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Deganwy Dash 5m02/06/20175m (5 Miles)33:57
Mold Borders League 201808/04/20185m (5 Miles)34:07
Cheshire Spring 511/04/20185m (5 Miles)33:26
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/20185m (5 Miles)33:54
Buckley Runners 5m Borders League run.31/03/20195m (5 Miles)34:46
Chester Spring 510/04/20195m (5 Miles)33:09 [Chip: 33:03]
Deganwy Dash 5 mile 201931/05/20195m (5 Miles)33:27 [Chip: 33:24]
Abergele 5 mile, 201903/11/20195m (5 Miles)33:32 [Chip: 33:27]

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