip: 43:34]
Birchwood 10k19/08/201810k (10 Kilometers)42:09 [Chip: 42:06]
Plas Menai 5k, 201822/08/20185k (5 Kilometers)19:42
Caernarfon 10k, 201802/09/201810k (10 Kilometers)42:50 [Chip: 42:49]
Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon, 201809/09/2018Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)1:30:56
Wirral AC Borders League 201814/10/20185m (5 Miles)33:20
Flintshire 10k21/10/201810k (10 Kilometers)43:02
Abergele 5, 201804/11/20185m (5 Miles)33:23
West Cheshire Borders League 201811/11/20185m (5 Miles)34:07
Telford 10k09/12/201810k (10 Kilometers)41:20
Tattenhall Borders League 201927/01/20196m (6 Miles)43:02
Dewsbury 10k03/02/201910k (10 Kilometers)42:02
Nick Beer 10k 201910/02/201910k (10 Kilometers)43:24 [Chip: 43:21]
Ruthin 10k, 201924/02/201910k (10 Kilometers)43:00
Knighton 20 Relay10/03/2019relay (6.66 Miles)46:33
Buckley Runners 5m Borders League run.31/03/20195m (5 Miles)37:26
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/20194.25m (4.25 Miles)27:10
Rhostryfan 10k08/05/201910k (10 Kilometers)47:03
Christleton 5k 201917/05/20195k (5 Kilometers)20:14 [Chip: 20:06]
Deganwy Dash 5 mile 201931/05/20195m (5 Miles)35:11 [Chip: 35:09]
Stone 10k16/06/201910k (10 Kilometers)43:09
Ras Fawr Llanddoged18/06/201912.5k (12.5 Kilometers)1:00:25
Meerbrook 15k 22/06/201915k (15 Kilometers)1:14:22
Felinheli 10k03/07/201910k (10 Kilometers)45:37
Fairy Freckled Cow Trail Race 201907/07/201911k trail (11 Kilometers)53:43
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201924/07/20195k (5 Kilometers)19:54
Helena Tipping 10k, 201928/07/201910k (10 Kilometers)43:05 [Chip: 43:00]
Caernarfon 10k, 201907/08/201910k (10 Kilometers)43:29
Birchwood 10k18/08/201910k (10 Kilometers)44:24
Mid Cheshire 5k29/08/20195k (5 Kilometers)20:39 [Chip: 20:31]
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/20194k road relays (4 Kilometers)16:31
Bangor 10k06/10/201910k (10 Kilometers)43:21 [Chip: 43:19]
Caernarfon Borders League 201913/10/201910k (10 Kilometers)43:19
Flintshire 10k20/10/201910k (10 Kilometers)43:39 [Chip: 43:36]
Leeds Abbey Dash 10k27/10/201910k (10 Kilometers)42:20 [Chip: 41:55]
Abergele 5 mile, 201903/11/20195m (5 Miles)33:59 [Chip: 33:56]
Deeside Borders League 201910/11/20194.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)31:10
Birkenhead Park Borders League 2019.2001/12/20195.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:45
Telford 10k08/12/201910k (10 Kilometers)43:04 [Chip: 42:53]
Abergele Borders League, short 5m12/01/2020Abergele Borders League, short 5m (4.99 Miles)35:46
Dewsbury 10k 202002/02/202010k (10 Kilometers)44:14 [Chip: 44:00]
Nick Beer 2020 (flat course)07/03/202010k (10 Kilometers)42:57 [Chip: 42:55]
Wrexham Borders League 202015/03/20205.8miles (5.8 Miles)40:00

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