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Race the Train, Tywyn18/08/2012Waters, Jodi1:45:30
Race the train, Rotary Challenge, 200816/07/2008Jones, Hayden1:54:15
Tywyn Race the Train, 200915/08/2009Jones, Hayden1:55:28
Race the train, Rotary Challenge18/08/2007Jones, Hayden2:07:50
Tywyn Race the Train, 200915/08/2009Thomas, Paul2:10:00
Race the Train, Tywyn, 201620/08/2016Taylor, Alan2:19:17 [Chip: 2:18:49]
Race the Train, Tywyn16/08/2014Huws, Meinir2:21:56 [Chip: 2:20:57]