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Welsh Intra-Regional and Masters Cross Country Championships, 201314/12/2013Birch, Christine27:14
Inter College Cross Country10/01/2009Dixon, Josh27:57
Wrexham Cross Country 201027/11/2010Lee, Richie34:12
Wrexham Cross country, Men09/10/2017Cahill, Tim35:00
Wrexham Cross Country, Men10/11/2018Cahill, Tim35:35
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Lee, Richie35:37
Bangor Cross Country Men04/10/2014Cahill, Tim35:47
Wrexham Cross country, Men09/10/2017McCormack, Sean35:55
Wrexham Cross country, Men09/10/2017Salt, James36:13
Wrexham Cross Country Men29/11/2014Armstrong, Rob36:32
Bangor Cross Country Men04/10/2014Lee, Richie37:15
Walford College Cross Country 2018-1906/10/2018Cahill, Tim37:31
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Mayers, Mark37:35
Wrexham Cross Country 201027/11/2010Reid, Ed37:46
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Armstrong, Rob38:05
Wrexham Cross country, Men09/10/2017Garnett, Ben38:20
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Reid, Ed38:30
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Lee, Richie38:33
Wrexham Cross Country 201027/11/2010Edwards, Dave39:01
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Armstrong, Rob39:11
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Mayers, Mark39:22
Telford Cross Country 2013, Men12/01/2013Cahill, Tim39:36
Wrexham Cross Country, Men10/11/2018Salt, James39:46
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Thomas, Paul39:53
Walford College Cross Country 2018-1906/10/2018Salt, James39:57
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Edwards, Dave40:09
Wrexham Cross Country, Men10/11/2018Barnaby, Martyn40:19
Wrexham Cross Country Men29/11/2014Edwards, Dave41:36
Telford Cross Country 2013, Men12/01/2013Armstrong, Rob42:07
Bangor Cross Country Men04/10/2014Howe, Anthony43:12
Walford Cross Country, Men16/01/2016Armstrong, Rob43:14
Walford Cross Country, Men16/01/2016Cahill, Tim44:04
Wrexham Cross country, Men09/10/2017Howe, Anthony44:05
Walford Cross Country, Men16/01/2016Salt, James44:27
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Pownall, Vernon44:35
Walford Cross Country, Men16/01/2016McCormack, Sean44:37
Bangor Cross Country Men04/10/2014Edwards, Dave44:39
North Wales Cross Country Champs Supervets30/01/2010Lucas, Alan44:44
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Bancroft, Tom44:44
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Bancroft, Tom44:48
Walford Cross Country, Men16/01/2016McCormack, Steven46:55
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Edwards, Dave47:25
Bangor Cross Country Men04/10/2014Armstrong, Rob47:46
Telford Cross Country 2013, Men12/01/2013Mayers, Mark49:02
Colwyn Bay Cross Country, Senior Men19/10/2019Bonfield, Simon49:21
Colwyn Bay Cross Country, Senior Men19/10/2019Salt, James50:03
Telford Cross Country 2013, Men12/01/2013Howe, Anthony50:12
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Arden, Graham55:38
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Lucas, Alan58:30