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Llyn Brenig 200701/09/2007McIlveen, Justin58:24
Llyn Brenig02/09/2006Cahill, Tim1:02:29
Moel Eilio Fell Race 12/05/2007Hughes, Geran1:15:00
Leg End Fell race 200712/08/2007McIlveen, Justin1:21:00
Two Hillforts Fell Race16/08/2015Mould, Pete1:21:00
Pen Fell Race 201619/11/2016Lightowler, Ben1:21:42
Moel Y Gymelin Fell Race, 200806/07/2008McIlveen, Justin1:22:00
Moel Y Gymelin Fell Race01/07/2007McIlveen, Justin1:22:22
Tal Y Fan Fell race14/07/2007Reid, Ed1:25:00
Llyn Brenig02/09/2006Edwards, Dave1:26:00
Penmaenmawr Fell Race 201316/11/2013Cahill, Tim1:26:45
Pen Fell Race 201619/11/2016Cahill, Tim1:31:52
Gladstone Fell Race11/08/2013Armstrong, Rob1:32:19
Pen Fell Race 201619/11/2016Mould, Pete1:34:32
Leg End13/08/2006Reid, Ed1:35:20
Leg End Fell race 200712/08/2007Reid, Ed1:38:06
Pen Fell race16/11/2019Cahill, Tim1:38:32
Gladstone 9 Fell Race31/08/2019Cahill, Tim1:43:06
Pen Fell race16/11/2019Salt, James1:46:17
Gladstone 909/08/2009Reid, Ed1:46:40
Moel Eilio Fell Race 12/05/2007Jacques, Hillary1:47:00
Moel Eilio Fell Race 12/05/2007Hughes, Angie1:47:00
Welsh 1000m fell race03/06/2007McIlveen, Justin1:49:27
Gladstone 9 Fell race09/08/2015Mould, Pete1:51:09
Carneddau Fell Race 299831/05/2008McIlveen, Justin1:53:18
Lletty Fell Race20/08/2011Reid, Ed1:53:26
Hell in the middle26/04/2014Howe, Anthony1:54:00
Moel Y Gymelin Fell Race, 200928/06/2009Jacques, Hillary1:58:00
Moel Y Gymelin Fell Race, 200928/06/2009Hughes, Angie2:04:00
Moel Y Gymelin Fell Race, 200928/06/2009Hughes, Geran2:04:00
Tal Y Fan Fell race14/07/2007Jacques, Hillary2:05:00
Leg End Fell race 200712/08/2007Jacques, Hillary2:15:00