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North Wales Track Championships, 201424/05/2014Battersby, Darren100 meters (100 Meters)0:00:14
North Wales T&F 100M23/05/2015Battersby, Darren100 meters (100 Meters)00:00:14
Trafford AC Grand Prix 2008, 10, 200m09/09/2008McCormack, Steven200m (200 Meters)00:00:28
North Wales Track Championships, 201424/05/2014Battersby, Darren200m (200 Meters)0:0:29
North Wales T&F 200m23/05/2015Battersby, Darren200m (200 Meters)00:00:29
London Marathon 201822/04/2018Jones, John200m (200 Meters)3:49:54
London Marathon 201822/04/2018Williams, Margaret200m (200 Meters)6:04:06
North Wales Track & Field 400m10/05/2008McCormack, Sean400m (400 Meters)1:02
North Wales T&F 400m23/05/2015Battersby, Darren400m (400 Meters)0:1:04
North Wales Track Championships, 400m14/05/2016Battersby, Darren400m (400 Meters)1:06
North Wales Track & Field 800m10/05/2008McCormack, Sean800m (800 Meters)2:24
North Wales Track & Field 800m10/05/2008McCormack, Steven800m (800 Meters)2:27
North Wales Track Championships, 800m14/05/2016Battersby, Darren800m (800 Meters)2:39
Inter area Masters Match Solihull17/07/2016Birch, Christine800m (800 Meters)3:17
Welsh Masters 1500m, 200820/07/2008Hughes, Geran1500 (1.5 Kilometers)4:41
Welsh Senior League 1500m18/04/2009McCormack, Sean1500 (1.5 Kilometers)4:54
North Wales Track & Field 1500m, 200909/05/2009McCormack, Sean1500 (1.5 Kilometers)4:55
Welsh Senior League 1500m12/07/2009McCormack, Sean1500 (1.5 Kilometers)4:48
Trafford AC Grand Prix 201027/07/2010Dixon, Josh1500 (1.5 Kilometers)4:10
North Wales T&F 1500m23/05/2015Mayers, Mark1500 (1.5 Kilometers)00:5:29
North Wales Track & Field Champs, 1,500m13/05/2018McCormack, Sean1500 (1.5 Kilometers)5:23
Time Trial27/08/2012McCormack, StevenTime Trial (1 Miles)5:33
Time Trial27/08/2012Mayers, MarkTime Trial (1 Miles)6:27
Time Trial27/08/2012Shipley, RachelTime Trial (1 Miles)6:47
Time Trial27/08/2012Battersby, DarrenTime Trial (1 Miles)6:53
Time Trial27/08/2012Faulkner, AlisonTime Trial (1 Miles)9:32
Time Trial27/08/2012McCormack, ShaneTime Trial (1 Miles)8:25
Time Trial27/08/2012Curtis, LucyTime Trial (1 Miles)7:42
Solihull Inter Area Match 1 Mile19/07/2015Birch, ChristineTrack Mile (1 Miles)7:19
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Wilyman, RichardTime Trial (1 Miles)5:18
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Foden, NickTime Trial (1 Miles)5:34
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016McCormack, StevenTime Trial (1 Miles)5:48
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Mould, PeteTime Trial (1 Miles)5:51
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Evans, GarethTime Trial (1 Miles)5:54
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016McCormack, SeanTime Trial (1 Miles)5:55
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Lee, RichieTime Trial (1 Miles)5:57
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Mayers, MarkTime Trial (1 Miles)6:07
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Battersby, DarrenTime Trial (1 Miles)6:14
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Higgins, CalumTime Trial (1 Miles)6:15
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Snelson, DanielTime Trial (1 Miles)6:24
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Garnett, BenTime Trial (1 Miles)6:26
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Jones, JohnTime Trial (1 Miles)6:35
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Powell, MikeTime Trial (1 Miles)6:56
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Roderick, HilaryTime Trial (1 Miles)7:55
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Richards, JeniTime Trial (1 Miles)7:55
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Maguire, PaulaTime Trial (1 Miles)7:29
1 Mile Monday Time trial03/10/2016Calvert, SusanTime Trial (1 Miles)9:18
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Wilyman, RichardTime Trial (1 Miles)5:18
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Williams, DannyTime Trial (1 Miles)5:24
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Higgins, CalumTime Trial (1 Miles)6:06
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Foden, NickTime Trial (1 Miles)5:26
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Mayers, MarkTime Trial (1 Miles)6:13
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Snelson, DanielTime Trial (1 Miles)6:16
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Battersby, DarrenTime Trial (1 Miles)6:17
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Jones, JohnTime Trial (1 Miles)6:18
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Garnett, BenTime Trial (1 Miles)6:20
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Barnaby, MartynTime Trial (1 Miles)6:30
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Jones, HaydenTime Trial (1 Miles)6:46
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Williams, SueTime Trial (1 Miles)8:08
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Tewkesbury, KeithTime Trial (1 Miles)8:20
1 Mile Monday Time trial31/10/2016Howgate, GaryTime Trial (1 Miles)10:05
1 Mile Monday Time trial09/01/2017Salt, JamesTime Trial (1 Miles)5:44
1 Mile Monday Time trial09/01/2017Foden, NickTime Trial (1 Miles)5:57
1 Mile Monday Time trial09/01/2017Williams, DannyTime Trial (1 Miles)6:02
1 Mile Monday Time trial09/01/2017Mayers, MarkTime Trial (1 Miles)6:04
1 Mile Monday Time trial09/01/2017Battersby, DarrenTime Trial (1 Miles)6:07
1 Mile Monday Time trial09/01/2017Owen-Jones, AmyTime Trial (1 Miles)6:54
1 Mile Monday Time trial09/01/2017Maguire, PaulaTime Trial (1 Miles)7:12
1 Mile Monday Time trial09/01/2017Brown, WarrenTime Trial (1 Miles)7:12
1 Mile Monday Time trial09/01/2017Jones, HaydenTime Trial (1 Miles)7:13
1 Mile Monday Time trial09/01/2017Snelson, DanielTime Trial (1 Miles)7:58
1 Mile Monday Time trial09/01/2017Tewkesbury, KeithTime Trial (1 Miles)8:45
1 Mile Monday Time trial20/03/2017Wilyman, RichardTime Trial (1 Miles)5:22
1 Mile Monday Time trial20/03/2017Foden, NickTime Trial (1 Miles)5:51
1 Mile Monday Time trial20/03/2017Evans, GarethTime Trial (1 Miles)5:51
1 Mile Monday Time trial20/03/2017Battersby, DarrenTime Trial (1 Miles)5:55
1 Mile Monday Time trial20/03/2017Jones, JohnTime Trial (1 Miles)6:17
1 Mile Monday Time trial20/03/2017Owen-Jones, AmyTime Trial (1 Miles)6:18
1 Mile Monday Time trial20/03/2017Snelson, DanielTime Trial (1 Miles)6:46
1 Mile Monday Time trial20/03/2017Tewkesbury, KeithTime Trial (1 Miles)8:46
1 Mile Monday Time trial20/03/2017Howgate, GaryTime Trial (1 Miles)9:14
1 Mile Monday Time trial20/03/2017Owens, JulieTime Trial (1 Miles)6:39
September 1m time trial11/09/2017Salt, JamesTime Trial (1 Miles)5:43
September 1m time trial11/09/2017Mayers, MarkTime Trial (1 Miles)5:49
September 1m time trial11/09/2017Foden, NickTime Trial (1 Miles)5:58
September 1m time trial11/09/2017Battersby, DarrenTime Trial (1 Miles)5:58
September 1m time trial11/09/2017Bonfield, SimonTime Trial (1 Miles)6:15
September 1m time trial11/09/2017Owen-Jones, AmyTime Trial (1 Miles)6:44
September 1m time trial11/09/2017Nesbitt, LorraineTime Trial (1 Miles)7:58
September 1m time trial11/09/2017Brown, WarrenTime Trial (1 Miles)7:58
September 1m time trial11/09/2017Tewkesbury, KeithTime Trial (1 Miles)8:48
September 1m time trial11/09/2017Townsend, SaffronTime Trial (1 Miles)8:48
September 1m time trial11/09/2017Owens, JulieTime Trial (1 Miles)6:13
North Wales Track & Field 2000m SC10/05/2008McCormack, Steven2000m steeple chase (2000 Meters)7:25
Midlands League, Solihull02/05/2009McCormack, Steven2000m steeple chase (2000 Meters)8:09
North Wales Track & Field 2000m SC, 200909/05/2009McCormack, Steven2000m steeple chase (2000 Meters)7:59
Welsh Senior League R2 2000m S/C28/06/2009McCormack, Steven2000m steeple chase (2000 Meters)7:35
NWT&F Champs, 300m20/05/2006McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)10:18
NWT&F Champs, 300m20/05/2006McCormack, Steven3000m (3 Kilometers)11:04
Trafford AC Grand Prix29/05/2007Hughes, Geran3000m (3 Kilometers)9:39
British Masters 3000m Steeplechase29/07/2007Hughes, Geran3000m steeplechase (3000 Meters)10:53
Trafford AC Grand Prix 200806/05/2008Hughes, Geran3000m (3 Kilometers)9:40
Trafford AC Grand Prix 2008, 220/05/2008Hughes, Geran3000m (3 Kilometers)9:29:00
Trafford AC Grand Prix 2008, 303/06/2008Hughes, Geran3000m (3 Kilometers)9:38
Trafford AC Grand Prix 2008, 303/06/2008McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)9:40
Trafford AC Grand Prix 2008, 303/06/2008McCormack, Steven3000m (3 Kilometers)10:14
Trafford AC Grand Prix 2008, 501/07/2008McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)10:00
British Masters 3000m Steeplechase, 200805/07/2008Hughes, Geran3000m steeplechase (3000 Meters)10:58
Trafford AC Grand Prix 2008, 615/07/2008Cahill, Tim3000m (3 Kilometers)9:59
Trafford AC Grand Prix 2008, 615/07/2008McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)9:42
Trafford AC Grand Prix 2008, 615/07/2008McCormack, Steven3000m (3 Kilometers)10:17
Under 20 League, 3000m27/07/2008McCormack, Steven3000m (3 Kilometers)10:36
Trafford AC Grand Prix 2008, 729/07/2008McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)9:47
Trafford AC Grand Prix 2008, 729/07/2008McCormack, Steven3000m (3 Kilometers)10:17
Trafford AC Grand Prix 2008, 729/07/2008Cahill, Tim3000m (3 Kilometers)10:00
European Veteran Championships, 3000m steeplechase03/08/2008Hughes, Geran3000m steeplechase (3000 Meters)10:58
Trafford AC Grand Prix 2008, 1009/09/2008McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)9:49
Joe Moran Memorial Meeting, 3000m17/09/2008McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)9:45
Welsh Senior League 3000m18/04/2009McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)10:12
Welsh Senior League 3000m s/c18/04/2009McCormack, Steven3000m steeplechase (3000 Meters)12:23
North Wales Track & Field 3000m, 200909/05/2009McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)10:22
Trafford AC Grand Prix, 2, 200912/05/2009McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)9:56
Trafford AC Grand Prix, 2, 200912/05/2009McCormack, Steven3000m (3 Kilometers)10:32
Trafford AC Grand Prix, 3, 200926/05/2009McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)9:51
Trafford AC Grand Prix, 3, 200926/05/2009Dixon, Josh3000m (3 Kilometers)9:19
Midlands League, Leamington07/06/2009McCormack, Steven3000m steeplechase (3000 Meters)12:11
Midlands League, Leamington07/06/2009McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)9:55
Welsh Senior League 3000m12/07/2009McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)9:54
Welsh Senior League 3000m s/c12/07/2009McCormack, Steven3000m steeplechase (3000 Meters)11:57
Trafford AC Grand Prix, 6, 200921/07/2009McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)9:49
North Wales Track & Field 3000m, 201008/05/2010Dixon, Josh3000m (3 Kilometers)9:12
Trafford AC Grand Prix 201013/07/2010Dixon, Josh3000m (3 Kilometers)8:52
British Masters Inter-Area Championships21/07/2013Birch, Christine3000m (3 Kilometers)13:12
Masters Inter Area Track and Field Challange19/07/2014Birch, Christine3000m (3 Kilometers)13:29
North Wales T&F 3000m23/05/2015Mayers, Mark3000m (3 Kilometers)00:11:41
Solihull Inter Area Match 3000m19/07/2015Birch, Christine3000m (3 Kilometers)13:54
North Wales Track & Field Champs, 3,000m 13/05/2018McCormack, Steven3000m (3 Kilometers)10:46
North Wales Track & Field Champs, 3,000m 13/05/2018McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)11:20
North Wales Track & Field Champs, 3,000m Steeplechse13/05/2018McCormack, Steven3000m steeplechase (3000 Meters)11:48
North Wales Track 3,000m Championships11/05/2019McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)11:20
Welsh Masters League, Wrexham 3000m05/06/2019McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)11:12
Welsh Masters Championships, Breckon 3000m21/07/2019McCormack, Sean3000m (3 Kilometers)11:26
Clonliffe 226/04/2018McCormack, Sean2 miles (2 Miles)12:17
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies30/09/2006Guillemin, AlisonX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)22:31
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies30/09/2006Calvert, SusanX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)23:15
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies30/09/2006Jones, JulieX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)27:25
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies30/09/2006Hughes, AngieX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)21:07
Telford Cross-country Ladies21/10/2006Jacques, HillaryX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)23:36
Telford Cross-country Ladies21/10/2006Jones, JulieX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)33:42
Telford Cross-country Ladies21/10/2006Calvert, SusanX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)25:21
Wrexham XC 2007 Ladies20/01/2007Hughes, AngieX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)21:45
Wrexham XC 2007 Ladies20/01/2007Guillemin, AlisonX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)24:03
Wrexham XC 2007 Ladies20/01/2007Calvert, SusanX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)24:35
Wrexham XC 2007 Ladies20/01/2007Begley, AnwenX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)29:22
Wrexham XC 2007 Ladies20/01/2007Jones, JulieX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)29:29
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies30/09/2007Willgoose, CarolX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)20:33
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies30/09/2007Hughes, AngieX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)22:14
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies30/09/2007Calvert, SusanX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)24:20
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies30/09/2007Guillemin, AlisonX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)24:47
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies30/09/2007Lewis, JoX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)26:26
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies30/09/2007Richards, CherylX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)27:17
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies30/09/2007Jones, LucyX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)29:12
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies30/09/2007Wignall, SoniaX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)30:45
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies30/09/2007Jones, AnnetteX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)30:45
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200724/11/2007Willgoose, CarolX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)19:37
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200724/11/2007Hughes, AngieX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)20:05
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200724/11/2007Calvert, SusanX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)24:00
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200724/11/2007Jones, AnnetteX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)26:41
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200724/11/2007Wignall, SoniaX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)27:34
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200724/11/2007Jones, LucyX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)28:16
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200724/11/2007Begley, AnwenX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)34:57
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies27/09/2008Begley, AnwenX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)29:16
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies27/09/2008Guillemin, AlisonX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)23:48
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies27/09/2008Hughes, AngieX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)22:38
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies27/09/2008Wignall, SoniaX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)28:11
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies27/09/2008Willgoose, CarolX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)25:19
Telford Cross-country Ladies 200811/10/2008Richards, JeniX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)22:37
Telford Cross-country Ladies 200811/10/2008Hughes, AngieX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)22:38
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies, 200926/09/2009Willgoose, CarolX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)21:25
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies, 200926/09/2009Richards, JeniX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)21:30
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies, 200926/09/2009Hall, SianX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)22:46
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies, 200926/09/2009Calvert, SusanX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)24:43
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies, 200926/09/2009Jones, LucyX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)27:10
Bridgenorth Cross Country Ladies10/10/2009Richards, JeniX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)23:33
Bridgenorth Cross Country Ladies10/10/2009Hughes, AngieX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)24:10
Bridgenorth Cross Country Ladies10/10/2009Calvert, SusanX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)26:57
Bridgenorth Cross Country Ladies10/10/2009Jones, LucyX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)29:14
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200921/11/2009Hughes, AngieX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)25:58
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200921/11/2009Richards, JeniX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)26:04
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200921/11/2009Hall, SianX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)28:07
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200921/11/2009Calvert, SusanX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)31:44
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies, 201009/10/2010Richards, JeniX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)21:33
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies, 201009/10/2010Willgoose, CarolX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)22:00
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies, 201009/10/2010Birch, ChristineX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)22:24
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies, 201009/10/2010Hall, SianX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)22:57
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies, 201009/10/2010Calvert, SusanX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)24:16
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies, 201009/10/2010Richards, CherylX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)26:36
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies, 201009/10/2010Jones, LucyX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)28:22
Colwyn Bay X-Country Ladies, 201009/10/2010Wignall, SoniaX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)29:40
Oswestry Cross Country 2011 Ladies05/02/2011Birch, ChristineX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)26:50
Oswestry Cross Country 2011 Ladies05/02/2011Calvert, SusanX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)33:48
Bangor XC 2011, Ladies01/10/2011Willgoose, CarolX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)23:18
Bangor XC 2011, Ladies01/10/2011Richards, JeniX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)24:05
Bangor XC 2011, Ladies01/10/2011Birch, ChristineX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)24:23
Bangor XC 2011, Ladies01/10/2011Evans, DelythX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)26:45
Bangor XC 2011, Ladies01/10/2011Jones, DominiqueX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)29:01
Northop Cross Country Ladies12/11/2011Richards, JeniX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)20:53
Northop Cross Country Ladies12/11/2011Birch, ChristineX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)21:19
Northop Cross Country Ladies12/11/2011Evans, DelythX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)23:50
Northop Cross Country Ladies12/11/2011Calvert, SusanX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)26:20
Northop Cross Country Ladies12/11/2011Shipley, RachelX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)27:43
Bangor Cross Country, Ladies06/10/2012Birch, ChristineX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)33:02
Bangor Cross Country, Ladies06/10/2012Shipley, RachelX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)37:32
Bangor Cross Country, Ladies06/10/2012Calvert, SusanX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)39:29
St Davids XC, Ladies 201319/10/2013Birch, ChristineX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)23:37
St Davids XC, Ladies 201319/10/2013Curtis, LucyX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)24:38
St Davids XC, Ladies 201319/10/2013Plamperova, DagmarX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)28:17
St Davids Cross Country, Llandudno, Female18/10/2014Pownall, ChristobelleX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)29:57
St Davids Cross Country, Llandudno, Female18/10/2014Birch, ChristineX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)24:28
St Davids Cross Country, Llandudno, Female18/10/2014Calvert, SusanX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)27:52
St Davids Cross Country, Llandudno, Female18/10/2014Wignall, SoniaX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)31:54
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019McCormack, Steven4k road relays (4 Kilometers)15:20
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Foden, Nick4k road relays (4 Kilometers)16:16
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Ilsley, Alan4k road relays (4 Kilometers)15:09
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Shipley, Rachel4k road relays (4 Kilometers)16:31
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Owen-Jones, Amy4k road relays (4 Kilometers)17:32
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Brooks, Sarah4k road relays (4 Kilometers)18:15
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Bonfield, Katie4k road relays (4 Kilometers)20:43
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Roderick, Hilary4k road relays (4 Kilometers)20:59
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Blazier, Darren4k road relays (4 Kilometers)14:27
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Battersby, Darren4k road relays (4 Kilometers)16:23
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Howe, Anthony4k road relays (4 Kilometers)17:39
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Cahill, Tim4k road relays (4 Kilometers)15:33
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Bonfield, Simon4k road relays (4 Kilometers)15:53
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019McCormack, Sean4k road relays (4 Kilometers)15:52
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Powell, Mike4k road relays (4 Kilometers)18:16
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Tewkesbury, Keith4k road relays (4 Kilometers)23:07
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Shone, Grahame4k road relays (4 Kilometers)18:57
North Wales Road Relays, 201915/09/2019Owens, Julie4k road relays (4 Kilometers)17:07
Oswestry Cross Country 2020, Ladies01/02/2020Owens, JulieX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)22:29
Oswestry Cross Country 2020, Ladies01/02/2020Birch, ChristineX-C 4K (4 Kilometers)28:10
Short, Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2018Blazier, Darrenshort race the train (2.9 Miles)16:21
Short, Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2018Fawcett, Simeonshort race the train (2.9 Miles)16:56
Short, Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2018Shipley, Rachelshort race the train (2.9 Miles)18:09
Short, Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2018Bonfield, Simonshort race the train (2.9 Miles)18:22
Short, Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2018Birch, Christineshort race the train (2.9 Miles)22:52
Short, Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2018Shone, Grahameshort race the train (2.9 Miles)23:01
Benalmadena, Spain13/12/2009Lucas, Alan4.7k spain (4.7 Kilometers)19:49
Benalmadena, Spain13/12/2009Shone, Grahame4.7k spain (4.7 Kilometers)16:52
Isle of Man; Peel Hill Race Ladies07/04/2007Hughes, Angie3 milefell (3 Miles)22:55
Isle of Man; Peel Hill Race Ladies07/04/2007Jacques, Hillary3 milefell (3 Miles)22:48
Great Arete Midweek Series28/04/2009Hughes, Geran3 milefell (3 Miles)30:17
Great Arete Midweek Series28/04/2009Hughes, Angie3 milefell (3 Miles)47:27
3 Hills Fell Race23/06/2009Hughes, Geran3 milefell (3 Miles)34:19
Alwen 3 mile18/04/2010Jones, Hayden3 miles (3 Miles)21:17
Foel Lus fell race09/04/2013Armstrong, Rob3 miles (3 Miles)29:30
Hotfoot up Famau Fell race19/06/2013Armstrong, Rob3 milefell (3 Miles)41:50
Hotfoot up Famau Fell race19/06/2013Lightowler, Ben3 milefell (3 Miles)40:41
Club La Santa Beach Run26/11/2019Blazier, Darren3 miles (3 Miles)19:42
Wrexham XC Ladies21/01/2006Jacques, HillaryXC 5K (5 Kilometers)19:58
Wrexham XC Ladies21/01/2006Hughes, AngieXC 5K (5 Kilometers)20:56
Wrexham XC Ladies21/01/2006Jones, JulieXC 5K (5 Kilometers)26:54
Ruthin XC Ladies28/01/2006Jacques, HillaryXC 5K (5 Kilometers)27:03
Ruthin XC Ladies28/01/2006Hughes, AngieXC 5K (5 Kilometers)28:10
Oswestry XC Ladies04/02/2006Jacques, HillaryXC 5K (5 Kilometers)24:08
Oswestry XC Ladies04/02/2006Jones, JulieXC 5K (5 Kilometers)32:29
Christleton12/05/2006Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)17:26
Christleton12/05/2006Lee, Richie5k (5 Kilometers)17:48
Christleton12/05/2006Roberts, Dewi5k (5 Kilometers)18:03
Christleton12/05/2006Roberts, Gareth5k (5 Kilometers)18:29
Christleton12/05/2006McCormack, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)20:05
Rhyl 5k31/05/2006McCormack, Sean5k (5 Kilometers)17:46
Rhyl 5k31/05/2006Ashton, Matthew5k (5 Kilometers)18:38
Rhyl 5k31/05/2006McCormack, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)19:04
Rhyl 5k31/05/2006Grant, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)19:16
Rhyl 5k31/05/2006Reid, Ed5k (5 Kilometers)19:23
Rhyl 5k31/05/2006Spotswood, Robert5k (5 Kilometers)22:07
Rhyl 5k31/05/2006Calvert, Susan5k (5 Kilometers)24:06
Rhyl 5k31/05/2006Guillemin, Alison5k (5 Kilometers)26:54
Rhyl 5k31/05/2006Jones, Julie5k (5 Kilometers)29:11
Rhyl 5k31/05/2006Ashton, Jamie5k (5 Kilometers)34:17
Rhyl 5k31/05/2006Jeffery, Stephen5k (5 Kilometers)22:26
Rhyl Race for Life04/06/2006Jones, Julie5k (5 Kilometers)27:50
Rhyl Race for Life04/06/2006Guillemin, Alison5k (5 Kilometers)26:30
Lymm 5k24/06/2006Guillemin, Alison5k (5 Kilometers)27:35
Lymm 5k24/06/2006Spotswood, Robert5k (5 Kilometers)27:37
South Cheshire 5k25/06/2006Guillemin, Alison5k (5 Kilometers)25:20
Great Orme Challenge 5K16/07/2006Ashton, Matthew5k (5 Kilometers)22:06
Great Orme Challenge 5K16/07/2006Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)20:31
Great Orme Challenge 5K16/07/2006Hughes, Geran5k (5 Kilometers)21:19
Great Orme Challenge 5K16/07/2006Jeffery, Stephen5k (5 Kilometers)26:45
Great Orme Challenge 5K16/07/2006McCormack, Sean5k (5 Kilometers)20:38
Great Orme Challenge 5K16/07/2006McCormack, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)22:35
Great Orme Challenge 5K16/07/2006McIlveen, Justin5k (5 Kilometers)22:26
Caernarfon Race the Train19/07/2006McCormack, Sean5k (5 Kilometers)16:39
Caernarfon Race the Train19/07/2006McCormack, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)17:59
Caernarfon Race the Train19/07/2006Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)17:45
Caernarfon Race the Train19/07/2006McIlveen, Justin5k (5 Kilometers)18:12
Carlingford 5K04/08/2006McCormack, Sean5k (5 Kilometers)17:41
Carlingford 5K04/08/2006McCormack, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)18:22
Capenhurst23/08/2006Ashton, Matthew5k (5 Kilometers)17:54
Capenhurst23/08/2006Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:29
Capenhurst23/08/2006McCormack, Sean5k (5 Kilometers)17:26
Capenhurst23/08/2006McCormack, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)17:36
Capenhurst23/08/2006Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)18:09
Capenhurst23/08/2006McIlveen, Justin5k (5 Kilometers)18:25
Capenhurst23/08/2006Spotswood, Robert5k (5 Kilometers)26:30
Crewe 5k24/09/2006Guillemin, Alison5k (5 Kilometers)24:49
Crewe 5k24/09/2006Begley, Anwen5k (5 Kilometers)31:30
Gill Pimblott Memorial 5k Trail Race19/11/2006Elliott, Keith5k (5 Kilometers)20:21
Gill Pimblott Memorial 5k Trail Race19/11/2006Smith , Peter5k (5 Kilometers)21:27
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies25/11/2006Calvert, SusanXC 5K (5 Kilometers)23:40
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies25/11/2006Guillemin, AlisonXC 5K (5 Kilometers)23:33
Lanzarote 5k Beech Ruun27/11/2006Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)20:21
Isle of Man 5K08/04/2007Hughes, Geran5k (5 Kilometers)18:29
Isle of Man 5K08/04/2007McCarten, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)23:24
Isle of Man 5K08/04/2007Hughes, Angie5k (5 Kilometers)22:48
Christleton 5K 200711/05/2007Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:34
Christleton 5K 200711/05/2007McCormack, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)16:43
Christleton 5K 200711/05/2007Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)17:04
Christleton 5K 200711/05/2007Roberts, Dewi5k (5 Kilometers)17:18
Christleton 5K 200711/05/2007Roberts, Gareth5k (5 Kilometers)17:37
Rhyl Race for Life 200720/05/2007Guillemin, Alison5k (5 Kilometers)23:05
Rhyl Race for Life 200720/05/2007Jones, Julie5k (5 Kilometers)45:00
Rhyl Race for Life 200720/05/2007Begley, Anwen5k (5 Kilometers)34:00
Rhyl Race for Life 200720/05/2007Ashton, Jamie5k (5 Kilometers)38:58
Rhyl Race for Life 200720/05/2007Wignall, Sonia5k (5 Kilometers)31:02
Rhyl Race for Life 200720/05/2007Davies, Wendy5k (5 Kilometers)31:02
Rhyl Race for Life 200720/05/2007Lawrence, Julia5k (5 Kilometers)38:58
Rhyl Race for Life 200720/05/2007Jones, Lucy5k (5 Kilometers)30:00
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Ashton, Matthew5k (5 Kilometers)18:44
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Begley, Anwen5k (5 Kilometers)33:30
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:50
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Calvert, Susan5k (5 Kilometers)25:02
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Davies, Wendy5k (5 Kilometers)31:51
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Earlston, John5k (5 Kilometers)17:02
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Edwards, Dave5k (5 Kilometers)21:11
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Grant, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)19:07
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Guillemin, Alison5k (5 Kilometers)23:49
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Hughes, Angie5k (5 Kilometers)22:21
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Hughes, Geran5k (5 Kilometers)16:40
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Jones, Hayden5k (5 Kilometers)20:04
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Jones, Lucy5k (5 Kilometers)31:52
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007McCormack, Sean5k (5 Kilometers)17:07
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007McCormack, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)17:04
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Perry, Jonathan5k (5 Kilometers)23:41
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Reid, Ed5k (5 Kilometers)18:23
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Smith , Peter5k (5 Kilometers)20:45
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Spotswood, Robert5k (5 Kilometers)21:28
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Wignall, Sonia5k (5 Kilometers)31:52
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Hickman, John5k (5 Kilometers)21:46
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Willgoose, Carol5k (5 Kilometers)20:29
Sun Centre 5k 200723/05/2007Jones, Annette5k (5 Kilometers)31:38
Park Hall 5k13/06/2007Begley, Anwen5k (5 Kilometers)34:18
Park Hall 5k13/06/2007Guillemin, Alison5k (5 Kilometers)24:26
Park Hall 5k13/06/2007Ashton, Matthew5k (5 Kilometers)18:50
Horwich British Masters24/06/2007Hughes, Geran5k (5 Kilometers)16:43
Horwich British Masters24/06/2007Hughes, Angie5k (5 Kilometers)23:04
Lytham St. Annes 5k08/07/2007Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)19:51
Capenhurst 5k 200711/07/2007Spotswood, Robert5k (5 Kilometers)21:35
Winston Ladies 5 k15/07/2007Begley, Anwen5k (5 Kilometers)34:34
Winston Ladies 5 k15/07/2007Guillemin, Alison5k (5 Kilometers)24:10
Winston Ladies 5 k15/07/2007Jones, Julie5k (5 Kilometers)30:41
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200715/07/2007Ashton, Matthew5k (5 Kilometers)21:44
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200715/07/2007Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)19:47
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200715/07/2007Hughes, Geran5k (5 Kilometers)19:41
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200715/07/2007Jacques, Hillary5k (5 Kilometers)29:20
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200715/07/2007McCormack, Sean5k (5 Kilometers)20:47
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200715/07/2007McCormack, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)20:47
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200715/07/2007McIlveen, Justin5k (5 Kilometers)21:53
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200715/07/2007Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)24:23
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200715/07/2007Jones, Hayden5k (5 Kilometers)25:25
Caernarfon Race the Train 200718/07/2007Ashton, Matthew5k (5 Kilometers)17:18
Caernarfon Race the Train 200718/07/2007Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)15:40
Caernarfon Race the Train 200718/07/2007Spotswood, Robert5k (5 Kilometers)20:31
Caernarfon Race the Train 200718/07/2007Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)16:56
Caernarfon Race the Train 200718/07/2007Guillemin, Alison5k (5 Kilometers)23:05
Caernarfon Race the Train 200718/07/2007Begley, Anwen5k (5 Kilometers)30:34
Caernarfon Race the Train 200718/07/2007Jones, Julie5k (5 Kilometers)27:58
Caernarfon Race the Train 200718/07/2007McIlveen, Justin5k (5 Kilometers)17:39
Caernarfon Race the Train 200718/07/2007Ashton, Jamie5k (5 Kilometers)37:40
Nantwich 5k22/07/2007Spotswood, Robert5k (5 Kilometers)20:57
Capenhurst 5k 2007, Elsmere Port22/08/2007Spotswood, Robert5k (5 Kilometers)21:18
Lanzarote Beech Run27/11/2007Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)19:52
Wrexham XC 2008 Ladies12/01/2008Willgoose, CarolXC 5K (5 Kilometers)21:24
Wrexham XC 2008 Ladies12/01/2008Hughes, AngieXC 5K (5 Kilometers)23:05
Wrexham XC 2008 Ladies12/01/2008Calvert, SusanXC 5K (5 Kilometers)26:13
Wrexham XC 2008 Ladies12/01/2008Richards, CherylXC 5K (5 Kilometers)28:39
Wrexham XC 2008 Ladies12/01/2008Jones, LucyXC 5K (5 Kilometers)29:53
Wrexham XC 2008 Ladies12/01/2008Wignall, SoniaXC 5K (5 Kilometers)29:58
Oswestry XC Ladies09/02/2008Willgoose, CarolXC 5K (5 Kilometers)23:04
Oswestry XC Ladies09/02/2008Hughes, AngieXC 5K (5 Kilometers)24:44
Oswestry XC Ladies09/02/2008Dutton, AlexXC 5K (5 Kilometers)27:49
Oswestry XC Ladies09/02/2008Guillemin, AlisonXC 5K (5 Kilometers)28:42
Oswestry XC Ladies09/02/2008Calvert, SusanXC 5K (5 Kilometers)28:51
Oswestry XC Ladies09/02/2008Wignall, SoniaXC 5K (5 Kilometers)32:19
Oswestry XC Ladies09/02/2008Jones, LucyXC 5K (5 Kilometers)32:56
Oswestry XC Ladies09/02/2008Jones, JulieXC 5K (5 Kilometers)37:41
Christleton 5K 200809/05/2008Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:07
Christleton 5K 200809/05/2008Hughes, Geran5k (5 Kilometers)16:56
Christleton 5K 200809/05/2008Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)17:10
Christleton 5K 200809/05/2008Roberts, Dewi5k (5 Kilometers)17:27
Christleton 5K 200809/05/2008Roberts, Gareth5k (5 Kilometers)17:50
Rhyl 5k, 200828/05/2008Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:56
Rhyl 5k, 200828/05/2008Ashton, Matthew5k (5 Kilometers)17:47
Rhyl 5k, 200828/05/2008Reid, Ed5k (5 Kilometers)19:25
Rhyl 5k, 200828/05/2008Jones, Hayden5k (5 Kilometers)20:18
Rhyl 5k, 200828/05/2008Elliott, Keith5k (5 Kilometers)20:25
Rhyl 5k, 200828/05/2008Spotswood, Robert5k (5 Kilometers)22:21
Parkhall 5k11/06/2008Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)17:37
Parkhall 5k11/06/2008Earlston, John5k (5 Kilometers)17:45
British Masters 5000m, 200806/07/2008McCormack, Sean5000m (5000 Meters)17:00
Welsh Masters 5000m, 200820/07/2008McCormack, Sean5000m (5000 Meters)16:43
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200820/07/2008Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)21:14
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200820/07/2008Dixon, Josh5k (5 Kilometers)21:12
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200820/07/2008Jones, Hayden5k (5 Kilometers)25:02
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200820/07/2008Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)25:12
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200820/07/2008Jacques, Hillary5k (5 Kilometers)27:55
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200820/07/2008Spotswood, Robert5k (5 Kilometers)28:11
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200823/07/2008Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)15:55
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200823/07/2008McCormack, Sean5k (5 Kilometers)16:04
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200823/07/2008Roberts, Dewi5k (5 Kilometers)16:28
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200823/07/2008Roberts, Gareth5k (5 Kilometers)16:48
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200823/07/2008Ashton, Matthew5k (5 Kilometers)17:07
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200823/07/2008Spotswood, Robert5k (5 Kilometers)20:43
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200823/07/2008Guillemin, Alison5k (5 Kilometers)23:50
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200823/07/2008Begley, Anwen5k (5 Kilometers)28:04
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200823/07/2008Ashton, Jamie5k (5 Kilometers)34:48
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200823/07/2008Davies, Wendy5k (5 Kilometers)31:06
Capenhurst 5k 200820/08/2008Jones, Hayden5k (5 Kilometers)20:27
Capenhurst 5k 200820/08/2008Spotswood, Robert5k (5 Kilometers)21:45
Capenhurst 5k 200820/08/2008Dixon, Josh5k (5 Kilometers)16:51
Anglesay 5K21/09/2008Davies, Wendy5k (5 Kilometers)31:18
Midlands League, Solihull02/05/2009McCormack, Sean5000m (5000 Meters)16:56
Christleton 5K 200908/05/2009Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:28
Christleton 5K 200908/05/2009Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)17:05
Sun Centre 5k, 200927/05/2009Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:06
Sun Centre 5k, 200927/05/2009McCormack, Sean5k (5 Kilometers)18:00
Sun Centre 5k, 200927/05/2009Reid, Ed5k (5 Kilometers)20:03
Sun Centre 5k, 200927/05/2009Elliott, Keith5k (5 Kilometers)20:41
Sun Centre 5k, 200927/05/2009Jones, Hayden5k (5 Kilometers)20:53
Sun Centre 5k, 200927/05/2009Jacques, Hillary5k (5 Kilometers)23:11
Sun Centre 5k, 200927/05/2009Mayers, Mark5k (5 Kilometers)23:17
Sun Centre 5k, 200927/05/2009Jones, Dominique5k (5 Kilometers)36:56
Sun Centre 5k, 200927/05/2009Ashton, Jamie5k (5 Kilometers)36:56
Welsh Senior League R2 5000m28/06/2009McCormack, Sean5000m (5000 Meters)17:33
British Masters 5000m, 200905/07/2009McCormack, Sean5000m (5000 Meters)16:59
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200919/07/2009Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)19:21
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200919/07/2009Mayers, Mark5k (5 Kilometers)25:46
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200919/07/2009Hardy, Peter5k (5 Kilometers)27:20
Great Orme Challenge 5K, 200919/07/2009Jacques, Hillary5k (5 Kilometers)28:59
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200922/07/2009Grant, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)19:02
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200922/07/2009Dixon, Josh5k (5 Kilometers)15:23
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200922/07/2009Jones, Dominique5k (5 Kilometers)26:38
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200922/07/2009Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)15:49
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200922/07/2009Mayers, Mark5k (5 Kilometers)20:08
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200922/07/2009Hardy, Peter5k (5 Kilometers)21:20
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200922/07/2009Spotswood, Robert5k (5 Kilometers)22:22
Race the train, Caernarfon, 200922/07/2009Huws, Meinir5k (5 Kilometers)26:41
Welsh Masters 5000m, 200902/08/2009McCormack, Sean5000m (5000 Meters)17:13
Capenhurst 5k 200926/08/2009Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:18
Capenhurst 5k 200926/08/2009Jones, Hayden5k (5 Kilometers)20:18
Lanzarote 5k Beech Ruun, 200922/11/2009Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)20:41
Oswestry XC Ladies, 201006/02/2010Richards, Jeni5k (5 Kilometers)24:12
Altafulla 5K01/05/2010Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)20:55
Christleton 5K 201007/05/2010Dixon, Josh5k (5 Kilometers)15:40
Sun Centre 5k, 201026/05/2010Mayers, Mark5k (5 Kilometers)20:43
Sun Centre 5k, 201026/05/2010Howe, Anthony5k (5 Kilometers)21:31
Sun Centre 5k, 201026/05/2010Richards, Jeni5k (5 Kilometers)21:58
Sun Centre 5k, 201026/05/2010Calvert, Susan5k (5 Kilometers)25:38
Sun Centre 5k, 201026/05/2010Jones, Dominique5k (5 Kilometers)29:45
Blackburn 5k11/07/2010Dixon, Josh5k (5 Kilometers)15:27
Race the train, Caernarfon, 201021/07/2010Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:05
Race the train, Caernarfon, 201021/07/2010Mould, Pete5k (5 Kilometers)18:20
Race the train, Caernarfon, 201021/07/2010Grant, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)18:40
Race the train, Caernarfon, 201021/07/2010Elliott, Keith5k (5 Kilometers)18:53
Race the train, Caernarfon, 201021/07/2010Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)22:04
Race the train, Caernarfon, 201021/07/2010Guillemin, Alison5k (5 Kilometers)26:31
Race the train, Caernarfon, 201021/07/2010Jones, Dominique5k (5 Kilometers)27:25
Race the train, Caernarfon, 201021/07/2010Begley, Anwen5k (5 Kilometers)29:46
Race the train, Caernarfon, 201021/07/2010Davies, Wendy5k (5 Kilometers)32:14
Race the train, Caernarfon, 201021/07/2010Mayers, Mark5k (5 Kilometers)18:41
Swansea Bay 5k, 201022/08/2010Dixon, Josh5k (5 Kilometers)15:44
Capenhurst 5k 201025/08/2010Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:15
Anglesey 5K, 201026/09/2010Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)22:09
Bangor XC, 2010 Ladies30/10/2010Willgoose, CarolXC 5K (5 Kilometers)25:51
Bangor XC, 2010 Ladies30/10/2010Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)26:36
Bangor XC, 2010 Ladies30/10/2010Evans, DelythXC 5K (5 Kilometers)30:46
Lanzarote Beech Run21/11/2010Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)21:02
Wrexham Cross Country 2010, Ladies27/11/2010Willgoose, CarolXC 5K (5 Kilometers)23:24
Wrexham Cross Country 2010, Ladies27/11/2010Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)23:47
Wrexham Cross Country 2010, Ladies27/11/2010Calvert, SusanXC 5K (5 Kilometers)28:54
Suncentre 5k, 201125/05/2011Fawcett, Simeon5k (5 Kilometers)17:18
Suncentre 5k, 201125/05/2011Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:46
Suncentre 5k, 201125/05/2011Wilyman, Richard5k (5 Kilometers)18:46
Suncentre 5k, 201125/05/2011Lee, Richie5k (5 Kilometers)19:26
Suncentre 5k, 201125/05/2011Mercer, Andrew5k (5 Kilometers)19:33
Suncentre 5k, 201125/05/2011Mayers, Mark5k (5 Kilometers)19:36
Suncentre 5k, 201125/05/2011Simpson, Andy5k (5 Kilometers)19:48
Suncentre 5k, 201125/05/2011Tewkesbury, Keith5k (5 Kilometers)24:47
Suncentre 5k, 201125/05/2011Calvert, Susan5k (5 Kilometers)25:51
Suncentre 5k, 201125/05/2011Howe, Anthony5k (5 Kilometers)25:16
Race for Life, Rhyl, 201105/06/2011Hall, Sian5k (5 Kilometers)23:30
Lyme 5k25/06/2011Lee, Richie5k (5 Kilometers)18:45
Caernarfon Race the Train13/07/2011Dixon, Josh5k (5 Kilometers)15:03
Caernarfon Race the Train13/07/2011Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:27
Caernarfon Race the Train13/07/2011Fawcett, Simeon5k (5 Kilometers)16:46
Caernarfon Race the Train13/07/2011Lee, Richie5k (5 Kilometers)17:45
Caernarfon Race the Train13/07/2011Jones, Dominique5k (5 Kilometers)26:12
Caernarfon Race the Train13/07/2011Wignall, Sonia5k (5 Kilometers)27:33
Caernarfon Race the Train13/07/2011Begley, Anwen5k (5 Kilometers)31:52
Caernarfon Race the Train13/07/2011Jones, Wendy5k (5 Kilometers)31:52
St Davids Cross Country, Ladies22/10/2011Richards, JeniXC 5K (5 Kilometers)22:44
St Davids Cross Country, Ladies22/10/2011Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)23:22
St Davids Cross Country, Ladies22/10/2011Shipley, RachelXC 5K (5 Kilometers)29:22
Marsh Tracks 5k23/11/2011Arden, Graham5k (5 Kilometers)29:06
Marsh Tracks 5k23/11/2011Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:31
Marsh Tracks 5k23/11/2011Wilyman, Richard5k (5 Kilometers)18:11
Marsh Tracks 5k23/11/2011Lee, Richie5k (5 Kilometers)19:31
Marsh Tracks 5k23/11/2011Fawcett, Simeon5k (5 Kilometers)17:59
Oswestry XC 2012, Ladies04/02/2012Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)24:51
Oswestry XC 2012, Ladies04/02/2012Shipley, RachelXC 5K (5 Kilometers)29:35
Oswestry XC 2012, Ladies04/02/2012Lee, RichieXC 5K (5 Kilometers)39:05
Oswestry XC 2012, Ladies04/02/2012Mayers, MarkXC 5K (5 Kilometers)40:32
Oswestry XC 2012, Ladies04/02/2012Edwards, DaveXC 5K (5 Kilometers)44:35
Oswestry XC 2012, Ladies04/02/2012Jones, HaydenXC 5K (5 Kilometers)44:59
Oswestry XC 2012, Ladies04/02/2012Bancroft, TomXC 5K (5 Kilometers)51:36
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201202/03/2012Lee, Richie5k (5 Kilometers)18:26
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201202/03/2012Mercer, Andrew5k (5 Kilometers)18:41
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201202/03/2012Battersby, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)21:53
Llandudno 5k Easter Dash08/04/2012Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:03
Llandudno 5k Easter Dash08/04/2012Finnan, Matte5k (5 Kilometers)26:57
Christleton 5k, 201218/05/2012Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)22:08
Sun Centre 5k, 201223/05/2012Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)18:05
Sun Centre 5k, 201223/05/2012Richards, Jeni5k (5 Kilometers)20:24
Sun Centre 5k, 201223/05/2012Howe, Anthony5k (5 Kilometers)20:36
Sun Centre 5k, 201223/05/2012Mayers, Mark5k (5 Kilometers)19:10
Sun Centre 5k, 201223/05/2012Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)21:33
Sun Centre 5k, 201223/05/2012Battersby, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)21:34
Sun Centre 5k, 201223/05/2012Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)21:53
Sun Centre 5k, 201223/05/2012McCarten, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)24:32
British Masters 5k, Horwich 201217/06/2012Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)22:39
Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2012Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)21:04
Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2012Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:30
Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2012Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)17:01
Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2012Battersby, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)20:43
Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2012Arden, Graham5k (5 Kilometers)25:43
Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2012Appleton, Jeremy5k (5 Kilometers)22:44
Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2012McCormack, Shane5k (5 Kilometers)26:30
Caernarfon Race the Train18/07/2012Faulkner, Alison5k (5 Kilometers)27:38
Capenhurst 5k22/08/2012Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:48
Marsh Track 5k26/09/2012Finnan, Matte5k (5 Kilometers)24:18
Marsh Track 5k26/09/2012Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:50
St Davids Cross Country, Ladies20/10/2012Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)29:58
St Davids Cross Country, Ladies20/10/2012Rushton, NatalieXC 5K (5 Kilometers)32:12
St Davids Cross Country, Ladies20/10/2012Manfredi, SarahXC 5K (5 Kilometers)32:44
St Davids Cross Country, Ladies20/10/2012Calvert, SusanXC 5K (5 Kilometers)35:48
Ellesemere Cold Turkey 5k30/12/2012Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:32
Uberfit Fearless Llandegla Duathlon 17/02/2013Hughes, Geran5000m (5000 Meters)2:11:58
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201306/03/2013Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:05
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201306/03/2013Wilyman, Richard5k (5 Kilometers)17:25
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201306/03/2013Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)17:49
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201306/03/2013Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)18:18
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201306/03/2013Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)21:50
Llandudno 5k Easter Dash30/03/2013Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)18:16
Llandudno 5k Easter Dash30/03/2013Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)22:38
Christleton 5k, 201317/05/2013Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)17:15
Christleton 5k, 201317/05/2013Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)22:22
Suncentre 5k, 201329/05/2013Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:00
Suncentre 5k, 201329/05/2013Wilyman, Richard5k (5 Kilometers)17:43
Suncentre 5k, 201329/05/2013Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)17:43
Suncentre 5k, 201329/05/2013Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)18:12
Suncentre 5k, 201329/05/2013Battersby, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)20:43
Suncentre 5k, 201329/05/2013Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)21:26
Suncentre 5k, 201329/05/2013Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)22:48
Horwich British Masters 5k16/06/2013Cahill, Tim5000m (5000 Meters)17:44
Pen Y Bryn Anniversary 5k04/07/2013Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)18:00
Caernarfon Race the Train24/07/2013Wilyman, Richard5k (5 Kilometers)16:53
Caernarfon Race the Train24/07/2013Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:08
Caernarfon Race the Train24/07/2013Battersby, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)19:38
Caernarfon Race the Train24/07/2013Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)21:32
Caernarfon Race the Train24/07/2013Rushton, Natalie5k (5 Kilometers)22:55
Vale of Clwyd 5k11/08/2013Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:27
Vale of Clwyd 5k11/08/2013Mayers, Mark5k (5 Kilometers)20:16
Vale of Clwyd 5k11/08/2013Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)22:38
Vale of Clwyd 5k11/08/2013Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:33
Plas Menai 5k15/08/2013Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:58
Plas Menai 5k15/08/2013Wilyman, Richard5k (5 Kilometers)17:29
Marsh Tracks September 5k25/09/2013Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:51
Marsh Tracks September 5k25/09/2013Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)17:51
Marsh Tracks September 5k25/09/2013Lee, Richie5k (5 Kilometers)19:07
Bangor Cross Country, Ladies05/10/2013Willgoose, CarolXC 5K (5 Kilometers)24:54
Bangor Cross Country, Ladies05/10/2013Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)25:43
Bangor Cross Country, Ladies05/10/2013Curtis, LucyXC 5K (5 Kilometers)26:42
Bangor Cross Country, Ladies05/10/2013Plamperova, DagmarXC 5K (5 Kilometers)30:13
March Tracks 5k07/03/2014Wilyman, Richard5k (5 Kilometers)17:31
March Tracks 5k07/03/2014Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:34
March Tracks 5k07/03/2014Lightowler, Ben5k (5 Kilometers)17:37
March Tracks 5k07/03/2014Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)23:37
March Tracks 5k21/03/2014Lightowler, Ben5k (5 Kilometers)17:15
March Tracks 5k21/03/2014Wilyman, Richard5k (5 Kilometers)17:31
March Tracks 5k21/03/2014Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:49
Marsh Tracks 3, 201411/04/2014Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)22:07
Sun Centre 5k, 201421/05/2014Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:12
Sun Centre 5k, 201421/05/2014Lightowler, Ben5k (5 Kilometers)17:17
Sun Centre 5k, 201421/05/2014Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)18:09
Sun Centre 5k, 201421/05/2014Armstrong, Rob5k (5 Kilometers)18:41
Sun Centre 5k, 201421/05/2014Mayers, Mark5k (5 Kilometers)19:44
Sun Centre 5k, 201421/05/2014Howe, Anthony5k (5 Kilometers)22:35
Sun Centre 5k, 201421/05/2014Willgoose, Carol5k (5 Kilometers)22:57
Sun Centre 5k, 201421/05/2014Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:42
Sun Centre 5k, 201421/05/2014Calvert, Susan5k (5 Kilometers)26:50
Sun Centre 5k, 201421/05/2014Pownall, Christobelle5k (5 Kilometers)27:54
Christleton 5k23/05/2014Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:51 [Chip: 16:46]
Christleton 5k23/05/2014Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)22:59 [Chip: 22:38]
Plas Menai Baton Relay 5k29/05/2014Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:04
Plas Menai Baton Relay 5k29/05/2014Willgoose, Carol5k (5 Kilometers)22:17
Plas Menai Baton Relay 5k29/05/2014Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)17:37
British Masters 5k Road Race 2014, Horwich15/06/2014Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)22:43
Run Fest Wales 5k, Welsh Championships29/06/2014Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)18:08 [Chip: 18:06]
Run Fest Wales 5k, Welsh Championships29/06/2014Mayers, Mark5k (5 Kilometers)22:32 [Chip: 22:28]
Run Fest Wales 5k, Welsh Championships29/06/2014Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)22:59 [Chip: 22:57]
Llanfairpwell 5k09/07/2014Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)23:14 [Chip: 23:08]
Pen Y Bryn 5k11/07/2014Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)18:15
Pen Y Bryn 5k11/07/2014Lightowler, Ben5k (5 Kilometers)18:20
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201423/07/2014Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)16:42
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201423/07/2014Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)17:13
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201423/07/2014Armstrong, Rob5k (5 Kilometers)18:10
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201423/07/2014Howe, Anthony5k (5 Kilometers)20:07
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201423/07/2014Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)21:17
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201423/07/2014Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)21:47
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201423/07/2014Curtis, Lucy5k (5 Kilometers)22:40
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201423/07/2014Calvert, Susan5k (5 Kilometers)24:32
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201423/07/2014Pownall, Christobelle5k (5 Kilometers)26:50
Vale of Clwyd 5k10/08/2014Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:37
Vale of Clwyd 5k10/08/2014Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)18:33
Vale of Clwyd 5k10/08/2014Howe, Anthony5k (5 Kilometers)23:28
Vale of Clwyd 5k10/08/2014Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)22:37
Vale of Clwyd 5k10/08/2014Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:18
Capenhurst 5k20/08/2014Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)21:37 [Chip: 21:33]
Awyr Las06/09/2014Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)23:31 [Chip: 23:28]
Bangor Cross Country Women04/10/2014Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)25:06
Bangor Cross Country Women04/10/2014Calvert, SusanXC 5K (5 Kilometers)28:36
Bangor Cross Country Women04/10/2014Wignall, SoniaXC 5K (5 Kilometers)32:47
Penrhyn Bangor Parkrun15/11/2014Salt, James5k (5 Kilometers)20:01
Penrhyn Bangor Parkrun15/11/2014Armstrong, Rob5k (5 Kilometers)20:31
Penrhyn Bangor Parkrun15/11/2014Wickham, Vince5k (5 Kilometers)26:07
Penrhyn Bangor Parkrun15/11/2014Rowlands, Sarah5k (5 Kilometers)27:54
Penrhyn Bangor Parkrun15/11/2014Jones, Diane5k (5 Kilometers)29:22
Penrhyn Bangor Parkrun15/11/2014Price, Kelly5k (5 Kilometers)29:31
Penrhyn Bangor Parkrun15/11/2014Jones, Vicky5k (5 Kilometers)30:30
Penrhyn Bangor Parkrun15/11/2014MacDonald, Andy5k (5 Kilometers)30:31
Penrhyn Bangor Parkrun15/11/2014Griffiths, Sonja5k (5 Kilometers)34:12
Penrhyn Bangor Parkrun15/11/2014Hughes, Sharon5k (5 Kilometers)34:13
Oswestry Cross Country 2015, Ladies07/02/2015Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)27:15
Llandudno Easter 5k04/04/2015Jones, Diane5k (5 Kilometers)28:18 [Chip: 28:07]
Llandudno Easter 5k04/04/2015Thomas, Barry5k (5 Kilometers)32:51 [Chip: 32:41]
Conwy 5k Run for Fun26/04/2015Jones, Diane5k (5 Kilometers)28:02
Christleton 5k15/05/2015Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)18:11
Christleton 5k15/05/2015Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)22:22
Rhyl 5k 201520/05/2015Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)17:59
Rhyl 5k 201520/05/2015Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)18:29
Rhyl 5k 201520/05/2015Armstrong, Rob5k (5 Kilometers)19:16
Rhyl 5k 201520/05/2015Salt, James5k (5 Kilometers)19:27
Rhyl 5k 201520/05/2015Mayers, Mark5k (5 Kilometers)20:26
Rhyl 5k 201520/05/2015Battersby, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)21:07
Rhyl 5k 201520/05/2015Evans, Gareth5k (5 Kilometers)21:17
Rhyl 5k 201520/05/2015Owen-Jones, Amy5k (5 Kilometers)21:35
Rhyl 5k 201520/05/2015Jones, John5k (5 Kilometers)22:09
Rhyl 5k 201520/05/2015Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:01
Rhyl 5k 201520/05/2015Tewkesbury, Keith5k (5 Kilometers)26:11
Rhyl 5k 201520/05/2015Jones, Diane5k (5 Kilometers)28:27
Denbigh 5k17/06/2015Jones, Diane5k (5 Kilometers)29:59
British Masters 5K Road Champonships, Horwich 2015.21/06/2015Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:35
Run Fest Rhyl 5k28/06/2015Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:17 [Chip: 23:16]
Ruthin 5k08/07/2015Jones, Diane5k (5 Kilometers)28:18
Llanfair PG 5K09/07/2015Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)23:32
Pen Y Bryn 5k10/07/2015Wilyman, Richard5k (5 Kilometers)18:27
Pen Y Bryn 5k10/07/2015Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)18:57
Pen Y Bryn 5k10/07/2015Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)19:10
Pen Y Bryn 5k10/07/2015Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)23:11
Pen Y Bryn 5k10/07/2015Lightowler, Ben5k (5 Kilometers)17:48
Pen Y Bryn 5k10/07/2015Jones, Diane5k (5 Kilometers)29:38
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201522/07/2015Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:10
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201522/07/2015Howe, Anthony5k (5 Kilometers)19:25
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201522/07/2015Mayers, Mark5k (5 Kilometers)19:29
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201522/07/2015Battersby, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)19:40
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201522/07/2015Jones, John5k (5 Kilometers)19:50
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201522/07/2015Barnaby, Martyn5k (5 Kilometers)20:54
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201522/07/2015Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)20:57
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201522/07/2015Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)21:17
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201522/07/2015New, Megan5k (5 Kilometers)26:19
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201522/07/2015Jones, Diane5k (5 Kilometers)26:24
Vale of Clwyd 5k, 201509/08/2015Wilyman, Richard5k (5 Kilometers)17:10
Vale of Clwyd 5k, 201509/08/2015Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)18:33
Vale of Clwyd 5k, 201509/08/2015Mayers, Mark5k (5 Kilometers)20:24
Vale of Clwyd 5k, 201509/08/2015Battersby, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)21:14
Vale of Clwyd 5k, 201509/08/2015Jones, John5k (5 Kilometers)21:22
Vale of Clwyd 5k, 201509/08/2015Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)22:57
Vale of Clwyd 5k, 201509/08/2015Jones, Diane5k (5 Kilometers)28:12
Vale of Clwyd 5k, 201509/08/2015Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)22:17
Capenhurst 5k19/08/2015Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)21:54 [Chip: 21:50]
Capenhurst 5k19/08/2015Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)21:55 [Chip: 21:50]
Capenhurst 5k19/08/2015Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)22:36 [Chip: 22:31]
St Davids Cross Country, ladies17/10/2015Richards, JeniXC 5K (5 Kilometers)24:22
St Davids Cross Country, ladies17/10/2015Willgoose, CarolXC 5K (5 Kilometers)26:29
St Davids Cross Country, ladies17/10/2015Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)25:53
St Davids Cross Country, ladies17/10/2015Jones, DianeXC 5K (5 Kilometers)32:03
Betys Y Coed 5k07/11/2015Battersby, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)29:03 [Chip: 29:01]
Betys Y Coed 5k07/11/2015Griffiths, Sonja5k (5 Kilometers)42:02 [Chip: 41:44]
Walford Cross Country, Ladies16/01/2016Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)27:56
Llandudno Easter Promenade Dash 26/03/2016Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:13
Christleton 5k, 201620/05/2016Wilyman, Richard5k (5 Kilometers)16:54 [Chip: 16:51]
Christleton 5k, 201620/05/2016Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)19:11 [Chip: 19:07]
Christleton 5k, 201620/05/2016Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)21:15 [Chip: 20:59]
Christleton 5k, 201620/05/2016Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)21:16 [Chip: 21:00]
Ffrith 5k, 201621/05/2016Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)17:54
Ffrith 5k, 201621/05/2016Foden, Nick5k (5 Kilometers)18:19
Ffrith 5k, 201621/05/2016Williams, Danny5k (5 Kilometers)18:44
Ffrith 5k, 201621/05/2016Howe, Anthony5k (5 Kilometers)19:59
Ffrith 5k, 201621/05/2016Jones, John5k (5 Kilometers)20:46
Ffrith 5k, 201621/05/2016Battersby, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)20:57
Ffrith 5k, 201621/05/2016Snelson, Daniel5k (5 Kilometers)21:07
Ffrith 5k, 201621/05/2016Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)21:25
Ffrith 5k, 201621/05/2016Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:37
Ffrith 5k, 201621/05/2016Jones, Diane5k (5 Kilometers)25:57
Ffrith 5k, 201621/05/2016Griffiths, Sonja5k (5 Kilometers)31:50
Horwich 5k, British Masters Championships19/06/2016Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)24:14
Llanfair PG 5k06/07/2016Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)23:11
Pen Y Bryn 5k08/07/2016Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)19:31
Pen Y Bryn 5k08/07/2016Lightowler, Ben5k (5 Kilometers)17:58
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201620/07/2016Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:50
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201620/07/2016Jones, John5k (5 Kilometers)20:13
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201620/07/2016Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)20:15
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201620/07/2016Snelson, Daniel5k (5 Kilometers)20:30
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201620/07/2016Garnett, Ben5k (5 Kilometers)21:47
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201620/07/2016Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)22:13
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201620/07/2016Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)22:37
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201620/07/2016Jones, Diane5k (5 Kilometers)24:22
Race the Train, Caernarfon, 201620/07/2016Griffiths, Sonja5k (5 Kilometers)27:21
Vale of Clwyd 5k07/08/2016Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)19:00
Vale of Clwyd 5k07/08/2016Foden, Nick5k (5 Kilometers)19:10
Vale of Clwyd 5k07/08/2016Jones, John5k (5 Kilometers)21:02
Vale of Clwyd 5k07/08/2016Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)22:04
Vale of Clwyd 5k07/08/2016Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)23:04
Vale of Clwyd 5k07/08/2016Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:47
Vale of Clwyd 5k07/08/2016Jones, Diane5k (5 Kilometers)26:10
Ellesmereport 5k, 201617/08/2016Foden, Nick5k (5 Kilometers)18:15 [Chip: 18:11]
Ellesmereport 5k, 201617/08/2016Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)21:42 [Chip: 21:34]
Ellesmereport 5k, 201617/08/2016Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)21:43 [Chip: 21:34]
Ellesmereport 5k, 201617/08/2016Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:05 [Chip: 22:55]
Ellesmereport 5k, 201617/08/2016Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)23:11 [Chip: 23:11]
Mid Cheshire 5k25/08/2016Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:14
Llandudno Cross Country Women05/11/2016Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)26:28
Betws Y Coed 5k Trail Challenge12/11/2016Foden, Nick5k (5 Kilometers)29:49
Ruthin 5k26/02/2017Wilyman, Richard5k (5 Kilometers)17:36
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201731/03/2017Lightowler, Ben5k (5 Kilometers)16:57
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201731/03/2017Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:39
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201731/03/2017Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)19:09
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201731/03/2017Garnett, Ben5k (5 Kilometers)19:24
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201731/03/2017Battersby, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)19:33
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201731/03/2017Jones, John5k (5 Kilometers)20:36
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201731/03/2017Barnaby, Martyn5k (5 Kilometers)20:47
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201731/03/2017Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)21:04
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201731/03/2017Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)22:32
Marsh Tracks 5k, March 201731/03/2017Owens, Julie5k (5 Kilometers)21:14
Llandudno 5K dash15/04/2017Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)24:17
Spring City Liverpool 5k06/05/2017Evans, Gareth5k (5 Kilometers)19:30
Ffrith 5k07/05/2017Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)18:03
Ffrith 5k07/05/2017Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)19:04
Ffrith 5k07/05/2017Jones, John5k (5 Kilometers)20:37
Ffrith 5k07/05/2017Bonfield, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)20:53
Ffrith 5k07/05/2017Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)24:16
Christleton 5k, 201719/05/2017Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)18:39 [Chip: 18:34]
Christleton 5k, 201719/05/2017Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)20:14 [Chip: 20:09]
Christleton 5k, 201719/05/2017Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:21 [Chip: 17:17]
Horwich 5k18/06/2017Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)24:29
Llanfairpwll 5k05/07/2017Bonfield, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)20:29
Llanfairpwll 5k05/07/2017Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)23:02
Ruthin 5k, 201705/07/2017Cavey, Emma5k (5 Kilometers)23:32
Pen Y Bryn, 5k 201707/07/2017Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)18:38
Pen Y Bryn, 5k 201707/07/2017Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)19:00
Caernarfon Race the Train19/07/2017Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:07
Caernarfon Race the Train19/07/2017Garnett, Ben5k (5 Kilometers)19:26
Caernarfon Race the Train19/07/2017Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)21:21
Caernarfon Race the Train19/07/2017Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:02
Caernarfon Race the Train19/07/2017Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)20:01
Ellesmere Port 5k16/08/2017Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)18:40 [Chip: 18:38]
Ellesmere Port 5k16/08/2017McCormack, Sean5k (5 Kilometers)18:58 [Chip: 18:55]
Ellesmere Port 5k16/08/2017McCormack, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)17:22 [Chip: 17:20]
Caernarfon 5k23/08/2017Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:30
Caernarfon 5k23/08/2017Bonfield, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)20:06
Mid Cheshire 5k24/08/2017Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)23:20
Wrexham Cross country, Ladies07/10/2017Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)30:06
Beech Run Lanzarote28/11/2017Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)20:53
Ruthin 5k25/02/2018Garnett, Ben5k (5 Kilometers)19:52
Llandudno Easter 5k Promenade Dash31/03/2018Bonfield, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)20:19 [Chip: 20:17]
Llandudno Easter 5k Promenade Dash31/03/2018Cavey, Emma5k (5 Kilometers)23:31 [Chip: 23:23]
Llandudno Easter 5k Promenade Dash31/03/2018Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)24:42 [Chip: 24:38]
Ffrith 5k, 201813/05/2018Waters, Jodi5k (5 Kilometers)17:35 [Chip: 17:34]
Ffrith 5k, 201813/05/2018Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)18:12 [Chip: 18:11]
Ffrith 5k, 201813/05/2018Foden, Nick5k (5 Kilometers)18:41 [Chip: 18:39]
Ffrith 5k, 201813/05/2018Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)18:47 [Chip: 18:45]
Ffrith 5k, 201813/05/2018Bonfield, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)19:42 [Chip: 19:40]
Ffrith 5k, 201813/05/2018Ilsley, Alan5k (5 Kilometers)20:12 [Chip: 20:09]
Ffrith 5k, 201813/05/2018Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)20:21 [Chip: 20:19]
Ffrith 5k, 201813/05/2018Owen-Jones, Amy5k (5 Kilometers)21:03 [Chip: 21:01]
Ffrith 5k, 201813/05/2018Snelson, Daniel5k (5 Kilometers)21:16 [Chip: 21:12]
Ffrith 5k, 201813/05/2018Barnaby, Martyn5k (5 Kilometers)21:53 [Chip: 21:49]
Ffrith 5k, 201813/05/2018Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)24:36 [Chip: 24:32]
Ffrith 5k, 201813/05/2018Nesbitt, Lorraine5k (5 Kilometers)26:33 [Chip: 26:28]
Christleton 5k, 201818/05/2018Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)18:36
Christleton 5k, 201818/05/2018Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)19:08
Christleton 5k, 201818/05/2018Bonfield, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)19:27
Christleton 5k, 201818/05/2018Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)20:21
Welsh Masters 5,000m Championships, 201803/06/2018McCormack, Sean5000m (5000 Meters)19:28
Plas Menai 5k, 201822/08/2018Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:48
Plas Menai 5k, 201822/08/2018Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)19:42
Plas Menai 5k, 201822/08/2018Bonfield, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)19:47
Wuanfawr 5k29/08/2018Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)19:55
Club La Santa Beach Rrun26/11/2018Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)18:57
Llandudno Santa Dash08/12/2018Foden, Nick5k (5 Kilometers)27:00
Llandudno Santa Dash08/12/2018Jones, John5k (5 Kilometers)28:00
Llandudno Santa Dash08/12/2018Nesbitt, Lorraine5k (5 Kilometers)32:00
North Wales Cross Country XC Championships, Ladies05/01/2019Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)28:32
North Wales Cross Country XC Championships, Ladies05/01/2019Owens, JulieXC 5K (5 Kilometers)23:25
Northop Cross Country , Over 65 Men12/01/2019Shone, GrahameXC 5K (5 Kilometers)26:48
Northop Cross Country , Ladies12/01/2019Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)27:32
Easter Dash Llandudno 5k, 201920/04/2019Bonfield, Katie5k (5 Kilometers)24:56 [Chip: 24:50]
Easter Dash Llandudno 5k, 201920/04/2019Bonfield, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)20:35 [Chip: 20:33]
Easter Dash Llandudno 5k, 201920/04/2019Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)25:31 [Chip: 25:20]
Christleton 5k 201917/05/2019Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:37 [Chip: 17:34]
Christleton 5k 201917/05/2019Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)18:34 [Chip: 18:32]
Christleton 5k 201917/05/2019Bonfield, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)19:36 [Chip: 19:28]
Christleton 5k 201917/05/2019Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)20:14 [Chip: 20:06]
Christleton 5k 201917/05/2019Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)23:08 [Chip: 22:52]
Liverpool Rock and Roll 5k25/05/2019Snelson, Daniel5k (5 Kilometers)32:40
Rhyl 5k23/06/2019Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)18:28 [Chip: 18:26]
Rhyl 5k23/06/2019McCormack, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)19:03 [Chip: 19:01]
Rhyl 5k23/06/2019Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)19:17 [Chip: 19:15]
Rhyl 5k23/06/2019McCormack, Sean5k (5 Kilometers)19:31 [Chip: 19:29]
Rhyl 5k23/06/2019Bonfield, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)19:57 [Chip: 19:54]
Rhyl 5k23/06/2019Bonfield, Katie5k (5 Kilometers)25:35 [Chip: 25:17]
Rhyl 5k23/06/2019Birch, Christine5k (5 Kilometers)26:29 [Chip: 26:21]
Mystery Park, July 5k02/07/2019McCormack, Steven5k (5 Kilometers)19:00
Llanfairpwll 5k 10/07/2019Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)24:16
Welsh Masters Championships, Breckon 5000m21/07/2019McCormack, Sean5000m (5000 Meters)19:52
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201924/07/2019Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)17:31
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201924/07/2019Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)19:54
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201924/07/2019Shone, Grahame5k (5 Kilometers)22:48
Race the Train, Caernarfon 201924/07/2019Tewkesbury, Keith5k (5 Kilometers)25:43
Race the Lights 5k17/08/2019Snelson, Daniel5k (5 Kilometers)26:18
Ellesmere Port 5k, 201921/08/2019Cahill, Tim5k (5 Kilometers)19:00 [Chip: 18:59]
Ellesmere Port 5k, 201921/08/2019Ilsley, Alan5k (5 Kilometers)19:13 [Chip: 19:08]
Mid Cheshire 5k29/08/2019Blazier, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)19:14 [Chip: 19:07]
Mid Cheshire 5k29/08/2019Bonfield, Simon5k (5 Kilometers)20:06 [Chip: 19:58]
Mid Cheshire 5k29/08/2019Shipley, Rachel5k (5 Kilometers)20:39 [Chip: 20:31]
Colwn Bay Cross Coutry, over 65y men19/10/2019Shone, GrahameXC 5K (5 Kilometers)32:18
Colwyn Bay Cros Country, Ladies19/10/2019Owens, JulieXC 5K (5 Kilometers)26:15
Colwyn Bay Cros Country, Ladies19/10/2019Roberts, LonaXC 5K (5 Kilometers)29:55
Colwyn Bay Cros Country, Ladies19/10/2019Birch, ChristineXC 5K (5 Kilometers)34:59
Abergele 5k, 201903/11/2019Battersby, Darren5k (5 Kilometers)20:35 [Chip: 20:34]
Abergele 5k, 201903/11/2019Lloyd-Jones, Gwil5k (5 Kilometers)20:46 [Chip: 20:44]
Welsh Inter-Regional XC 201917/11/2019Owens, JulieXC 5K (5 Kilometers)26:58
Cross country championships 202004/01/2020Owens, JulieXC 5K (5 Kilometers)25:56
Dash in Dark 1, 2014.1507/11/2014Armstrong, Rob3.4 mile dash in dark (3.4 Miles)30:25
Dash in Dark 3, 2014.1523/01/2015Armstrong, Rob3.4 mile dash in dark (3.4 Miles)33:51
Welsh Inter Regional X-C Ladies Masters, 200709/12/2007Hughes, Angie5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)24:18
Wrexham XC 2009 Ladies17/01/2009Calvert, Susan5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)29:32
Wrexham XC 2009 Ladies17/01/2009Wignall, Sonia5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)33:54
Inter Regional Cross Country, Ladies13/12/2009Richards, Jeni5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)25:17
Inter Regional Cross Country, Ladies13/12/2009Hughes, Angie5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)26:08
Inter-Regional X-C, 201110/12/2011Richards, Jeni5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)24:48
Inter-Regional X-C, 201110/12/2011Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)28:37
Lillyshall Cross Country, Ladies14/01/2012Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)25:46
Lillyshall Cross Country, Ladies14/01/2012Shipley, Rachel5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)30:42
Lillyshall Cross Country, Ladies14/01/2012Calvert, Susan5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)31:15
Inter-Regional Cross Country 2012, Ladies08/12/2012Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)26:09
Telford Cross Country 2013, Ladies12/01/2013Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)29:47
Telford Cross Country 2013, Ladies12/01/2013Shipley, Rachel5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)32:33
Oswestry Cross Country Ladies02/02/2013Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)27:13
Oswestry Cross Country Ladies02/02/2013Shipley, Rachel5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)32:20
Wrexham Cross Country, Ladies23/11/2013Willgoose, Carol5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)24:20
Wrexham Cross Country, Ladies23/11/2013Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)24:54
Wrexham Cross Country, Ladies23/11/2013Plamperova, Dagmar5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)29:30
Lilleshall Cross Country, Ladies18/01/2014Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)28:56
Wrexham Cross Country Ladies29/11/2014Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)24:32
Wrexham Cross Country Ladies29/11/2014Calvert, Susan5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)27:27
Wrexham Cross Country Ladies29/11/2014Wignall, Sonia5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)30:03
Welsh Interregional and Masters Cross Country Championships 2014, Masters Ladies13/12/2014Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)29:49
Lilleshall Cross Countrry Ladies31/01/2015Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)28:31
Bangor Cross Country Ladies 201503/10/2015Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)24:47
Bangor Cross Country Ladies 201503/10/2015Calvert, Susan5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)27:31
Bangor Cross Country 2016, Ladies26/11/2016Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)26:17
St Davids Cross Country, Ladies21/10/2017Owen-Jones, Amy5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)30:02
St Davids Cross Country, Ladies21/10/2017Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)30:45
St Davids Cross Country, Ladies21/10/2017Nesbitt, Lorraine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)35:49
St Davids Cross Country, Ladies21/10/2017Edwards, Sarah5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)43:26
Bangor Cross Country, 2018, ladies25/11/2017Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)32:08
Bangor Cross Country, 2018, ladies25/11/2017Owens, Julie5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)27:54
Walford Cross Country, Ladies, 201820/01/2018Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)36:33
Oswestry Ladies Cross Country, 201803/02/2018Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)31:47
Walford College Ladies Cross Country 2018-1906/10/2018Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)32:05
Wrexham Cross Country, Ladies10/11/2018Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)29:56
Wrexham Cross Country, Over 65 men.10/11/2018Shone, Grahame5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)29:28
Wrexham Cross Country, Ladies10/11/2018Owens, Julie5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)25:24
Wrexham XC Men over 6505/10/2019Shone, Grahame5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)30:03
Wrexham XC Ladies05/10/2019Birch, Christine5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)32:00
Wrexham XC Ladies05/10/2019Bonfield, Katie5.5k xc (5.5 Kilometers)32:44
Llanberis Round the Lake Christmas Run23/12/2007Spotswood, RobertFun run 5.6k (5.6 Kilometers)47:44
Llanberis Round the Lake Christmas Run23/12/2007McIlveen, JustinFun run 5.6k (5.6 Kilometers)38:30
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Blazier, DarrenHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)21:20
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Ashton, MatthewHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)25:42
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Elliott, KeithHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)25:51
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Calvert, SusanHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)35:26
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Hughes, GeranHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)22:50
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Hughes, AngieHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)32:42
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Edwards, DaveHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)35:09
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Spotswood, RobertHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)35:09
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Pownall, VernonHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)28:10
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Pownall, ChristobelleHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)36:10
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Jones, HaydenHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)29:28
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Jones, LucyHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)38:30
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Wignall, SoniaHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)40:01
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Richards, CherylHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)36:22
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Lucas, AlanHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)34:54
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Mayers, MarkHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)30:38
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Thomas, PaulHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)30:56
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Perry, JonathanHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)36:05
Handicap 2009 (3.5miles)14/06/2009Edge, PaulHandicap 2009 (3.5 Miles)35:21
Jo Brown midweek trial series, St. David's College17/04/2018Salt, Jamesmid week fell series (3.5 Miles)30:51
Jo Brown midweek trial series, St. David's College17/04/2018Evans, Garethmid week fell series (3.5 Miles)31:33
Jo Brown midweek trial series, St. David's College17/04/2018Garnett, Benmid week fell series (3.5 Miles)32:42
Jo Brown midweek trial series, St. David's College17/04/2018Huws, Meinirmid week fell series (3.5 Miles)47:58
Moel Y Parc, evening fell race26/03/2019Evans, Garethmid week fell series (3.5 Miles)37:03
North Wales XC Championships, Ladies27/01/2007Hughes, AngieLadies XC Champs (5.8 Kilometers)28:51
North Wales XC Championships, Ladies26/01/2008Hughes, AngieLadies XC Champs (5.8 Kilometers)26:42
North Wales Cross Country Champs Ladies30/01/2010Richards, JeniLadies XC Champs (5.8 Kilometers)26:01
North Wales Cross Country Ladies Championship 201129/01/2011Birch, ChristineLadies XC Champs (5.8 Kilometers)27:43
Home International XC, 201127/11/2011Birch, ChristineLadies XC Champs (5.8 Kilometers)28:59
NW XC Champs 2012, Corwen, Ladies28/01/2012Richards, JeniLadies XC Champs (5.8 Kilometers)25:59
NW XC Champs 2012, Corwen, Ladies28/01/2012Birch, ChristineLadies XC Champs (5.8 Kilometers)28:06
NW XC Champs 2012, Corwen, Ladies28/01/2012Shipley, RachelLadies XC Champs (5.8 Kilometers)32:52
North Wales Cross Country Champs, Ladies 201309/02/2013Birch, ChristineLadies XC Champs (5.8 Kilometers)30:05
Mold Cross Country, Women28/11/2015Birch, ChristineLadies XC Champs (5.8 Kilometers)31:25
Mold Cross Country, Women28/11/2015Calvert, SusanLadies XC Champs (5.8 Kilometers)40:55
N.W. Cross Country Chamuonships, 2016, Corwen, Ladies30/01/2016Birch, ChristineLadies XC Champs (5.8 Kilometers)27:43
Ruthin Welsh XC SL17/02/2007Hughes, Angiexc champs sl 2007 (5.9 Kilometers)33:36
Home International X-C Open Race18/11/2006Hughes, AngieXC 6K (6 Kilometers)29:51
Home International X-C Open Race 200717/11/2007Hughes, AngieXC 6K (6 Kilometers)30:33
Welsh Cross-Country Championships Under 2024/02/2008Dixon, JoshXC 6K (6 Kilometers)26:49
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200822/11/2008Hughes, Angie6k xc (6 Kilometers)25:20
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200822/11/2008Calvert, Susan6k xc (6 Kilometers)28:34
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200822/11/2008Jones, Lucy6k xc (6 Kilometers)33:48
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200822/11/2008Wignall, Sonia6k xc (6 Kilometers)33:49
Bangor Cross-Country Ladies 200822/11/2008Jones, Annette6k xc (6 Kilometers)35:42
British Masters Cross Country Championsips, 201316/03/2013Birch, ChristineXC 6K (6 Kilometers)30:55
British and Irish Masters Cross Country International , 201316/11/2013Birch, ChristineXC 6K (6 Kilometers)28:01
British and Irish Masters Cross Country Internatonal, Wollaton Park22/11/2014Birch, Christine6k xc (6 Kilometers)28:24
British Masters Cross Country Championships14/03/2015Birch, Christine6k xc (6 Kilometers)30:55
British and Irish Masters Cross Country Championships14/11/2015Birch, Christine6k xc (6 Kilometers)28:49
Oswestry Cross Country, Ladies, 201606/02/2016Birch, Christine6k xc (6 Kilometers)27:54
Brecon, Inter regional cross country, 2016, ladies10/12/2016Birch, Christine6k xc (6 Kilometers)30:45
Walford Cross Country, Ladies14/01/2017Birch, Christine6k xc (6 Kilometers)32:33
Oswestry Cross Country, Ladies 201704/02/2017Birch, Christine6k xc (6 Kilometers)30:52
North Wales Cross Country Championships, Ladies, 201806/01/2018Birch, Christine6k xc (6 Kilometers)29:10
Colwyn Bay Cross Country, Masters Men20/10/2018Shone, Grahame6k xc (6 Kilometers)31:00
Colwyn Bay Cross Country, Ladies20/10/2018Birch, Christine6k xc (6 Kilometers)30:30
Colwyn Bay Cross Country, Ladies20/10/2018Calvert, Susan6k xc (6 Kilometers)39:35
British & Irish Masters Cross Country International, Singleton Park, Ladies18/11/2018Birch, Christine6k xc (6 Kilometers)30:53
Welsh Inter-Regional Cross Country Chanpionships, Senior Ladies08/12/2018Owens, JulieXC 6K (6 Kilometers)31:45
North Wales Cross Country Championships, Masters Ladies24/01/2015Birch, Christinexc 3.75 (3.75 Miles)29:08
Mold Cross Country Ladies15/10/2016Birch, Christinexc 3.75 (3.75 Miles)26:02
Mold Cross Country Ladies15/10/2016Jones, Dianexc 3.75 (3.75 Miles)29:30
Mold Cross Country Ladies15/10/2016Calvert, Susanxc 3.75 (3.75 Miles)31:06
British and Irish Masters Cross Country International, Derry, 201718/11/2017Birch, Christinexc 3.75 (3.75 Miles)33:02
Moel Wnion11/03/2006Hughes, Geran4 mile fell (4 Miles)37:18
Moel Wnion11/03/2006Hughes, Angie4 mile fell (4 Miles)59:02
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006Blazier, Darren4miles (4 Miles)22:01
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006McCormack, Sean4miles (4 Miles)22:34
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006Cahill, Tim4miles (4 Miles)22:48
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006Ashton, Matthew4miles (4 Miles)23:35
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006McIlveen, Justin4miles (4 Miles)23:47
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006Shone, Grahame4miles (4 Miles)24:56
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006Reid, Ed4miles (4 Miles)25:02
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006Grant, Simon4miles (4 Miles)25:25
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006Thomas, Paul4miles (4 Miles)26:24
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006McCormack, Steven4miles (4 Miles)26:30
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006Lucas, Alan4miles (4 Miles)29:34
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006Essery, John4miles (4 Miles)29:39
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006Ward, Stevie4miles (4 Miles)31:35
Wrexham Border League05/05/2006Ashton, Jamie4miles (4 Miles)43:50
Mynydd Myfyr Fell29/05/2006McCormack, Sean4 mile fell (4 Miles)24:14
Mynydd Myfyr Fell29/05/2006Hughes, Geran4 mile fell (4 Miles)24:21
Mynydd Myfyr Fell29/05/2006McCormack, Steven4 mile fell (4 Miles)26:45
Mynydd Myfyr Fell29/05/2006Hughes, Angie4 mile fell (4 Miles)32:14
Wauth's Well Fell race13/06/2006Reid, Ed4 mile fell (4 Miles)42:21
Ras Moel Wnion 200710/03/2007McIlveen, Justin4 mile fell (4 Miles)40:42
Ras Moel Wnion 200710/03/2007Hughes, Angie4 mile fell (4 Miles)53:22
Ras Moel Wnion 200710/03/2007Hughes, Geran4 mile fell (4 Miles)36:37
Isle of Man; Peel Hill Race Men07/04/2007Hughes, Geran4 mile fell (4 Miles)28:19
Isle of Man; Peel Hill Race Men07/04/2007McCarten, Steven4 mile fell (4 Miles)48:36
Abergwyngrgyn Fell10/04/2007Reid, Ed4 mile fell (4 Miles)39:50
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Blazier, Darren4miles (4 Miles)21:30
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007McCormack, Steven4miles (4 Miles)21:37
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Hughes, Geran4miles (4 Miles)21:50
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Earlston, John4miles (4 Miles)21:52
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007McCormack, Sean4miles (4 Miles)22:00
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Cahill, Tim4miles (4 Miles)22:20
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Roberts, Dewi4miles (4 Miles)22:28
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Roberts, Gareth4miles (4 Miles)23:01
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Ashton, Matthew4miles (4 Miles)23:46
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007McIlveen, Justin4miles (4 Miles)23:56
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Reid, Ed4miles (4 Miles)23:58
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Shone, Grahame4miles (4 Miles)25:18
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Jones, Hayden4miles (4 Miles)25:20
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Thomas, Paul4miles (4 Miles)25:52
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Smith , Peter4miles (4 Miles)27:07
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Elliott, Keith4miles (4 Miles)27:09
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Hughes, Angie4miles (4 Miles)28:07
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Edwards, Dave4miles (4 Miles)28:08
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007McCarten, Steven4miles (4 Miles)30:38
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Essery, John4miles (4 Miles)29:41
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Perry, Jonathan4miles (4 Miles)32:00
Wrexham Border League 200704/05/2007Ward, Stevie4miles (4 Miles)35:13
Gabowen 403/08/2007Cahill, Tim4miles (4 Miles)23:19
Ponderosa 4 mile fell race08/08/2007Jacques, Hillary4 mile fell (4 Miles)42:00
Moel Famau Fell race27/08/2007McIlveen, Justin4 mile fell (4 Miles)33:50
Moel Famau Fell race27/08/2007Reid, Ed4 mile fell (4 Miles)36:07
Telford Cross-country Ladies 200720/10/2007Hughes, Angiexc 4 miles (4 Miles)27:02
Telford Cross-country Ladies 200720/10/2007Guillemin, Alisonxc 4 miles (4 Miles)29:51
Telford Cross-country Ladies 200720/10/2007Calvert, Susanxc 4 miles (4 Miles)30:52
Telford Cross-country Ladies 200720/10/2007Jones, Annettexc 4 miles (4 Miles)40:28
Telford Cross-country Ladies 200720/10/2007Begley, Anwenxc 4 miles (4 Miles)43:59
Moel Y Ci, 200823/02/2008Hughes, Geran4 mile fell (4 Miles)40:52
Moel Y Ci, 200823/02/2008Reid, Ed4 mile fell (4 Miles)48:45
Moel Y Ci, 200823/02/2008Hughes, Angie4 mile fell (4 Miles)55:01
Moel Wnion 200815/03/2008Reid, Ed4 mile fell (4 Miles)49:40
Moel Wnion 200815/03/2008Hughes, Angie4 mile fell (4 Miles)54:04
Foel Lus Fell Race15/04/2008Hughes, Geran4 mile fell (4 Miles)25:06
Foel Lus Fell Race15/04/2008McIlveen, Justin4 mile fell (4 Miles)26:54
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008McCormack, Sean4miles (4 Miles)21:52
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Hughes, Geran4miles (4 Miles)22:18
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Earlston, John4miles (4 Miles)22:19
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Cahill, Tim4miles (4 Miles)22:40
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Blazier, Darren4miles (4 Miles)22:42
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Roberts, Dewi4miles (4 Miles)22:44
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008McCormack, Steven4miles (4 Miles)23:05
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Roberts, Gareth4miles (4 Miles)23:07
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Ashton, Matthew4miles (4 Miles)23:20
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Reid, Ed4miles (4 Miles)24:17
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Jones, Hayden4miles (4 Miles)25:54
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Shone, Grahame4miles (4 Miles)26:20
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Willgoose, Carol4miles (4 Miles)26:41
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Elliott, Keith4miles (4 Miles)26:47
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Smith , Peter4miles (4 Miles)28:49
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Spotswood, Robert4miles (4 Miles)29:00
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Grant, Pam4miles (4 Miles)29:12
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Williams, Katie4miles (4 Miles)29:22
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Lucas, Alan4miles (4 Miles)30:43
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Essery, John4miles (4 Miles)31:04
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Dutton, Alex4miles (4 Miles)31:06
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Guillemin, Alison4miles (4 Miles)31:09
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Ward, Stevie4miles (4 Miles)37:07
Deestriders Borders League30/04/2008Calvert, Susan4miles (4 Miles)32:01
Harlech Triathlon11/05/2008Ashton, JamieSprint Triathlon (4 Miles)2:39:00
Harlech Triathlon11/05/2008Ashton, MatthewSprint Triathlon (4 Miles)1:21:00
Oswestry Triathlon20/07/2008Ashton, JamieSprint Triathlon (4 Miles)2:32:26
Oswestry Triathlon20/07/2008Ashton, MatthewSprint Triathlon (4 Miles)1:18:22
Moel Wnion 200914/03/2009Hughes, Geran4 mile fell (4 Miles)37:52
Chirk Triathlon25/04/2009Lewis, JoSprint Triathlon (4 Miles)1:35:00
Chirk Triathlon25/04/2009Jones, LucySprint Triathlon (4 Miles)1:37:00
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Dixon, Josh4miles (4 Miles)21:07
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Blazier, Darren4miles (4 Miles)21:30
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Roberts, Dewi4miles (4 Miles)22:19
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Cahill, Tim4miles (4 Miles)22:26
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009McCormack, Sean4miles (4 Miles)22:31
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Roberts, Gareth4miles (4 Miles)22:44
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Lee, Richie4miles (4 Miles)24:52
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Elliott, Keith4miles (4 Miles)26:01
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Jones, Hayden4miles (4 Miles)26:00
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Reid, Ed4miles (4 Miles)25:33
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009McCormack, Steven4miles (4 Miles)23:54
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Ashton, Matthew4miles (4 Miles)23:24
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Perry, Jonathan4miles (4 Miles)34:08
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Goodson, Andy4miles (4 Miles)28:58
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Hughes, Geran4miles (4 Miles)24:26
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Essery, John4miles (4 Miles)33:07
Wrexham Border League 200929/04/2009Lucas, Alan4miles (4 Miles)31:05
Aggies Staircase Fell Race25/06/2009Reid, Ed4 mile fell (4 Miles)39:16
Ponderosa 4 mile fell race, 200912/08/2009Jacques, Hillary4 mile fell (4 Miles)40:07
Moel Famau Fell race, 200931/08/2009Hughes, Geran4 mile fell (4 Miles)34:04
Moel Famau Fell race, 200931/08/2009Jones, Hayden4 mile fell (4 Miles)46:37
Moel Famau Fell race, 200931/08/2009Hughes, Angie4 mile fell (4 Miles)47:39
Moel Famau Fell race, 200931/08/2009Reid, Ed4 mile fell (4 Miles)41:51
Deeside Border League, 201028/04/2010Mayers, Mark4miles (4 Miles)28:18
Deeside Border League, 201028/04/2010Reid, Ed4miles (4 Miles)28:42
Deeside Border League, 201028/04/2010Richards, Jeni4miles (4 Miles)30:51
Deeside Border League, 201028/04/2010Willgoose, Carol4miles (4 Miles)30:52
Deeside Border League, 201028/04/2010Howe, Anthony4miles (4 Miles)32:07
Deeside Border League, 201028/04/2010Goodson, Andy4miles (4 Miles)32:40
Deeside Border League, 201028/04/2010Hall, Sian4miles (4 Miles)32:41
Deeside Border League, 201028/04/2010Birch, Christine4miles (4 Miles)33:01
Deeside Border League, 201028/04/2010Lucas, Alan4miles (4 Miles)34:02
Deeside Border League, 201028/04/2010Essery, John4miles (4 Miles)35:54
Deeside Border League, 201028/04/2010Perry, Jonathan4miles (4 Miles)36:01
Llanrwst Triathlon05/09/2010Hughes, GeranSprint Triathlon (4 Miles)1:34:00
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Fawcett, Simeon4miles (4 Miles)22:05
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Wilyman, Richard4miles (4 Miles)24:00
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Cahill, Tim4miles (4 Miles)24:16
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Mayers, Mark4miles (4 Miles)24:44
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Reid, Ed4miles (4 Miles)26:34
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Simpson, Andy4miles (4 Miles)27:45
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Edwards, Dave4miles (4 Miles)28:00
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Howe, Anthony4miles (4 Miles)28:10
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Thomas, Paul4miles (4 Miles)28:27
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Hardy, Peter4miles (4 Miles)31:48
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Essery, John4miles (4 Miles)34:00
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Lucas, Alan4miles (4 Miles)45:06
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Richards, Jeni4miles (4 Miles)26:56
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Birch, Christine4miles (4 Miles)29:21
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Evans, Delyth4miles (4 Miles)32:21
Wrexham Border League27/04/2011Jones, Dominique4miles (4 Miles)35:33
Wrexham Border League24/04/2013Blazier, Darren4miles (4 Miles)22:10
Wrexham Border League24/04/2013Wilyman, Richard4miles (4 Miles)22:42
Wrexham Border League24/04/2013Cahill, Tim4miles (4 Miles)23:19
Wrexham Border League24/04/2013Armstrong, Rob4miles (4 Miles)24:22
Wrexham Border League24/04/2013Mercer, Andrew4miles (4 Miles)25:38
Wrexham Border League24/04/2013Simpson, Andy4miles (4 Miles)26:29
Wrexham Border League24/04/2013Mayers, Mark4miles (4 Miles)26:34
Wrexham Border League24/04/2013Shone, Grahame4miles (4 Miles)27:16
Wrexham Border League24/04/2013Howe, Anthony4miles (4 Miles)27:52
Wrexham Border League24/04/2013Essery, John4miles (4 Miles)35:06
Wrexham Border League24/04/2013Birch, Christine4miles (4 Miles)29:23
Wrexham Border League24/04/2013Shipley, Rachel4miles (4 Miles)30:05
Wrexham Border League24/04/2013Lightowler, Ben4miles (4 Miles)23:32
Great Orm Fell Run20/05/2014Armstrong, Rob4 mile fell (4 Miles)40:24
Great Orm Fell Run20/05/2014Howe, Anthony4 mile fell (4 Miles)52:13
Great Orm Fell Run20/05/2014Wignall, Sonia4 mile fell (4 Miles)1:23:21
Great Orm Fell Run20/05/2014Pownall, Christobelle4 mile fell (4 Miles)1:23:21
Great Orm Fell Run20/05/2014Calvert, Susan4 mile fell (4 Miles)1:23:21
Moel Famau Fell Race (Cilcain Mountaain Run)25/08/2014Howe, Anthony4 mile fell (4 Miles)50:20
Wrexham Border League22/04/2015Lightowler, Ben4miles (4 Miles)22:38
Wrexham Border League22/04/2015Blazier, Darren4miles (4 Miles)23:15
Wrexham Border League22/04/2015Waters, Jodi4miles (4 Miles)23:29
Wrexham Border League22/04/2015Armstrong, Rob4miles (4 Miles)25:33
Wrexham Border League22/04/2015Salt, James4miles (4 Miles)26:03
Wrexham Border League22/04/2015Mayers, Mark4miles (4 Miles)26:31
Wrexham Border League22/04/2015Battersby, Darren4miles (4 Miles)27:25
Wrexham Border League22/04/2015Jones, John4miles (4 Miles)28:40
Wrexham Border League22/04/2015Owen-Jones, Amy4miles (4 Miles)28:50
Wrexham Border League22/04/2015Shipley, Rachel4miles (4 Miles)28:57
Wrexham Border League22/04/2015Birch, Christine4miles (4 Miles)29:55
Wrexham Border League22/04/2015Howe, Anthony4miles (4 Miles)32:11
Welsh Cross Country Championships27/02/2016Birch, Christinexc 4 miles (4 Miles)36:06
Wrexham Borders League26/04/2017Lightowler, Ben4miles (4 Miles)22:44
Wrexham Borders League26/04/2017Blazier, Darren4miles (4 Miles)23:22
Wrexham Borders League26/04/2017Waters, Jodi4miles (4 Miles)23:51
Wrexham Borders League26/04/2017Salt, James4miles (4 Miles)24:10
Wrexham Borders League26/04/2017Armstrong, Rob4miles (4 Miles)24:53
Wrexham Borders League26/04/2017Jones, John4miles (4 Miles)26:14
Wrexham Borders League26/04/2017Shipley, Rachel4miles (4 Miles)26:53
Wrexham Borders League26/04/2017Shone, Grahame4miles (4 Miles)28:50
Wrexham Borders League26/04/2017Birch, Christine4miles (4 Miles)29:58
Wrexham Fun Run19/02/2006Spotswood, Robert4.25m (4.25 Miles)31:31
Deeside Borders League 201225/04/2012Wilyman, Richard4.25m (4.25 Miles)23:42
Deeside Borders League 201225/04/2012Blazier, Darren4.25m (4.25 Miles)25:22
Deeside Borders League 201225/04/2012Armstrong, Rob4.25m (4.25 Miles)26:01
Deeside Borders League 201225/04/2012Mayers, Mark4.25m (4.25 Miles)27:52
Deeside Borders League 201225/04/2012Simpson, Andy4.25m (4.25 Miles)27:55
Deeside Borders League 201225/04/2012Battersby, Darren4.25m (4.25 Miles)30:05
Deeside Borders League 201225/04/2012Arden, Graham4.25m (4.25 Miles)36:20
Deeside Borders League 201225/04/2012Essery, John4.25m (4.25 Miles)36:30
Deeside Borders League 201225/04/2012Shipley, Rachel4.25m (4.25 Miles)30:38
Deeside Borders League 201225/04/2012Willgoose, Carol4.25m (4.25 Miles)30:48
Deeside Borders League 201225/04/2012Birch, Christine4.25m (4.25 Miles)34:40
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Blazier, Darren4.25m (4.25 Miles)23:28
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Ilsley, Alan4.25m (4.25 Miles)25:32
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Salt, James4.25m (4.25 Miles)26:28
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Bonfield, Simon4.25m (4.25 Miles)27:00
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Shipley, Rachel4.25m (4.25 Miles)27:10
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Battersby, Darren4.25m (4.25 Miles)27:30
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Lloyd-Jones, Gwil4.25m (4.25 Miles)29:07
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Shone, Grahame4.25m (4.25 Miles)30:27
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Quinton, Paul4.25m (4.25 Miles)30:54
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Powell, Mike4.25m (4.25 Miles)31:26
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Powell , Hillary4.25m (4.25 Miles)34:13
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Nesbitt, Lorraine4.25m (4.25 Miles)35:43
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Tewkesbury, Keith4.25m (4.25 Miles)35:49
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Bonfield, Katie4.25m (4.25 Miles)32:38
Prestatyn Borders League24/04/2019Birch, Christine4.25m (4.25 Miles)32:23
Wallasey Border League26/03/2006McCormack, Sean4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)25:39
Wallasey Border League26/03/2006Ashton, Matthew4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)27:18
Wallasey Border League26/03/2006Shone, Grahame4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)27:48
Wallasey Border League26/03/2006Reid, Ed4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)28:56
Wallasey Border League26/03/2006McCormack, Steven4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)31:56
Wallasey Border League26/03/2006Lucas, Alan4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)33:31
Wallasey Border League26/03/2006Essery, John4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)33:38
Wallasey Border League26/03/2006McCarten, Steven4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)35:05
Wallasey Border League26/03/2006Ward, Stevie4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)36:01
Wallasey Border League26/03/2006Thomas, Paul4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)30:23
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Blazier, Darren4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)24:19
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Earlston, John4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)24:24
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Hughes, Geran4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)24:29
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007McCormack, Sean4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)24:31
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007McCormack, Steven4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)24:45
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Cahill, Tim4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)25:53
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Ashton, Matthew4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)27:38
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Reid, Ed4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)26:53
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Elliott, Keith4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)30:25
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Thomas, Paul4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)30:18
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Smith , Peter4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)32:07
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Essery, John4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)34:02
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Ward, Stevie4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)46:02
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Hughes, Angie4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)32:37
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Jones, Hayden4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)28:00
Deeside Border League, Northop15/04/2007Shone, Grahame4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)29:00
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Wilyman, RichardDeeside bl (4.3 Miles)27:05
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Mayers, MarkDeeside bl (4.3 Miles)28:22
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Blazier, DarrenDeeside bl (4.3 Miles)29:08
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Jones, HaydenDeeside bl (4.3 Miles)31:09
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Edwards, DaveDeeside bl (4.3 Miles)31:27
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Howe, AnthonyDeeside bl (4.3 Miles)31:55
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Hardy, PeterDeeside bl (4.3 Miles)37:00
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Essery, JohnDeeside bl (4.3 Miles)37:19
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Lucas, AlanDeeside bl (4.3 Miles)51:51
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Richards, JeniDeeside bl (4.3 Miles)30:34
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Willgoose, CarolDeeside bl (4.3 Miles)33:07
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Birch, ChristineDeeside bl (4.3 Miles)34:31
Deeside Borders League, 201127/03/2011Evans, DelythDeeside bl (4.3 Miles)36:14
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Wilyman, Richard4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)24:27
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Lightowler, Ben4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)25:07
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Waters, Jodi4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)25:18
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Blazier, Darren4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)25:45
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Foden, Nick4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)25:51
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Williams, Danny4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)25:57
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016McCormack, Sean4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)26:55
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Salt, James4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)27:22
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016McCormack, Steven4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)28:07
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Howe, Anthony4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)28:26
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Mayers, Mark4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)29:01
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Battersby, Darren4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)29:57
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Snelson, Daniel4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)30:15
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Jones, John4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)30:35
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Brown, Warren4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)30:45
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Shipley, Rachel4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)31:04
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Owen-Jones, Amy4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)31:11
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Shone, Grahame4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)31:24
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Birch, Christine4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)32:38
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Powell, Mike4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)32:53
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Edwards, Sarah4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)41:28
Prestatyn Borders League 4.3mile27/04/2016Quinton, Paul4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)30:51
Deeside Borders League 201910/11/2019Blazier, Darren4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)25:58
Deeside Borders League 201910/11/2019Ilsley, Alan4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)27:37
Deeside Borders League 201910/11/2019Bonfield, Simon4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)29:14
Deeside Borders League 201910/11/2019Salt, James4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)29:33
Deeside Borders League 201910/11/2019Battersby, Darren4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)30:14
Deeside Borders League 201910/11/2019Lloyd-Jones, Gwil4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)30:15
Deeside Borders League 201910/11/2019Collins, Emma4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)30:44
Deeside Borders League 201910/11/2019Shipley, Rachel4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)31:10
Deeside Borders League 201910/11/2019Shone, Grahame4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)34:18
Deeside Borders League 201910/11/2019Birch, Christine4.3mile BL (4.3 Miles)35:12
2007 Handicap Race07/01/2007Blazier, Darren7k handicap (7 Kilometers)24:30
2007 Handicap Race07/01/2007Earlston, John7k handicap (7 Kilometers)25:06
2007 Handicap Race07/01/2007Hughes, Geran7k handicap (7 Kilometers)26:01
2007 Handicap Race07/01/2007Reid, Ed7k handicap (7 Kilometers)28:04
2007 Handicap Race07/01/2007Shone, Grahame7k handicap (7 Kilometers)28:24
2007 Handicap Race07/01/2007Thomas, Paul7k handicap (7 Kilometers)29:20
2007 Handicap Race07/01/2007McIlveen, Justin7k handicap (7 Kilometers)30:11
2007 Handicap Race07/01/2007Smith , Peter7k handicap (7 Kilometers)31:50
2007 Handicap Race07/01/2007Hughes, Angie7k handicap (7 Kilometers)33:35
2007 Handicap Race07/01/2007Calvert, Susan7k handicap (7 Kilometers)36:42
2007 Handicap Race07/01/2007Spotswood, Robert7k handicap (7 Kilometers)39:09
2007 Handicap Race07/01/2007Perry, Jonathan7k handicap (7 Kilometers)42:22
2007 Handicap Race07/01/2007Jones, Julie7k handicap (7 Kilometers)43:54
Welsh Inter Regional X-C Under 20, 200813/12/2008Dixon, Josh7k xc (7 Kilometers)0:0:0
Welsh Inter Regional X-C Under 20, 200813/12/2008McCormack, Steven7k xc (7 Kilometers)23:35
English Schools XC21/03/2009Dixon, Josh7k xc (7 Kilometers)24:55
Home Countries International, Faenol Park28/03/2009Dixon, Josh7k xc (7 Kilometers)26:30
Oswestry Cross cOUNTRY 2011, Men05/02/2011Edwards, Dave7k xc (7 Kilometers)48:45
Oswestry Cross cOUNTRY 2011, Men05/02/2011Reid, Ed7k xc (7 Kilometers)50:08
Northop Cross Country , Men12/01/2019Cahill, Tim7k xc (7 Kilometers)32:38
Northop Cross Country , Men12/01/2019Salt, James7k xc (7 Kilometers)34:40
Northop Cross Country , Men12/01/2019Bonfield, Simon7k xc (7 Kilometers)37:19
Dolgellau MV65 Men XC23/11/2019Shone, Grahame7k xc (7 Kilometers)36:21
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009McCormack, Sean4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)25:34
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Cahill, Tim4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)25:50
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Brambles, Neal4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)27:34
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009McCormack, Steven4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)28:40
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Shone, Grahame4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)29:20
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Elliott, Keith4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)29:37
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Pownall, Vernon4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)30:57
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Mayers, Mark4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)31:37
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Hardy, Peter4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)33:54
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Edwards, Dave4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)32:17
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Lucas, Alan4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)34:22
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Richards, Jeni4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)35:52
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Goodson, Andy4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)36:07
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Essery, John4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)38:39
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Perry, Jonathan4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)40:15
Deeside Border League, Deeside College15/03/2009Maguire, Paula4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)40:45
Deeside Borders League23/03/2014Waters, Jodi4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)24:51
Deeside Borders League23/03/2014Wilyman, Richard4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)25:19
Deeside Borders League23/03/2014Blazier, Darren4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)25:35
Deeside Borders League23/03/2014Armstrong, Rob4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)26:56
Deeside Borders League23/03/2014Mayers, Mark4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)29:10
Deeside Borders League23/03/2014Simpson, Andy4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)30:30
Deeside Borders League23/03/2014Edwards, Dave4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)33:12
Deeside Borders League23/03/2014Shone, Grahame4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)34:00
Deeside Borders League23/03/2014Willgoose, Carol4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)32:06
Deeside Borders League23/03/2014Birch, Christine4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)33:10
Deeside Borders League23/03/2014Shipley, Rachel4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)34:15
Deeside Borders League23/03/2014Plamperova, Dagmar4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)40:11
Deeside off-road series race 1, 201405/06/2014Shone, Grahame4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)36:05
Deeside College Borders League22/01/2017Wilyman, Richard4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)25:20
Deeside College Borders League22/01/2017Blazier, Darren4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)26:41
Deeside College Borders League22/01/2017Williams, Danny4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)27:02
Deeside College Borders League22/01/2017Salt, James4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)28:07
Deeside College Borders League22/01/2017Evans, Gareth4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)28:31
Deeside College Borders League22/01/2017Mayers, Mark4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)30:31
Deeside College Borders League22/01/2017Jones, John4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)31:08
Deeside College Borders League22/01/2017Owen-Jones, Amy4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)32:29
Deeside College Borders League22/01/2017Howe, Anthony4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)33:43
Deeside College Borders League22/01/2017Snelson, Daniel4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)35:12
Deeside College Borders League22/01/2017Shipley, Rachel4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)33:36
Deeside College Borders League22/01/2017Newell, Alan4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)37:27
Shotton Borders League, 201825/04/2018Waters, Jodi4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)27:10
Shotton Borders League, 201825/04/2018Blazier, Darren4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)27:13
Shotton Borders League, 201825/04/2018Jones, Craig4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)27:48
Shotton Borders League, 201825/04/2018Salt, James4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)29:06
Shotton Borders League, 201825/04/2018Cahill, Tim4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)29:26
Shotton Borders League, 201825/04/2018Bonfield, Simon4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)30:41
Shotton Borders League, 201825/04/2018Howe, Anthony4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)35:29
Shotton Borders League, 201825/04/2018Shipley, Rachel4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)31:00
Shotton Borders League, 201825/04/2018Owen-Jones, Amy4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)32:20
Shotton Borders League, 201825/04/2018Collins, Emma4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)33:23
Shotton Borders League, 201825/04/2018Birch, Christine4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)36:33
Shotton Borders League, 201825/04/2018Maguire, Paula4.4 mile BL (4.4 Miles)36:48
Welsh Inter Regional X-C Under 20, 200709/12/2007McCormack, Steven7.4k xc (7.4 Kilometers)28:45
North Wales XC Championships, Under 20 Men.26/01/2008McCormack, Steven7.4k xc (7.4 Kilometers)0:00:00
Wrexham Cross Country, Men23/11/2013Armstrong, Rob7.4k xc (7.4 Kilometers)35:10
Wrexham Cross Country, Men23/11/2013Shone, Grahame7.4k xc (7.4 Kilometers)42:57
Wrexham Cross Country, Men23/11/2013Edwards, Dave7.4k xc (7.4 Kilometers)43:54
Ras Y Mynydd23/08/2006Hughes, Geran4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)29:51
Ras Y Mynydd23/08/2006Hughes, Angie4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)39:33
North Wales XC Championships, Masters Men.26/01/2008Lucas, Alan4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)37:18
Dinas Head Multi Terrain Race25/05/2008Hughes, Angie4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)42:51
Dinas Head Multi Terrain Race25/05/2008Hughes, Geran4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)42:59
Llangynhafal Loop, 200928/03/2009Hughes, Geran4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)46:19
Llangynhafal Loop, 200928/03/2009Hughes, Angie4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)1:09:34
Llangynhafal Loop, 200928/03/2009Reid, Ed4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)55:46
Llangynhafal Loop, 201027/03/2010Reid, Ed4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)56:49
Llangynhafal Loop Fell Race05/05/2012Lee, Richie4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)49:59
Llangynhafal Loop Fell Race05/05/2012Armstrong, Rob4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)50:40
Cilcain Mountain Race27/08/2012Armstrong, Rob4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)40:26
Green Green Grass of Home Fell Race24/07/2013Armstrong, Rob4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)51:17
Green Green Grass of Home Fell Race24/07/2013Mayers, Mark4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)58:48
Ponderosa Fell Race 31/07/2019Owens, Julie4.6 fell (4.6 Miles)38:09
Crewe 7.5k26/08/2007Spotswood, RobertCrewe 7.5k (7.5 Kilometers)35:38
Handicap08/01/2006Blazier, Darren4.7m (4.7 Miles)27:19
Handicap08/01/2006Shone, Grahame4.7m (4.7 Miles)31:11
Handicap08/01/2006Lucas, Alan4.7m (4.7 Miles)43:35
Handicap08/01/2006Essery, John4.7m (4.7 Miles)36:06
Handicap08/01/2006Ward, Stevie4.7m (4.7 Miles)39:30
Handicap08/01/2006Reid, Ed4.7m (4.7 Miles)30:58
Handicap08/01/2006Spotswood, Robert4.7m (4.7 Miles)39:59
Handicap08/01/2006Ashton, Matthew4.7m (4.7 Miles)30:31
Handicap08/01/2006Grant, Simon4.7m (4.7 Miles)32:42
Handicap08/01/2006Edwards, Dave4.7m (4.7 Miles)39:19
Handicap08/01/2006McIlveen, Justin4.7m (4.7 Miles)32:59
Handicap08/01/2006Guillemin, Alison4.7m (4.7 Miles)43:51
Burtonwood 19/07/2008Jones, Hayden4.7m (4.7 Miles)30:38
Burtonwood 19/07/2008Spotswood, Robert4.7m (4.7 Miles)33:41
Llangynhalaf Loop race07/05/2011Reid, Ed4.7m (4.7 Miles)1:00:56
Llangynhafal Loop fell race04/05/2013Armstrong, Rob4.7m (4.7 Miles)48:43
Llangynhafal Loop fell race04/05/2013Cahill, Tim4.7m (4.7 Miles)48:02
Welsh Inter Regional X-C Under 2010/12/2006McCormack, Steven7.8K XC (7.8 Kilometers)30:57
British and Irish Masters International, 201210/11/2012Birch, Christine7.8K XC (7.8 Kilometers)28:15
Bangor Cross Country 2016, Men26/11/2016Salt, James7.8K XC (7.8 Kilometers)39:51
Bangor Cross Country 2016, Men26/11/2016Barnaby, Martyn7.8K XC (7.8 Kilometers)43:50
Bangor Cross Country 2016, Men26/11/2016Howe, Anthony7.8K XC (7.8 Kilometers)45:33
Hoylake Border League12/12/2010Dixon, Josh4.9M BORDER LEAGUE (4.9 Miles)26:12
Hoylake Border League12/12/2010Blazier, Darren4.9M BORDER LEAGUE (4.9 Miles)28:39
Hoylake Border League12/12/2010Wilyman, Richard4.9M BORDER LEAGUE (4.9 Miles)29:55
Hoylake Border League12/12/2010Mayers, Mark4.9M BORDER LEAGUE (4.9 Miles)31:50
Hoylake Border League12/12/2010Simpson, Andy4.9M BORDER LEAGUE (4.9 Miles)31:51
Hoylake Border League12/12/2010Reid, Ed4.9M BORDER LEAGUE (4.9 Miles)32:45
Hoylake Border League12/12/2010Birch, Christine4.9M BORDER LEAGUE (4.9 Miles)37:00
Hoylake Border League12/12/2010Shone, Grahame4.9M BORDER LEAGUE (4.9 Miles)39:39
Hoylake Border League12/12/2010Essery, John4.9M BORDER LEAGUE (4.9 Miles)41:47
Hoylake Border League12/12/2010Hardy, Peter4.9M BORDER LEAGUE (4.9 Miles)41:49
Hoylake Border League12/12/2010Hall, Sian4.9M BORDER LEAGUE (4.9 Miles)40:34
Ruthin Xc Super Vets28/01/2006Lucas, AlanXC 8K (8 Kilometers)41:33
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006Hughes, GeranXC 8K (8 Kilometers)33:19
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006Shone, GrahameXC 8K (8 Kilometers)38:45
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006Reid, EdXC 8K (8 Kilometers)37:44
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006Spotswood, RobertXC 8K (8 Kilometers)42:53
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006McCarten, StevenXC 8K (8 Kilometers)49:32
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006Essery, JohnXC 8K (8 Kilometers)46:44
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006Ward, StevieXC 8K (8 Kilometers)54:52
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006Perry, JonathanXC 8K (8 Kilometers)56:07
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006McCormack, SeanXC 8K (8 Kilometers)33:09
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006Blazier, DarrenXC 8K (8 Kilometers)33:43
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006McCormack, StevenXC 8K (8 Kilometers)35:17
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006McIlveen, JustinXC 8K (8 Kilometers)35:30
Colwyn Bay X-Country30/09/2006Ashton, MatthewXC 8K (8 Kilometers)36:12
Telford Cross-country21/10/2006Hughes, GeranXC 8K (8 Kilometers)35:56
Telford Cross-country21/10/2006McCormack, SeanXC 8K (8 Kilometers)36:25
Telford Cross-country21/10/2006McCormack, StevenXC 8K (8 Kilometers)37:35
Telford Cross-country21/10/2006Cahill, TimXC 8K (8 Kilometers)38:26
Telford Cross-country21/10/2006McIlveen, JustinXC 8K (8 Kilometers)38:38
Telford Cross-country21/10/2006Ashton, MatthewXC 8K (8 Kilometers)39:02
Telford Cross-country21/10/2006Edwards, DaveXC 8K (8 Kilometers)48:10
Telford Cross-country21/10/2006McCarten, StevenXC 8K (8 Kilometers)50:54
Telford Cross-country21/10/2006Ward, StevieXC 8K (8 Kilometers)56:10
Home International X-C Open Race18/11/2006Hughes, GeranXC 8K (8 Kilometers)31:00
North Wales XC Championships, Under 20 Men.27/01/2007McCormack, StevenUnder 20 XC Champs (8 Kilometers)29:03
Nottingham Cross Country24/02/2007McCormack, StevenXC 8K (8 Kilometers)32:25
Nottingham Cross Country Under 20, 200815/03/2008Dixon, JoshXC 8K (8 Kilometers)28:35
Nottingham Cross Country Under 20, 200815/03/2008McCormack, StevenXC 8K (8 Kilometers)31:20
Swansea International Cross-Country15/11/2008McCormack, SeanXC 8K (8 Kilometers)32:51
North Wales XC Championships, 2009, u2031/01/2009McCormack, StevenUnder 20 XC Champs (8 Kilometers)31:39
North Wales XC Championships, Masters Men.31/01/2009Lucas, AlanXC 8K (8 Kilometers)38:50
Welsh Cross-Country Championships, 2009 Under 2001/02/2009Dixon, JoshXC 8K (8 Kilometers)27:04
Nottingham Cross Country Under 20, 200907/03/2009Dixon, JoshXC 8K (8 Kilometers)28:40
BMAF XC Champs V50-69 Race21/03/2009Lucas, AlanXC 8K (8 Kilometers)42:59
BMAF XC Champs V40-59 Race21/03/2009Hughes, GeranXC 8K (8 Kilometers)32:02
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200926/09/2009Roberts, DewiXC 8K (8 Kilometers)34:07
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200926/09/2009Roberts, GarethXC 8K (8 Kilometers)34:24
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200926/09/2009Hughes, GeranXC 8K (8 Kilometers)34:31
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200926/09/2009Ashton, JamieXC 8K (8 Kilometers)38:07
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200926/09/2009Jones, HaydenXC 8K (8 Kilometers)40:55
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200926/09/2009Goodson, AndyXC 8K (8 Kilometers)45:40
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200926/09/2009Lucas, AlanXC 8K (8 Kilometers)48:10
Bridgenorth Cross Country Men10/10/2009Hughes, GeranXC 8K (8 Kilometers)36:20
Bridgenorth Cross Country Men10/10/2009Goodson, AndyXC 8K (8 Kilometers)48:25
Bridgenorth Cross Country Men10/10/2009Lucas, AlanXC 8K (8 Kilometers)51:13
Bangor XC 2009, Men21/11/2009Hughes, GeranXC 8K (8 Kilometers)30:56
Bangor XC 2009, Men21/11/2009Ashton, MatthewXC 8K (8 Kilometers)32:58
Bangor XC 2009, Men21/11/2009Reid, EdXC 8K (8 Kilometers)38:20
Bangor XC 2009, Men21/11/2009Goodson, AndyXC 8K (8 Kilometers)41:26
Bangor XC 2009, Men21/11/2009Spotswood, RobertXC 8K (8 Kilometers)41:48
Bangor XC 2009, Men21/11/2009Lucas, AlanXC 8K (8 Kilometers)46:15
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 201009/10/2010Wilyman, RichardXC 8K (8 Kilometers)38:44
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 201009/10/2010Lee, RichieXC 8K (8 Kilometers)38:46
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 201009/10/2010Cahill, TimXC 8K (8 Kilometers)38:53
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 201009/10/2010Reid, EdXC 8K (8 Kilometers)41:24
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 201009/10/2010Shone, GrahameXC 8K (8 Kilometers)42:47
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 201009/10/2010Howe, AnthonyXC 8K (8 Kilometers)43:40
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 201009/10/2010Spotswood, RobertXC 8K (8 Kilometers)50:25
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 201009/10/2010Thomas, PaulXC 8K (8 Kilometers)0:00
Lillyshall Cross Country, Man14/01/2012Mayers, MarkXC 8K (8 Kilometers)38:49
Lillyshall Cross Country, Man14/01/2012Edwards, DaveXC 8K (8 Kilometers)42:00
Inter-Regional Cross Country 2012, Mens08/12/2012Cahill, TimXC 8K (8 Kilometers)36:26
St Davids XC, Mens 201319/10/2013Lee, RichieXC 8K (8 Kilometers)39:25
St Davids XC, Mens 201319/10/2013Armstrong, RobXC 8K (8 Kilometers)39:41
St Davids XC, Mens 201319/10/2013Mayers, MarkXC 8K (8 Kilometers)40:23
St Davids XC, Mens 201319/10/2013Pownall, VernonXC 8K (8 Kilometers)46:35
St Davids XC, Mens 201319/10/2013Howe, AnthonyXC 8K (8 Kilometers)46:39
St Davids XC, Mens 201319/10/2013Edwards, DaveXC 8K (8 Kilometers)50:50
Oswestry Cross Country 2015, Men.07/02/2015Edwards, DaveXC 8K (8 Kilometers)58:40
Cilcain Mountain Race31/08/2015Battersby, Darren8k fell (8 Kilometers)47:58
Bangor Cross Country Mens 201503/10/2015Cahill, TimXC 8K (8 Kilometers)38:37
Bangor Cross Country Mens 201503/10/2015Howe, AnthonyXC 8K (8 Kilometers)42:45
Oswestry Cross Country 2020, Men01/02/2020Cahill, TimXC 8K (8 Kilometers)40:19
Oswestry Cross Country 2020, Men01/02/2020Bonfield, SimonXC 8K (8 Kilometers)41:53
Abergele Borders League, short 5m12/01/2020Blazier, DarrenAbergele Borders League, short 5m (4.99 Miles)29:32
Abergele Borders League, short 5m12/01/2020Ilsley, AlanAbergele Borders League, short 5m (4.99 Miles)32:41
Abergele Borders League, short 5m12/01/2020Cahill, TimAbergele Borders League, short 5m (4.99 Miles)33:05
Abergele Borders League, short 5m12/01/2020Bonfield, SimonAbergele Borders League, short 5m (4.99 Miles)33:06
Abergele Borders League, short 5m12/01/2020Lloyd-Jones, GwilAbergele Borders League, short 5m (4.99 Miles)34:31
Abergele Borders League, short 5m12/01/2020Yarwood, JamesAbergele Borders League, short 5m (4.99 Miles)34:40
Abergele Borders League, short 5m12/01/2020Battersby, DarrenAbergele Borders League, short 5m (4.99 Miles)34:56
Abergele Borders League, short 5m12/01/2020Shipley, RachelAbergele Borders League, short 5m (4.99 Miles)35:46
Abergele Borders League, short 5m12/01/2020Salt, JamesAbergele Borders League, short 5m (4.99 Miles)37:47
Abergele Borders League, short 5m12/01/2020Owen-Jones, AmyAbergele Borders League, short 5m (4.99 Miles)38:04
Abergele Borders League, short 5m12/01/2020Birch, ChristineAbergele Borders League, short 5m (4.99 Miles)40:40
Belview Off Road15/01/2006Spotswood, Robert5m (5 Miles)37:34
Belview Off Road15/01/2006Guillemin, Alison5m (5 Miles)44:35
Mold BL29/01/2006McCormack, Sean5m (5 Miles)29:09
Mold BL29/01/2006Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)27:47
Mold BL29/01/2006Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)31:05
Mold BL29/01/2006Lucas, Alan5m (5 Miles)38:35
Mold BL29/01/2006Earlston, John5m (5 Miles)28:03
Mold BL29/01/2006Essery, John5m (5 Miles)37:19
Mold BL29/01/2006Ward, Stevie5m (5 Miles)39:21
Mold BL29/01/2006McCarten, Steven5m (5 Miles)39:10
Mold BL29/01/2006Reid, Ed5m (5 Miles)33:29
Mold BL29/01/2006Ashton, Matthew5m (5 Miles)30:18
Alsager 505/02/2006Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)27:21
Pipe Dream05/03/2006Hughes, Geran5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)40:45
Pipe Dream05/03/2006Hughes, Angie5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)55:03
Pipe Dream05/03/2006McIlveen, Justin5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)0:0:0
Chester Spring 505/04/2006Cahill, Tim5m (5 Miles)29:30
Llangynhafal Loop08/04/2006Reid, Ed5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)49:27
Runcorn Bridge 516/04/2006Guillemin, Alison5m (5 Miles)44:39
Runcorn Bridge 516/04/2006Spotswood, Robert5m (5 Miles)44:39
Whitehead 517/04/2006McCormack, Sean5m (5 Miles)28:18
Knockdhu29/04/2006Hughes, Angie5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)1:05:29
Knockdhu29/04/2006Hughes, Geran5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)48:19
Buckley 530/06/2006McCormack, Sean5m (5 Miles)31:13
Buckley 530/06/2006McCormack, Steven5m (5 Miles)34:41
Dolgellau 530/07/2006Lee, Richie5m (5 Miles)28:56
Dolgellau 530/07/2006Roberts, Gareth5m (5 Miles)28:58
Dolgellau 530/07/2006Roberts, Dewi5m (5 Miles)28:38
Abergele 505/11/2006McCormack, Steven5m (5 Miles)29:31
Abergele 505/11/2006Ashton, Matthew5m (5 Miles)33:07
Abergele 505/11/2006Calvert, Susan5m (5 Miles)40:27
Abergele 505/11/2006Elliott, Keith5m (5 Miles)34:46
Abergele 505/11/2006Smith , Peter5m (5 Miles)38:25
Abergele 505/11/2006Ward, Stevie5m (5 Miles)44:17
Bangor XC25/11/2006Ashton, MatthewXC 5MILES (5 Miles)36:14
Bangor XC25/11/2006McCormack, SeanXC 5MILES (5 Miles)33:29
Bangor XC25/11/2006McCormack, StevenXC 5MILES (5 Miles)33:29
Bangor XC25/11/2006Roberts, DewiXC 5MILES (5 Miles)35:21
Bangor XC25/11/2006Roberts, GarethXC 5MILES (5 Miles)35:36
Bangor XC25/11/2006McIlveen, JustinXC 5MILES (5 Miles)36:03
Bangor XC25/11/2006Cahill, TimXC 5MILES (5 Miles)36:12
Bangor XC25/11/2006Shone, GrahameXC 5MILES (5 Miles)39:03
Bangor XC25/11/2006Spotswood, RobertXC 5MILES (5 Miles)43:46
Bangor XC25/11/2006Ward, StevieXC 5MILES (5 Miles)53:44
Bangor XC25/11/2006Lee, RichieXC 5MILES (5 Miles)35:56
Bangor XC25/11/2006Edwards, DaveXC 5MILES (5 Miles)45:44
Bangor XC25/11/2006Reid, EdXC 5MILES (5 Miles)00:00
Sale31/12/2006Roberts, Dewi5m (5 Miles)29:15
Sale31/12/2006Roberts, Gareth5m (5 Miles)29:52
Sale31/12/2006Lee, Richie5m (5 Miles)30:13
Alsager 5 200704/02/2007Williams , Laura5m (5 Miles)55:04
Mold Border League 200718/03/2007Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)28:14
Mold Border League 200718/03/2007Earlston, John5m (5 Miles)28:22
Mold Border League 200718/03/2007McCormack, Sean5m (5 Miles)29:03
Mold Border League 200718/03/2007McCormack, Steven5m (5 Miles)29:09
Mold Border League 200718/03/2007Cahill, Tim5m (5 Miles)30:21
Mold Border League 200718/03/2007McIlveen, Justin5m (5 Miles)31:09
Mold Border League 200718/03/2007Reid, Ed5m (5 Miles)32:15
Mold Border League 200718/03/2007Jones, Hayden5m (5 Miles)32:39
Mold Border League 200718/03/2007Thomas, Paul5m (5 Miles)33:46
Mold Border League 200718/03/2007Elliott, Keith5m (5 Miles)34:17
Mold Border League 200718/03/2007Smith , Peter5m (5 Miles)36:15
Mold Border League 200718/03/2007Essery, John5m (5 Miles)38:44
Mold Border League 200718/03/2007Wignall, Sonia5m (5 Miles)48:43
Chester Spring 5, 200704/04/2007McCormack, Steven5m (5 Miles)27:46
Chester Spring 5, 200704/04/2007Earlston, John5m (5 Miles)27:55
Chester Spring 5, 200704/04/2007McCormack, Sean5m (5 Miles)27:58
Chester Spring 5, 200704/04/2007Roberts, Dewi5m (5 Miles)28:57
Chester Spring 5, 200704/04/2007Roberts, Gareth5m (5 Miles)29:26
Chester Spring 5, 200704/04/2007Cahill, Tim5m (5 Miles)29:07
Chester Spring 5, 200704/04/2007Ashton, Matthew5m (5 Miles)31:11
Chester Spring 5, 200704/04/2007Elliott, Keith5m (5 Miles)34:10
Chester Spring 5, 200704/04/2007Smith , Peter5m (5 Miles)35:44
Runcorn Bridge 5, 200708/04/2007Spotswood, Robert5m (5 Miles)36:18
Knock Dhu28/04/2007Hughes, Geran5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)40:20
Knock Dhu28/04/2007Hughes, Angie5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)58:30
Birkenhead 506/06/2007Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)27:37
Buckley 5, 200729/06/2007McCormack, SeanXC 5MILES (5 Miles)32:18
Buckley 5, 200729/06/2007Jones, HaydenXC 5MILES (5 Miles)38:58
Dolgellau 5, 200728/07/2007Cahill, Tim5m (5 Miles)28:00
Dolgellau 5, 200728/07/2007Roberts, Dewi5m (5 Miles)28:17
Dolgellau 5, 200728/07/2007Roberts, Gareth5m (5 Miles)29:01
Colwyn Bay X-Country29/09/2007Hughes, GeranXC 5MILES (5 Miles)33:38
Colwyn Bay X-Country29/09/2007McCormack, SeanXC 5MILES (5 Miles)35:00
Colwyn Bay X-Country29/09/2007McCormack, StevenXC 5MILES (5 Miles)36:03
Colwyn Bay X-Country29/09/2007Cahill, TimXC 5MILES (5 Miles)35:56
Colwyn Bay X-Country29/09/2007Reid, EdXC 5MILES (5 Miles)38:07
Colwyn Bay X-Country29/09/2007Ashton, MatthewXC 5MILES (5 Miles)38:26
Colwyn Bay X-Country29/09/2007Shone, GrahameXC 5MILES (5 Miles)40:24
Colwyn Bay X-Country29/09/2007Jones, HaydenXC 5MILES (5 Miles)42:08
Colwyn Bay X-Country29/09/2007Thomas, PaulXC 5MILES (5 Miles)43:13
Colwyn Bay X-Country29/09/2007Lucas, AlanXC 5MILES (5 Miles)46:32
Abergele 5, 200704/11/2007Hughes, Geran5m (5 Miles)28:10
Abergele 5, 200704/11/2007Earlston, John5m (5 Miles)28:13
Abergele 5, 200704/11/2007Jones, Hayden5m (5 Miles)33:28
Abergele 5, 200704/11/2007Smith , Peter5m (5 Miles)36:50
Abergele 5, 200704/11/2007Calvert, Susan5m (5 Miles)41:47
Abergele 5, 200704/11/2007Perry, Jonathan5m (5 Miles)42:28
Abergele 5, 200704/11/2007Ward, Stevie5m (5 Miles)50:52
Abergele 5, 200704/11/2007Cotton , Robert5m (5 Miles)59:32
Abergele 5, 200704/11/2007Williams, Sarah5m (5 Miles)59:32
Home International X-C Race 200717/11/2007Hughes, GeranXC 5MILES (5 Miles)31:04
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007McCormack, SeanXC 5MILES (5 Miles)33:19
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007Hughes, GeranXC 5MILES (5 Miles)32:03
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007McIlveen, JustinXC 5MILES (5 Miles)33:35
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007Cahill, TimXC 5MILES (5 Miles)33:42
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007Ashton, MatthewXC 5MILES (5 Miles)33:43
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007Roberts, DewiXC 5MILES (5 Miles)33:56
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007McCormack, StevenXC 5MILES (5 Miles)34:21
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007Roberts, GarethXC 5MILES (5 Miles)34:38
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007Reid, EdXC 5MILES (5 Miles)36:16
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007Shone, GrahameXC 5MILES (5 Miles)38:06
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007Elliott, KeithXC 5MILES (5 Miles)41:40
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007Spotswood, RobertXC 5MILES (5 Miles)42:44
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007Lucas, AlanXC 5MILES (5 Miles)44:00
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007Hickman, JohnXC 5MILES (5 Miles)46:02
Bangor XC 200724/11/2007Ward, StevieXC 5MILES (5 Miles)1:02:09
Sale 5, 200730/12/2007Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)26:15
Sale 5, 200730/12/2007Roberts, Dewi5m (5 Miles)28:35
Sale 5, 200730/12/2007Roberts, Gareth5m (5 Miles)29:11
Sale 5, 200730/12/2007Lee, Richie5m (5 Miles)30:37
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Richards, Cheryl5m (5 Miles)46:17
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Smith , Peter5m (5 Miles)38:20
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)27:01
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Jones, Lucy5m (5 Miles)48:57
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008McCarten, Steven5m (5 Miles)41:52
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Hughes, Geran5m (5 Miles)30:06
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Reid, Ed5m (5 Miles)34:15
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Lucas, Alan5m (5 Miles)42:14
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Wignall, Sonia5m (5 Miles)49:10
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Hughes, Angie5m (5 Miles)36:29
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Calvert, Susan5m (5 Miles)40:22
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Ward, Stevie5m (5 Miles)48:14
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Elliott, Keith5m (5 Miles)35:30
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Jones, Hayden5m (5 Miles)41:40
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Edwards, Dave5m (5 Miles)39:33
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Essery, John5m (5 Miles)39:13
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Spotswood, Robert5m (5 Miles)38:58
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Perry, Jonathan5m (5 Miles)44:38
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Ashton, Matthew5m (5 Miles)33:23
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Earlston, John5m (5 Miles)32:44
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)37:25
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Jones, Annette5m (5 Miles)48:37
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Cotton , Robert5m (5 Miles)55:37
Handicap 2008 (4.9 miles approx)06/01/2008Stevens, Philip5m (5 Miles)37:43
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008Hughes, GeranXC 5MILES (5 Miles)32:09
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008Roberts, DewiXC 5MILES (5 Miles)32:32
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008McCormack, SeanXC 5MILES (5 Miles)32:56
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008Roberts, GarethXC 5MILES (5 Miles)33:05
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008Ashton, MatthewXC 5MILES (5 Miles)34:18
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008McCormack, StevenXC 5MILES (5 Miles)34:25
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008Reid, EdXC 5MILES (5 Miles)35:19
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008Shone, GrahameXC 5MILES (5 Miles)35:23
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008Jones, HaydenXC 5MILES (5 Miles)39:20
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008Elliott, KeithXC 5MILES (5 Miles)39:24
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008Spotswood, RobertXC 5MILES (5 Miles)40:21
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008Lucas, AlanXC 5MILES (5 Miles)43:08
Wrexham XC 200812/01/2008Ward, StevieXC 5MILES (5 Miles)54:00
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)28:17
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Hughes, Geran5m (5 Miles)28:23
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Earlston, John5m (5 Miles)28:29
Abergele Border League03/02/2008McCormack, Sean5m (5 Miles)28:40
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Roberts, Gareth5m (5 Miles)29:27
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Roberts, Dewi5m (5 Miles)29:29
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Cahill, Tim5m (5 Miles)29:50
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Ashton, Matthew5m (5 Miles)30:24
Abergele Border League03/02/2008McCormack, Steven5m (5 Miles)30:28
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Reid, Ed5m (5 Miles)31:40
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Willgoose, Carol5m (5 Miles)33:51
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Elliott, Keith5m (5 Miles)34:41
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)35:48
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Hughes, Angie5m (5 Miles)36:20
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Smith , Peter5m (5 Miles)36:51
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Essery, John5m (5 Miles)39:03
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Lucas, Alan5m (5 Miles)39:21
Abergele Border League03/02/2008Ward, Stevie5m (5 Miles)48:56
Pipe Dream 200801/03/2008Hughes, Geran5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)38:05
Pipe Dream 200801/03/2008Hughes, Angie5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)51:46
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008McCormack, Sean5m (5 Miles)27:58
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008Earlston, John5m (5 Miles)28:06
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008Cahill, Tim5m (5 Miles)29:08
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008McCormack, Steven5m (5 Miles)29:33
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008Ashton, Matthew5m (5 Miles)30:07
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008Reid, Ed5m (5 Miles)31:28
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)31:56
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008Willgoose, Carol5m (5 Miles)32:57
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008Elliott, Keith5m (5 Miles)33:21
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008Jones, Hayden5m (5 Miles)33:47
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008Smith , Peter5m (5 Miles)36:44
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008Lucas, Alan5m (5 Miles)37:36
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008Essery, John5m (5 Miles)38:42
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008Dutton, Alex5m (5 Miles)39:46
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008McCarten, Steven5m (5 Miles)41:13
Mold Border League 200809/03/2008Ward, Stevie5m (5 Miles)47:27
Runcorn Bridge 5, 200823/03/2008Jones, Hayden5m (5 Miles)37:12
Runcorn Bridge 5, 200823/03/2008Spotswood, Robert5m (5 Miles)38:46
Chester Spring 5, 200802/04/2008Dixon, Josh5m (5 Miles)27:56
Chester Spring 5, 200802/04/2008McCormack, Sean5m (5 Miles)27:57
Chester Spring 5, 200802/04/2008Hughes, Geran5m (5 Miles)28:37
Chester Spring 5, 200802/04/2008Roberts, Dewi5m (5 Miles)28:42
Chester Spring 5, 200802/04/2008Roberts, Gareth5m (5 Miles)29:28
Chester Spring 5, 200802/04/2008McCormack, Steven5m (5 Miles)29:49
Chester Spring 5, 200802/04/2008Elliott, Keith5m (5 Miles)33:40
Chester Spring 5, 200802/04/2008Jones, Hayden5m (5 Miles)33:54
Chester Spring 5, 200802/04/2008Spotswood, Robert5m (5 Miles)36:56
Chester Spring 5, 200802/04/2008Hughes, Angie5m (5 Miles)37:11
Eiddig 525/05/2008Spotswood, Robert5m (5 Miles)36:50
Eiddig 525/05/2008Jones, Hayden5m (5 Miles)33:12
Birkenhead 5, 200804/06/2008Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)27:16
Birkenhead 5, 200804/06/2008Jones, Hayden5m (5 Miles)32:47
Dolgellau 5, 200826/07/2008Spotswood, Robert5m (5 Miles)35:44
Dolgellau 5, 200826/07/2008Huws, Meinir5m (5 Miles)38:19
Gabowen 501/08/2008Spotswood, Robert5m (5 Miles)37:14
Telford Cross-country 2008 men11/10/2008Dixon, JoshXC 5MILES (5 Miles)33:43
Telford Cross-country 2008 men11/10/2008McCormack, SeanXC 5MILES (5 Miles)33:48
Telford Cross-country 2008 men11/10/2008Elliott, KeithXC 5MILES (5 Miles)41:43
Telford Cross-country 2008 men11/10/2008Edwards, DaveXC 5MILES (5 Miles)43:42
Telford Cross-country 2008 men11/10/2008Thomas, PaulXC 5MILES (5 Miles)44:33
Telford Cross-country 2008 men11/10/2008Lucas, AlanXC 5MILES (5 Miles)46:07
Telford Cross-country 2008 men11/10/2008Ward, StevieXC 5MILES (5 Miles)56:55
Telford Cross-country 2008 men11/10/2008McCormack, StevenXC 5MILES (5 Miles)36:16
Abergele 5, 200802/11/2008Dixon, Josh5m (5 Miles)27:22
Abergele 5, 200802/11/2008Pownall, Christobelle5m (5 Miles)46:36
Abergele 5, 200802/11/2008Cotton , Robert5m (5 Miles)46:56
Abergele 5, 200802/11/2008Pownall, Vernon5m (5 Miles)36:46
Mold Border League 2008/0914/12/2008Dixon, Josh5m (5 Miles)27:03
Mold Border League 2008/0914/12/2008Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)27:27
Mold Border League 2008/0914/12/2008McCormack, Sean5m (5 Miles)28:46
Mold Border League 2008/0914/12/2008McCormack, Steven5m (5 Miles)30:28
Mold Border League 2008/0914/12/2008Elliott, Keith5m (5 Miles)32:59
Mold Border League 2008/0914/12/2008Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)33:28
Mold Border League 2008/0914/12/2008Reid, Ed5m (5 Miles)33:46
Mold Border League 2008/0914/12/2008Pownall, Vernon5m (5 Miles)34:55
Mold Border League 2008/0914/12/2008Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)35:43
Mold Border League 2008/0914/12/2008Hardy, Peter5m (5 Miles)36:40
Mold Border League 2008/0914/12/2008Lucas, Alan5m (5 Miles)39:00
Mold Border League 2008/0914/12/2008Essery, John5m (5 Miles)41:05
Mold Border League 2008/0914/12/2008Ward, Stevie5m (5 Miles)49:15
Sale 5, 200828/12/2008Dixon, Josh5m (5 Miles)26:33
Sale 5, 200828/12/2008Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)27:33
Old Father Time 528/12/2008Hughes, Geran5m (5 Miles)30:28
Old Father Time 528/12/2008Hughes, Angie5m (5 Miles)41:30
Dash in the Dark 5 mile 24/01/2009Hughes, GeranXC 5MILES (5 Miles)29:30
Dash in the Dark 5 mile 24/01/2009Hughes, AngieXC 5MILES (5 Miles)40:44
Pipe Dream 200907/03/2009Hughes, Geran5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)38:42
Pipe Dream 200907/03/2009McIlveen, Justin5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)43:02
Chester Spring 5, 200908/04/2009Dixon, Josh5m (5 Miles)27:00
Chester Spring 5, 200908/04/2009Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)27:52
Chester Spring 5, 200908/04/2009McCormack, Sean5m (5 Miles)28:33
Chester Spring 5, 200908/04/2009Grant, Simon5m (5 Miles)31:13
Chester Spring 5, 200908/04/2009Elliott, Keith5m (5 Miles)32:32
Chester Spring 5, 200908/04/2009Jacques, Hillary5m (5 Miles)36:13
Sale 5, 200924/05/2009Dixon, Josh5m (5 Miles)26:46
Birkenhead 5, 200903/06/2009Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)27:17
Birkenhead 5, 200903/06/2009Roberts, Dewi5m (5 Miles)28:23
Birkenhead 5, 200903/06/2009Roberts, Gareth5m (5 Miles)29:03
Birkenhead 5, 200903/06/2009Cahill, Tim5m (5 Miles)28:29
Sefton Park 522/07/2009Jones, Hayden5m (5 Miles)33:49
Dolgellau 5, 200925/07/2009Huws, Meinir5m (5 Miles)44:17
Abergele 5, 200901/11/2009Calvert, Susan5m (5 Miles)43:34
Abergele 5, 200901/11/2009Cotton , Robert5m (5 Miles)45:00
Abergele Borders League 201014/02/2010Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)27:55
Abergele Borders League 201014/02/2010Elliott, Keith5m (5 Miles)31:05
Abergele Borders League 201014/02/2010Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)33:03
Abergele Borders League 201014/02/2010Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)34:11
Abergele Borders League 201014/02/2010Reid, Ed5m (5 Miles)34:26
Abergele Borders League 201014/02/2010Richards, Jeni5m (5 Miles)34:58
Abergele Borders League 201014/02/2010Willgoose, Carol5m (5 Miles)35:20
Abergele Borders League 201014/02/2010Hall, Sian5m (5 Miles)39:09
Abergele Borders League 201014/02/2010Hardy, Peter5m (5 Miles)40:44
Abergele Borders League 201014/02/2010Lucas, Alan5m (5 Miles)43:54
Abergele Borders League 201014/02/2010Essery, John5m (5 Miles)40:26
Prestatyn Border League, 201011/04/2010Jones, Hayden5m (5 Miles)34:05
Prestatyn Border League, 201011/04/2010Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)34:48
Prestatyn Border League, 201011/04/2010Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)35:18
Prestatyn Border League, 201011/04/2010Mould, Pete5m (5 Miles)35:32
Prestatyn Border League, 201011/04/2010Reid, Ed5m (5 Miles)35:38
Prestatyn Border League, 201011/04/2010Willgoose, Carol5m (5 Miles)37:00
Prestatyn Border League, 201011/04/2010Richards, Jeni5m (5 Miles)38:04
Prestatyn Border League, 201011/04/2010Howe, Anthony5m (5 Miles)38:10
Prestatyn Border League, 201011/04/2010Hall, Sian5m (5 Miles)40:52
Prestatyn Border League, 201011/04/2010Lucas, Alan5m (5 Miles)42:50
Prestatyn Border League, 201011/04/2010Essery, John5m (5 Miles)43:30
Deganwy Dash04/06/2010Howe, Anthony5m (5 Miles)34:56
Deganwy Dash04/06/2010Cahill, Tim5m (5 Miles)32:10
Gabowen 506/08/2010Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)38:09
Abergele 507/11/2010Wilyman, Richard5m (5 Miles)31:31
Abergele 507/11/2010Simpson, Andy5m (5 Miles)33:39
Abergele 507/11/2010Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)34:53
Abergele 507/11/2010Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)36:55
Abergele 507/11/2010Wignall, Sonia5m (5 Miles)50:46
Christleton Borders League, 201113/02/2011Dixon, Josh5m (5 Miles)31:54
Christleton Borders League, 201113/02/2011Fawcett, Simeon5m (5 Miles)33:50
Christleton Borders League, 201113/02/2011Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)34:19
Christleton Borders League, 201113/02/2011Simpson, Andy5m (5 Miles)37:29
Christleton Borders League, 201113/02/2011Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)38:11
Christleton Borders League, 201113/02/2011Reid, Ed5m (5 Miles)40:16
Christleton Borders League, 201113/02/2011Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)40:18
Christleton Borders League, 201113/02/2011Hardy, Peter5m (5 Miles)48:07
Christleton Borders League, 201113/02/2011Essery, John5m (5 Miles)51:20
Christleton Borders League, 201113/02/2011Ward, Stevie5m (5 Miles)1:25:06
Christleton Borders League, 201113/02/2011Richards, Jeni5m (5 Miles)42:00
Christleton Borders League, 201113/02/2011Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)43:11
Christleton Borders League, 201113/02/2011Hall, Sian5m (5 Miles)47:19
Mold Border League, 201113/03/2011Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)28:55
Mold Border League, 201113/03/2011McCormack, Sean5m (5 Miles)31:08
Mold Border League, 201113/03/2011McCormack, Steven5m (5 Miles)32:12
Mold Border League, 201113/03/2011Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)32:24
Mold Border League, 201113/03/2011Reid, Ed5m (5 Miles)35:30
Mold Border League, 201113/03/2011Hardy, Peter5m (5 Miles)42:00
Mold Border League, 201113/03/2011Essery, John5m (5 Miles)43:52
Mold Border League, 201113/03/2011Richards, Jeni5m (5 Miles)35:11
Mold Border League, 201113/03/2011Willgoose, Carol5m (5 Miles)37:23
Mold Border League, 201113/03/2011Jones, Dominique5m (5 Miles)48:27
Mold Border League, 201113/03/2011Wignall, Sonia5m (5 Miles)49:30
Chester Spring 5, 201106/04/2011Cahill, Tim5m (5 Miles)31:58
Chester Spring 5, 201106/04/2011Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)39:11
Deganwy Dash03/06/2011Calvert, Susan5m (5 Miles)45:00
Deeside Off-Road Series07/07/2011Cahill, Tim5m (5 Miles)32:41
Deeside Off-Road Series07/07/2011Lee, Richie5m (5 Miles)33:28
Burton Wood 5 mile17/07/2011Lee, Richie5m (5 Miles)30:50
Gobowen 5 Mile05/08/2011Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)38:02
Bangor XC 2011, Mens01/10/2011Mayers, MarkXC 5MILES (5 Miles)36:31
Bangor XC 2011, Mens01/10/2011Edwards, DaveXC 5MILES (5 Miles)39:35
Bangor XC 2011, Mens01/10/2011Thomas, PaulXC 5MILES (5 Miles)39:50
Bangor XC 2011, Mens01/10/2011Howe, AnthonyXC 5MILES (5 Miles)40:39
Abergele 5, 201106/11/2011Lee, Richie5m (5 Miles)32:36
Abergele 5, 201106/11/2011Bancroft, Tom5m (5 Miles)38:11
Abergele 5, 201106/11/2011Arden, Graham5m (5 Miles)47:06
Abergele 5, 201106/11/2011Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)36:17
Abergele Border League 201208/01/2012Wilyman, Richard5m (5 Miles)30:26
Abergele Border League 201208/01/2012Lee, Richie5m (5 Miles)32:57
Abergele Border League 201208/01/2012Reid, Ed5m (5 Miles)34:37
Abergele Border League 201208/01/2012Mercer, Andrew5m (5 Miles)35:42
Abergele Border League 201208/01/2012Bancroft, Tom5m (5 Miles)37:23
Abergele Border League 201208/01/2012Essery, John5m (5 Miles)44:39
Abergele Border League 201208/01/2012Richards, Jeni5m (5 Miles)35:11
Abergele Border League 201208/01/2012Willgoose, Carol5m (5 Miles)36:01
Abergele Border League 201208/01/2012Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)37:14
Abergele Border League 201208/01/2012Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)42:15
Abergele Border League 201208/01/2012Edwards, Dave5m (5 Miles)36:39
Abergele Border League 201208/01/2012Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)36:14
Abergele Border League 201208/01/2012Battersby, Darren5m (5 Miles)38:28
Ras Moel Y Cai25/02/2012Armstrong, Rob5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)44:52
Abergwyngregyn Fell Race05/06/2012Blazier, Darren5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)38:37
Abergwyngregyn Fell Race05/06/2012Armstrong, Rob5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)38:58
Bangor Cross Country, Men06/10/2012Cahill, TimXC 5MILES (5 Miles)45:34
Bangor Cross Country, Men06/10/2012Armstrong, RobXC 5MILES (5 Miles)45:53
Bangor Cross Country, Men06/10/2012Mayers, MarkXC 5MILES (5 Miles)51:30
Bangor Cross Country, Men06/10/2012Howe, AnthonyXC 5MILES (5 Miles)54:43
Bangor Cross Country, Men06/10/2012Pownall, VernonXC 5MILES (5 Miles)55:14
Bangor Cross Country, Men06/10/2012Thomas, PaulXC 5MILES (5 Miles)55:35
Bangor Cross Country, Men06/10/2012Hardy, PeterXC 5MILES (5 Miles)1:08:19
Abergele 504/11/2012Waters, Jodi5m (5 Miles)31:10
Abergele 504/11/2012Howe, Anthony5m (5 Miles)36:13
Abergele 504/11/2012Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)36:41
Abergele 504/11/2012Manfredi, Sarah5m (5 Miles)46:10
Abergele 504/11/2012Dyson, Gary5m (5 Miles)37:38
Rhosneigr Borders League03/02/2013Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)27:55
Rhosneigr Borders League03/02/2013Wilyman, Richard5m (5 Miles)30:23
Rhosneigr Borders League03/02/2013Armstrong, Rob5m (5 Miles)30:32
Rhosneigr Borders League03/02/2013Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)35:11
Rhosneigr Borders League03/02/2013Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)35:14
Rhosneigr Borders League03/02/2013Howe, Anthony5m (5 Miles)35:32
Rhosneigr Borders League03/02/2013Essery, John5m (5 Miles)45:44
Rhosneigr Borders League03/02/2013Waters, Jodi5m (5 Miles)29:29
Ras Moel Y Ci, 201323/02/2013Armstrong, Rob5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)44:22
Pipe Dream Fell race, 201302/03/2013Armstrong, Rob5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)42:24
Chester Spring 5, 201303/04/2013Cahill, Tim5m (5 Miles)29:26
Orme Fell Race 201321/05/2013Blazier, Darren5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)36:08
Orme Fell Race 201321/05/2013Cahill, Tim5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)36:02
Dolgellau 5 mile, 201327/07/2013Simpson, Andy5m (5 Miles)35:55
Elidir Fawr Fell race28/07/2013Cahill, Tim5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)1:19:18
Abergele 503/11/2013Lee, Richie5m (5 Miles)32:26
Abergele 503/11/2013Salt, James5m (5 Miles)33:14
Abergele 503/11/2013Simpson, Andy5m (5 Miles)35:52
Abergele 503/11/2013Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)37:29
Abergele 503/11/2013Plamperova, Dagmar5m (5 Miles)47:22
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Waters, Jodi5m (5 Miles)29:11
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Lightowler, Ben5m (5 Miles)30:38
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Wilyman, Richard5m (5 Miles)31:07
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Armstrong, Rob5m (5 Miles)31:31
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)31:42
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Salt, James5m (5 Miles)31:47
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Mercer, Andrew5m (5 Miles)32:13
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Simpson, Andy5m (5 Miles)35:50
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Pownall, Vernon5m (5 Miles)36:15
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Howe, Anthony5m (5 Miles)37:04
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Thomas, Paul5m (5 Miles)38:14
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)39:11
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Williams, Brian5m (5 Miles)40:03
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Willgoose, Carol5m (5 Miles)36:19
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)38:01
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)41:48
Abergele Borders League 201402/02/2014Plamperova, Dagmar5m (5 Miles)48:10
Moel Y Ci Fell race22/02/2014Lightowler, Ben5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)42:20
Moel Y Ci Fell race22/02/2014Armstrong, Rob5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)48:16
Chester Spring 516/04/2014Waters, Jodi5m (5 Miles)29:15
Chester Spring 516/04/2014Armstrong, Rob5m (5 Miles)29:45
Deganwy Dash 5 mile30/05/2014Wignall, Sonia5m (5 Miles)49:22
Deganwy Dash 5 mile30/05/2014Rowlands, Sarah5m (5 Miles)44:30
Deganwy Dash 5 mile30/05/2014Jones, Diane5m (5 Miles)48:42
Deganwy Dash 5 mile30/05/2014Jones, Vicky5m (5 Miles)50:52
St Davids Cross Country, Llandudno, Male18/10/2014Salt, JamesXC 5MILES (5 Miles)41:49
St Davids Cross Country, Llandudno, Male18/10/2014Lightowler, BenXC 5MILES (5 Miles)36:30
St Davids Cross Country, Llandudno, Male18/10/2014Lee, RichieXC 5MILES (5 Miles)42:31
St Davids Cross Country, Llandudno, Male18/10/2014Armstrong, RobXC 5MILES (5 Miles)46:14
St Davids Cross Country, Llandudno, Male18/10/2014Edwards, DaveXC 5MILES (5 Miles)49:50
Abergele 502/11/2014Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)37:59
Abergele 502/11/2014Calvert, Susan5m (5 Miles)42:49
Abergele 502/11/2014Jones, Diane5m (5 Miles)47:08
Abergele 502/11/2014Griffiths, Sonja5m (5 Miles)47:59
Abergele 502/11/2014Jones, Vicky5m (5 Miles)50:51
Abergele 502/11/2014Thomas, Barry5m (5 Miles)50:59
Abergele 502/11/2014Williams, Margaret5m (5 Miles)54:32
Abergele 502/11/2014Rowlands, Sarah5m (5 Miles)44:16
Moel Y Ci Fell Race14/02/2015Lee, Richie5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)49:28
Moel Y Ci Fell Race14/02/2015Mayers, Mark5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)54:04
Moel Y Ci Fell Race14/02/2015Battersby, Darren5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)55:47
Cheadle 5 Mile road race01/03/2015Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)30:21
Chester Spring 5, 201515/04/2015Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)30:14 [Chip: 30:12]
Chester Spring 5, 201515/04/2015Battersby, Darren5m (5 Miles)34:41 [Chip: 34:34]
Chester Spring 5, 201515/04/2015Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)33:03 [Chip: 32:57]
Chester Spring 5, 201515/04/2015Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)36:10 [Chip: 36:04]
Chester Spring 5, 201515/04/2015Jones, John5m (5 Miles)36:34 [Chip: 36:26]
Deganwy Dash 201529/05/2015Waters, Jodi5m (5 Miles)30:16
Deganwy Dash 201529/05/2015Jones, Diane5m (5 Miles)46:19
Deganwy Dash 201529/05/2015Wignall, Sonia5m (5 Miles)48:57
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Morris, John Edward5m (5 Miles)27:31
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Wilyman, Richard5m (5 Miles)28:48
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)29:29
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Lightowler, Ben5m (5 Miles)29:34
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Waters, Jodi5m (5 Miles)30:55
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Salt, James5m (5 Miles)32:08
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)33:21
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Jones, John5m (5 Miles)35:09
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Battersby, Darren5m (5 Miles)35:24
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)36:03
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Barnaby, Martyn5m (5 Miles)36:25
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Brown, Warren5m (5 Miles)36:33
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Howe, Anthony5m (5 Miles)37:09
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Collins, Emma5m (5 Miles)34:45
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)35:18
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Owen-Jones, Amy5m (5 Miles)36:46
Capenhurst 5m Borders League, 201511/10/2015Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)37:56
Abergele 501/11/2015Foden, Nick5m (5 Miles)33:10
Abergele 501/11/2015Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)35:47
Abergele 501/11/2015Barnaby, Martyn5m (5 Miles)37:26
Abergele 501/11/2015Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)38:11
Abergele 501/11/2015Roderick, Hilary5m (5 Miles)43:08
Mold Cross Country, Men28/11/2015Salt, JamesXC 5MILES (5 Miles)39:17
Mold Cross Country, Men28/11/2015Armstrong, RobXC 5MILES (5 Miles)39:34
Mold Cross Country, Men28/11/2015Cahill, TimXC 5MILES (5 Miles)41:09
Mold Cross Country, Men28/11/2015McCormack, SeanXC 5MILES (5 Miles)41:23
Mold Cross Country, Men28/11/2015McCormack, StevenXC 5MILES (5 Miles)42:42
Mold Cross Country, Men28/11/2015Edwards, DaveXC 5MILES (5 Miles)47:50
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Wilyman, Richard5m (5 Miles)28:17
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Lightowler, Ben5m (5 Miles)28:45
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Morris, John Edward5m (5 Miles)29:13
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)29:56
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Armstrong, Rob5m (5 Miles)32:09
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)32:32
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Salt, James5m (5 Miles)33:49
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Williams, Danny5m (5 Miles)34:10
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Jones, John5m (5 Miles)34:33
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Howe, Anthony5m (5 Miles)34:57
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Foden, Nick5m (5 Miles)35:40
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)35:57
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Brown, Warren5m (5 Miles)36:21
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Owen-Jones, Amy5m (5 Miles)35:40
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)36:15
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)37:49
Abergele Borders League, 201624/01/2016Evans, Gareth5m (5 Miles)34:00
Chester Spring 5, 201613/04/2016Williams, Danny5m (5 Miles)31:11 [Chip: 31:02]
Chester Spring 5, 201613/04/2016Cahill, Tim5m (5 Miles)32:00 [Chip: 31:56]
Chester Spring 5, 201613/04/2016Jones, John5m (5 Miles)34:48 [Chip: 34:37]
Chester Spring 5, 201613/04/2016Barnaby, Martyn5m (5 Miles)38:10 [Chip: 37:57]
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Wilyman, Richard5m (5 Miles)29:01
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)30:33
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Williams, Danny5m (5 Miles)30:43
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Waters, Jodi5m (5 Miles)30:45
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Foden, Nick5m (5 Miles)30:53
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016McCormack, Sean5m (5 Miles)32:13
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Salt, James5m (5 Miles)32:26
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Howe, Anthony5m (5 Miles)33:26
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)33:48
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016McCormack, Steven5m (5 Miles)34:17
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Jones, John5m (5 Miles)35:00
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Brown, Warren5m (5 Miles)35:17
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Battersby, Darren5m (5 Miles)35:45
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)36:46
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Barnaby, Martyn5m (5 Miles)38:03
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Collins, Emma5m (5 Miles)35:18
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)37:26
Mold Borders League, 201617/04/2016Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)38:52
Mold Cross Country Mens15/10/2016Salt, JamesXC 5MILES (5 Miles)35:00
Mold Cross Country Mens15/10/2016Williams, DannyXC 5MILES (5 Miles)35:18
Mold Cross Country Mens15/10/2016Mould, PeteXC 5MILES (5 Miles)35:46
Mold Cross Country Mens15/10/2016Mayers, MarkXC 5MILES (5 Miles)38:07
Mold Cross Country Mens15/10/2016Jones, JohnXC 5MILES (5 Miles)39:38
Mold Cross Country Mens15/10/2016Battersby, DarrenXC 5MILES (5 Miles)40:40
Mold Cross Country Mens15/10/2016Garnett, BenXC 5MILES (5 Miles)41:45
Abergele 530/10/2016Lightowler, Ben5m (5 Miles)28:53
Abergele 530/10/2016Foden, Nick5m (5 Miles)30:38
Abergele 530/10/2016Battersby, Darren5m (5 Miles)35:32
Abergele 530/10/2016Jones, John5m (5 Miles)36:02
Abergele 530/10/2016Garnett, Ben5m (5 Miles)37:01
Abergele 530/10/2016Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)38:41
Abergele 530/10/2016Newell, Alan5m (5 Miles)56:40
Llandudno Cross Country Men05/11/2016Cahill, TimXC 5MILES (5 Miles)38:34
Llandudno Cross Country Men05/11/2016Salt, JamesXC 5MILES (5 Miles)41:37
Llandudno Cross Country Men05/11/2016Barnaby, MartynXC 5MILES (5 Miles)43:10
Llandudno Cross Country Men05/11/2016Garnett, BenXC 5MILES (5 Miles)44:13
Llandudno Cross Country Men05/11/2016Howe, AnthonyXC 5MILES (5 Miles)45:50
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Lightowler, Ben5m (5 Miles)28:41
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Wilyman, Richard5m (5 Miles)30:15
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Williams, Danny5m (5 Miles)30:35
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Waters, Jodi5m (5 Miles)30:40
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)32:27
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Evans, Gareth5m (5 Miles)33:15
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Salt, James5m (5 Miles)35:01
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Higgins, Calum5m (5 Miles)35:07
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Jones, John5m (5 Miles)35:32
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Battersby, Darren5m (5 Miles)35:16
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Snelson, Daniel5m (5 Miles)35:55
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)38:03
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Owen-Jones, Amy5m (5 Miles)38:43
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)40:54
West Cheshire Borders League 201607/11/2016Maguire, Paula5m (5 Miles)40:58
Chester Spring 5, 201712/04/2017Salt, James5m (5 Miles)31:37 [Chip: 31:34]
Chester Spring 5, 201712/04/2017Evans, Gareth5m (5 Miles)32:30 [Chip: 32:27]
Chester Spring 5, 201712/04/2017Garnett, Ben5m (5 Miles)33:20 [Chip: 33:16]
Chester Spring 5, 201712/04/2017Battersby, Darren5m (5 Miles)33:22 [Chip: 33:19]
Chester Spring 5, 201712/04/2017Jones, John5m (5 Miles)34:03 [Chip: 33:59]
Chester Spring 5, 201712/04/2017Owen-Jones, Amy5m (5 Miles)35:12 [Chip: 35:01]
Chester Spring 5, 201712/04/2017Owens, Julie5m (5 Miles)34:55 [Chip: 34:45]
Deganwy Dash 5m02/06/2017Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)30:16
Deganwy Dash 5m02/06/2017McCormack, Steven5m (5 Miles)31:25
Deganwy Dash 5m02/06/2017McCormack, Sean5m (5 Miles)32:35
Deganwy Dash 5m02/06/2017Bonfield, Simon5m (5 Miles)33:57
Deganwy Dash 5m02/06/2017Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)35:12
Deganwy Dash 5m02/06/2017Cavey, Emma5m (5 Miles)40:39
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Wilyman, Richard5m (5 Miles)28:46
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)30:20
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Foden, Nick5m (5 Miles)31:46
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Salt, James5m (5 Miles)32:05
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)32:28
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Parry, Laurence5m (5 Miles)32:49
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Waters, Jodi5m (5 Miles)33:25
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Battersby, Darren5m (5 Miles)33:47
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Garnett, Ben5m (5 Miles)35:00
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Collins, Emma5m (5 Miles)36:10
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Armstrong, Rob5m (5 Miles)36:22
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Barnaby, Martyn5m (5 Miles)36:28
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)37:54
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Howe, Anthony5m (5 Miles)38:32
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Jones, John5m (5 Miles)38:32
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)39:43
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)40:34
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Nesbitt, Lorraine5m (5 Miles)43:44
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Jones, Craig5m (5 Miles)32:51
Capenhurst 5 mile Borders League01/10/2017Fawcett, Simeon5m (5 Miles)31:42
Abergele 505/11/2017Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)35:11
Abergele 505/11/2017Owen-Jones, Amy5m (5 Miles)35:57
Abergele 505/11/2017Jones, John5m (5 Miles)36:11
Abergele Borders League 201814/01/2018Lightowler, Ben5m (5 Miles)28:55
Abergele Borders League 201814/01/2018Fawcett, Simeon5m (5 Miles)30:01
Abergele Borders League 201814/01/2018Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)30:17
Abergele Borders League 201814/01/2018Waters, Jodi5m (5 Miles)30:49
Abergele Borders League 201814/01/2018Jones, Craig5m (5 Miles)31:11
Abergele Borders League 201814/01/2018Williams, Danny5m (5 Miles)34:34
Abergele Borders League 201814/01/2018Parry, Laurence5m (5 Miles)34:35
Abergele Borders League 201814/01/2018Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)42:23
Abergele Borders League 201814/01/2018Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)39:40
Abergele Borders League 201814/01/2018Owen-Jones, Amy5m (5 Miles)35:00
Abergele Borders League 201814/01/2018Collins, Emma5m (5 Miles)36:13
Abergele Borders League 201814/01/2018Walsh, Patrick5m (5 Miles)32:19
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Lightowler, Ben5m (5 Miles)29:22
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Waters, Jodi5m (5 Miles)29:56
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Fawcett, Simeon5m (5 Miles)30:30
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)31:17
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Jones, Craig5m (5 Miles)31:42
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Bonfield, Simon5m (5 Miles)34:07
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Battersby, Darren5m (5 Miles)36:26
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Jones, John5m (5 Miles)36:45
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)37:38
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Snelson, Daniel5m (5 Miles)37:45
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Powell, Mike5m (5 Miles)39:53
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)36:00
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Collins, Emma5m (5 Miles)37:09
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Owen-Jones, Amy5m (5 Miles)37:23
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)39:59
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Powell , Hillary5m (5 Miles)43:54
Mold Borders League 201808/04/2018Nesbitt, Lorraine5m (5 Miles)44:35
Cheshire Spring 511/04/2018Salt, James5m (5 Miles)32:04
Cheshire Spring 511/04/2018Bonfield, Simon5m (5 Miles)33:26
Cheshire Spring 511/04/2018Jones, John5m (5 Miles)35:24
Cheshire Spring 511/04/2018Owen-Jones, Amy5m (5 Miles)35:44
Cheshire Spring 511/04/2018Snelson, Daniel5m (5 Miles)35:46
Cheshire Spring 511/04/2018Cavey, Emma5m (5 Miles)38:39
Cheshire Spring 511/04/2018Nesbitt, Lorraine5m (5 Miles)43:14
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/2018Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)30:00
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/2018Salt, James5m (5 Miles)33:30
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/2018Foden, Nick5m (5 Miles)31:33
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/2018Bonfield, Simon5m (5 Miles)33:54
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/2018Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)34:01
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/2018Barnaby, Martyn5m (5 Miles)37:29
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/2018Cavey, Emma5m (5 Miles)39:32
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/2018Williams, Danny5m (5 Miles)33:21
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/2018Jones, John5m (5 Miles)36:04
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/2018Maguire, Paula5m (5 Miles)38:45
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/2018Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)40:48
Deganwy Dash 5 mile01/06/2018Owens, Julie5m (5 Miles)36:10
Wirral AC Borders League 201814/10/2018Dixon, Josh5m (5 Miles)26:40
Wirral AC Borders League 201814/10/2018Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)31:40
Wirral AC Borders League 201814/10/2018Ilsley, Alan5m (5 Miles)32:38
Wirral AC Borders League 201814/10/2018Battersby, Darren5m (5 Miles)33:40
Wirral AC Borders League 201814/10/2018Mayers, Mark5m (5 Miles)34:14
Wirral AC Borders League 201814/10/2018Jones, John5m (5 Miles)36:35
Wirral AC Borders League 201814/10/2018Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)38:56
Wirral AC Borders League 201814/10/2018Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)33:20
Wirral AC Borders League 201814/10/2018Collins, Emma5m (5 Miles)34:50
Wirral AC Borders League 201814/10/2018Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)39:30
Loggerheads 5 mile off road race20/10/2018Battersby, Darren5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)42:38
Loggerheads 5 mile off road race20/10/2018Jones, John5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)46:00
Loggerheads 5 mile off road race20/10/2018Nesbitt, Lorraine5 MILE FELL (5 Miles)53:29
Abergele 5, 201804/11/2018Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)33:23
Abergele 5, 201804/11/2018Owen-Jones, Amy5m (5 Miles)35:26
Abergele 5, 201804/11/2018Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)39:51
Abergele 5, 201804/11/2018Snelson, Daniel5m (5 Miles)36:48
West Cheshire Borders League 201811/11/2018Dixon, Josh5m (5 Miles)26:40
West Cheshire Borders League 201811/11/2018Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)29:49
West Cheshire Borders League 201811/11/2018Jones, Craig5m (5 Miles)30:09
West Cheshire Borders League 201811/11/2018Foden, Nick5m (5 Miles)35:36
West Cheshire Borders League 201811/11/2018Battersby, Darren5m (5 Miles)35:53
West Cheshire Borders League 201811/11/2018Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)39:10
West Cheshire Borders League 201811/11/2018Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)34:07
West Cheshire Borders League 201811/11/2018Collins, Emma5m (5 Miles)35:30
West Cheshire Borders League 201811/11/2018Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)39:56
West Cheshire Borders League 201811/11/2018Nesbitt, Lorraine5m (5 Miles)44:18
Cybi Striders Borders League, Ty Croes Racecourse09/12/2018Salt, James5m (5 Miles)35:43
Cybi Striders Borders League, Ty Croes Racecourse09/12/2018Barnaby, Martyn5m (5 Miles)36:09
Cybi Striders Borders League, Ty Croes Racecourse09/12/2018Jones, John5m (5 Miles)37:33
Cybi Striders Borders League, Ty Croes Racecourse09/12/2018Howe, Anthony5m (5 Miles)38:29
Cybi Striders Borders League, Ty Croes Racecourse09/12/2018Newell, Alan5m (5 Miles)39:46
Cybi Striders Borders League, Ty Croes Racecourse09/12/2018Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)40:34
Cybi Striders Borders League, Ty Croes Racecourse09/12/2018Collins, Emma5m (5 Miles)36:06
Cybi Striders Borders League, Ty Croes Racecourse09/12/2018Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)40:04
Cybi Striders Borders League, Ty Croes Racecourse09/12/2018Nesbitt, Lorraine5m (5 Miles)46:35
Buckley Runners 5m Borders League run.31/03/2019Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)29:48
Buckley Runners 5m Borders League run.31/03/2019Ilsley, Alan5m (5 Miles)33:07
Buckley Runners 5m Borders League run.31/03/2019Bonfield, Simon5m (5 Miles)34:46
Buckley Runners 5m Borders League run.31/03/2019Battersby, Darren5m (5 Miles)35:21
Buckley Runners 5m Borders League run.31/03/2019Jones, John5m (5 Miles)35:32
Buckley Runners 5m Borders League run.31/03/2019Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)38:29
Buckley Runners 5m Borders League run.31/03/2019Snelson, Daniel5m (5 Miles)39:31
Buckley Runners 5m Borders League run.31/03/2019Collins, Emma5m (5 Miles)36:57
Buckley Runners 5m Borders League run.31/03/2019Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)37:26
Buckley Runners 5m Borders League run.31/03/2019Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)41:19
Buckley Runners 5m Borders League run.31/03/2019Bonfield, Katie5m (5 Miles)41:37
Chester Spring 510/04/2019Cahill, Tim5m (5 Miles)30:35 [Chip: 30:33]
Chester Spring 510/04/2019Bonfield, Simon5m (5 Miles)33:09 [Chip: 33:03]
Chester Spring 510/04/2019Garnett, Ben5m (5 Miles)34:14 [Chip: 34:09]
Chester Spring 510/04/2019Bonfield, Katie5m (5 Miles)40:38 [Chip: 40:28]
Chester Spring 510/04/2019Shone, Grahame5m (5 Miles)38:28 [Chip: 38:23]
Deganwy Dash 5 mile 201931/05/2019Blazier, Darren5m (5 Miles)30:17 [Chip: 30:15]
Deganwy Dash 5 mile 201931/05/2019Ilsley, Alan5m (5 Miles)32:22 [Chip: 32:19]
Deganwy Dash 5 mile 201931/05/2019Bonfield, Simon5m (5 Miles)33:27 [Chip: 33:24]
Deganwy Dash 5 mile 201931/05/2019Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)35:11 [Chip: 35:09]
Deganwy Dash 5 mile 201931/05/2019Jones, John5m (5 Miles)36:29 [Chip: 36:26]
Deganwy Dash 5 mile 201931/05/2019Quinton, Paul5m (5 Miles)38:30 [Chip: 38:27]
Abergele 5 mile, 201903/11/2019Bonfield, Simon5m (5 Miles)33:32 [Chip: 33:27]
Abergele 5 mile, 201903/11/2019Shipley, Rachel5m (5 Miles)33:59 [Chip: 33:56]
Abergele 5 mile, 201903/11/2019Birch, Christine5m (5 Miles)41:00 [Chip: 40:51]
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006Earlston, John5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)28:55
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006Blazier, Darren5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)29:05
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006McIlveen, Justin5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)31:48
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006Shone, Grahame5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)32:51
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006Elliott, Keith5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)33:48
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006Reid, Ed5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)34:00
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006Thomas, Paul5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)34:48
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006Smith , Peter5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)36:35
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006Spotswood, Robert5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)37:11
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006Edwards, Dave5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)37:46
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006Essery, John5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)39:31
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006Guillemin, Alison5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)43:55
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006Jones, Julie5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)49:27
Prestatyn Border League10/12/2006Ashton, Jamie5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)1:02:21
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Earlston, John5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)27:32
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Blazier, Darren5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)28:07
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Cahill, Tim5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)28:50
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007McCormack, Sean5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)28:53
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Roberts, Dewi5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)29:18
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Roberts, Gareth5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)29:54
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Ashton, Matthew5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)30:31
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007McIlveen, Justin5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)30:46
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Reid, Ed5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)31:13
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007McCormack, Steven5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)31:16
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Shone, Grahame5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)32:42
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Jones, Hayden5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)33:47
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Willgoose, Carol5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)34:59
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Thomas, Paul5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)35:06
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Elliott, Keith5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)36:59
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Lucas, Alan5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)38:37
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Essery, John5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)39:23
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007Ward, Stevie5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)52:04
Prestatyn Border League14/10/2007McCarten, Steven5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)40:08
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Blazier, Darren5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)31:42
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Hughes, Geran5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)33:15
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Ashton, Matthew5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)34:13
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Elliott, Keith5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)36:30
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Shone, Grahame5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)37:16
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Reid, Ed5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)37:31
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Willgoose, Carol5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)39:29
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Richards, Jeni5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)40:10
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Mayers, Mark5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)41:05
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Hughes, Angie5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)41:10
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Hardy, Peter5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)42:29
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Hall, Sian5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)43:39
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Lucas, Alan5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)46:03
Birkenhead Park Borders League15/11/2009Essery, John5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)46:49
Mold Border League 201014/03/2010Elliott, Keith5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)4:52:08
Mold Border League 201014/03/2010Jones, Hayden5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)35:05
Mold Border League 201014/03/2010Shone, Grahame5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)35:27
Mold Border League 201014/03/2010Reid, Ed5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)35:53
Mold Border League 201014/03/2010Mayers, Mark5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)36:42
Mold Border League 201014/03/2010Richards, Jeni5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)36:46
Mold Border League 201014/03/2010Willgoose, Carol5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)37:00
Mold Border League 201014/03/2010Thomas, Paul5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)37:43
Mold Border League 201014/03/2010Hall, Sian5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)41:23
Mold Border League 201014/03/2010Essery, John5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)43:38
Mold Border League 201014/03/2010Lucas, Alan5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)44:51
Mold Border League, 201226/02/2012Wilyman, Richard5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)29:24
Mold Border League, 201226/02/2012Mayers, Mark5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)33:54
Mold Border League, 201226/02/2012Mercer, Andrew5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)34:30
Mold Border League, 201226/02/2012Simpson, Andy5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)34:40
Mold Border League, 201226/02/2012Richards, Jeni5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)34:52
Mold Border League, 201226/02/2012Willgoose, Carol5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)36:52
Mold Border League, 201226/02/2012Bancroft, Tom5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)37:43
Mold Border League, 201226/02/2012Shipley, Rachel5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)39:33
Mold Border League, 201226/02/2012Maguire, Paula5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)43:00
Mold Border League, 201226/02/2012Essery, John5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)45:02
Mold Border League, 201226/02/2012Arden, Graham5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)46:16
Mold Border League, 201226/02/2012Armstrong, Rob5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)31:50
Mold Border League, 201226/02/2012Thomas, Paul5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)35:56
Wirral Borders League, 201406/04/2014Lightowler, Ben5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)29:55
Wirral Borders League, 201406/04/2014Waters, Jodi5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)30:19
Wirral Borders League, 201406/04/2014Wilyman, Richard5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)30:54
Wirral Borders League, 201406/04/2014Armstrong, Rob5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)31:38
Wirral Borders League, 201406/04/2014Blazier, Darren5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)31:52
Wirral Borders League, 201406/04/2014Salt, James5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)33:13
Wirral Borders League, 201406/04/2014Mayers, Mark5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)33:22
Wirral Borders League, 201406/04/2014Shone, Grahame5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)39:38
Wirral Borders League, 201406/04/2014Shipley, Rachel5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)39:23
Wirral Borders League, 201406/04/2014Willgoose, Carol5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)39:44
Wirral Borders League, 201406/04/2014Birch, Christine5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)40:38
Wirral Borders League, 201406/04/2014Plamperova, Dagmar5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)47:43
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015Morris, John EdwardPrestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)29:20
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015Waters, JodiPrestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)30:33
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015Blazier, DarrenPrestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)31:12
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015Salt, JamesPrestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)32:44
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015McCormack, SeanPrestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)33:24
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015Mayers, MarkPrestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)34:01
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015Battersby, DarrenPrestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)35:33
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015McCormack, StevenPrestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)35:58
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015Williams, BrianPrestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)39:50
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015Howe, AnthonyPrestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)40:52
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015Owen-Jones, AmyPrestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)37:48
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015Birch, ChristinePrestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)38:31
Prestatyn Borders League 201508/03/2015Shipley, RachelPrestatyn BL (5.1 Miles)39:45
Mold Borders League 201522/03/2015Waters, Jodi5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)29:51
Mold Borders League 201522/03/2015Lightowler, Ben5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)30:03
Mold Borders League 201522/03/2015Blazier, Darren5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)31:42
Mold Borders League 201522/03/2015Salt, James5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)31:57
Mold Borders League 201522/03/2015Mayers, Mark5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)34:41
Mold Borders League 201522/03/2015Battersby, Darren5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)35:44
Mold Borders League 201522/03/2015Armstrong, Rob5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)36:14
Mold Borders League 201522/03/2015Williams, Brian5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)39:55
Mold Borders League 201522/03/2015Arden, Graham5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)47:29
Mold Borders League 201522/03/2015Birch, Christine5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)37:36
Mold Borders League 201522/03/2015Shipley, Rachel5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)38:03
Mold Borders League 201522/03/2015Curtis, Lucy5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)41:57
Manley Mere Borders League05/03/2017Lightowler, Ben5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)29:59
Manley Mere Borders League05/03/2017Blazier, Darren5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)30:51
Manley Mere Borders League05/03/2017Salt, James5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)32:12
Manley Mere Borders League05/03/2017Battersby, Darren5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)35:00
Manley Mere Borders League05/03/2017Jones, John5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)35:59
Manley Mere Borders League05/03/2017Mayers, Mark5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)36:32
Manley Mere Borders League05/03/2017Shone, Grahame5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)40:14
Manley Mere Borders League05/03/2017Armstrong, Rob5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)44:16
Manley Mere Borders League05/03/2017Owen-Jones, Amy5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)37:22
Manley Mere Borders League05/03/2017Shipley, Rachel5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)38:02
Manley Mere Borders League05/03/2017Maguire, Paula5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)40:27
Manley Mere Borders League05/03/2017Birch, Christine5.1 MILE BORDER LEAGUE (5.1 Miles)40:28
Ras Moel Y Ci24/02/2007Hughes, Geran5.2mile fell (5.2 Miles)39:25
Ras Moel Y Ci24/02/2007McIlveen, Justin5.2mile fell (5.2 Miles)42:27
Ras Moel Y Ci24/02/2007Reid, Ed5.2mile fell (5.2 Miles)49:16
Ras Moel Y Ci24/02/2007Hughes, Angie5.2mile fell (5.2 Miles)57:44
Green, green grass of Home Fell race25/07/2007McIlveen, Justin5.2mile fell (5.2 Miles)48:23
Inter College Cross Country10/01/2009Dixon, Josh5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)27:57
North Wales Cross Country Champs Supervets30/01/2010Lucas, Alan5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)44:44
Harrock Hill Race, 25/08/2010Reid, Ed5.2mile fell (5.2 Miles)42:44
Wrexham Cross Country 201027/11/2010Lee, Richie5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)34:12
Wrexham Cross Country 201027/11/2010Reid, Ed5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)37:46
Wrexham Cross Country 201027/11/2010Edwards, Dave5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)39:01
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Lee, Richie5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)35:37
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Mayers, Mark5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)37:35
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Reid, Ed5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)38:30
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Thomas, Paul5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)39:53
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Edwards, Dave5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)40:09
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Bancroft, Tom5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)44:48
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Arden, Graham5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)55:38
St Davids Cross Country, Men22/10/2011Armstrong, Rob5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)38:05
Telford Cross Country 2013, Men12/01/2013Cahill, Tim5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)39:36
Telford Cross Country 2013, Men12/01/2013Mayers, Mark5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)49:02
Telford Cross Country 2013, Men12/01/2013Armstrong, Rob5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)42:07
Telford Cross Country 2013, Men12/01/2013Howe, Anthony5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)50:12
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Lee, Richie5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)38:33
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Armstrong, Rob5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)39:11
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Mayers, Mark5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)39:22
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Pownall, Vernon5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)44:35
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Bancroft, Tom5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)44:44
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Edwards, Dave5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)47:25
Bangor Cross Country, Men05/10/2013Lucas, Alan5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)58:30
Welsh Intra-Regional and Masters Cross Country Championships, 201314/12/2013Birch, Christine5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)27:14
Bangor Cross Country Men04/10/2014Cahill, Tim5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)35:47
Bangor Cross Country Men04/10/2014Lee, Richie5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)37:15
Bangor Cross Country Men04/10/2014Howe, Anthony5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)43:12
Bangor Cross Country Men04/10/2014Edwards, Dave5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)44:39
Bangor Cross Country Men04/10/2014Armstrong, Rob5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)47:46
Wrexham Cross Country Men29/11/2014Armstrong, Rob5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)36:32
Wrexham Cross Country Men29/11/2014Edwards, Dave5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)41:36
Walford Cross Country, Men16/01/2016Armstrong, Rob5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)43:14
Walford Cross Country, Men16/01/2016Cahill, Tim5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)44:04
Walford Cross Country, Men16/01/2016Salt, James5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)44:27
Walford Cross Country, Men16/01/2016McCormack, Sean5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)44:37
Walford Cross Country, Men16/01/2016McCormack, Steven5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)46:55
Wrexham Cross country, Men09/10/2017Cahill, Tim5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)35:00
Wrexham Cross country, Men09/10/2017McCormack, Sean5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)35:55
Wrexham Cross country, Men09/10/2017Salt, James5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)36:13
Wrexham Cross country, Men09/10/2017Garnett, Ben5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)38:20
Wrexham Cross country, Men09/10/2017Howe, Anthony5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)44:05
Walford College Cross Country 2018-1906/10/2018Cahill, Tim5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)37:31
Walford College Cross Country 2018-1906/10/2018Salt, James5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)39:57
Wrexham Cross Country, Men10/11/2018Cahill, Tim5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)35:35
Wrexham Cross Country, Men10/11/2018Salt, James5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)39:46
Wrexham Cross Country, Men10/11/2018Barnaby, Martyn5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)40:19
Colwyn Bay Cross Country, Senior Men19/10/2019Bonfield, Simon5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)49:21
Colwyn Bay Cross Country, Senior Men19/10/2019Salt, James5.2 ile Cross Country (5.2 Miles)50:03
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006Earlston, John5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)30:10
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006Blazier, Darren5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)30:29
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006McCormack, Sean5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)30:36
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006Hughes, Geran5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)31:17
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006McIlveen, Justin5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)32:29
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006Ashton, Matthew5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)33:47
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006Shone, Grahame5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)35:12
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006Reid, Ed5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)35:31
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006Cahill, Tim5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)32:12
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006Thomas, Paul5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)0:0:0
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006Hughes, Angie5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)39:46
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006McCormack, Steven5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)31:49
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006McCarten, Steven5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)41:25
Capenhurst Border League08/10/2006Essery, John5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)41:07
Capenhurst Border League, 200922/02/2009Blazier, Darren5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)29:52
Capenhurst Border League, 200922/02/2009Dixon, Josh5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)29:11
Capenhurst Border League, 200922/02/2009Cahill, Tim5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)31:11
Capenhurst Border League, 200922/02/2009Jones, Hayden5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)35:07
Capenhurst Border League, 200922/02/2009Elliott, Keith5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)35:40
Capenhurst Border League, 200922/02/2009Shone, Grahame5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)35:48
Capenhurst Border League, 200922/02/2009Reid, Ed5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)36:12
Capenhurst Border League, 200922/02/2009Mayers, Mark5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)39:00
Capenhurst Border League, 200922/02/2009Hardy, Peter5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)41:05
Capenhurst Border League, 200922/02/2009Lucas, Alan5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)41:57
Capenhurst Border League, 200922/02/2009Essery, John5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)45:03
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/2010Blazier, Darren5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)31:06
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/2010Wilyman, Richard5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)32:58
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/2010Mould, Pete5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)34:10
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/2010Mayers, Mark5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)34:45
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/2010Simpson, Andy5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)34:57
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/2010Reid, Ed5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)36:08
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/2010Shone, Grahame5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)36:16
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/2010Edwards, Dave5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)38:19
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/2010Hardy, Peter5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)42:17
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/2010Essery, John5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)45:09
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/2010Richards, Jeni5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)38:41
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/2010Birch, Christine5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)39:08
Ellesmere Port Border League14/11/2010Hall, Sian5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)42:37
New Brighton Borders League09/04/2017Blazier, Darren5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)30:33
New Brighton Borders League09/04/2017Wilyman, Richard5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)31:24
New Brighton Borders League09/04/2017Waters, Jodi5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)32:11
New Brighton Borders League09/04/2017Salt, James5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)32:21
New Brighton Borders League09/04/2017Armstrong, Rob5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)35:05
New Brighton Borders League09/04/2017Jones, John5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)35:13
New Brighton Borders League09/04/2017Shipley, Rachel5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)36:53
New Brighton Borders League09/04/2017Shone, Grahame5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)37:57
New Brighton Borders League09/04/2017Owen-Jones, Amy5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)38:03
New Brighton Borders League09/04/2017Birch, Christine5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)40:51
New Brighton Borders League09/04/2017Howe, Anthony5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)42:15
New Brighton Borders League09/04/2017Newell, Alan5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)44:06
Birkenhead Park Borders League03/03/2019Blazier, Darren5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)33:07
Birkenhead Park Borders League03/03/2019Ilsley, Alan5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)35:47
Birkenhead Park Borders League03/03/2019Foden, Nick5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)37:34
Birkenhead Park Borders League03/03/2019Bonfield, Simon5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)37:41
Birkenhead Park Borders League03/03/2019Battersby, Darren5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)38:26
Birkenhead Park Borders League03/03/2019Snelson, Daniel5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)39:53
Birkenhead Park Borders League03/03/2019Jones, John5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)40:47
Birkenhead Park Borders League03/03/2019Shone, Grahame5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)41:51
Birkenhead Park Borders League03/03/2019Howe, Anthony5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)43:25
Birkenhead Park Borders League03/03/2019Collins, Emma5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)38:50
Birkenhead Park Borders League03/03/2019Bonfield, Katie5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)44:08
Birkenhead Park Borders League03/03/2019Birch, Christine5.3mile border league (5.3 Miles)44:23
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)29:40
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Earlston, John5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)30:14
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Cahill, Tim5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)31:30
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007McCormack, Sean5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)31:34
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Ashton, Matthew5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)33:08
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007McCormack, Steven5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)33:10
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Reid, Ed5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)34:21
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Shone, Grahame5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)35:20
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Thomas, Paul5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:38
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Elliott, Keith5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:11
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Willgoose, Carol5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:46
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Hickman, John5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:33
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Smith , Peter5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)40:37
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Lucas, Alan5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)42:26
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Essery, John5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:12
Wirrall Border League 200718/11/2007Ward, Stevie5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)51:46
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)30:52
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Wilyman, Richard5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:38
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Mayers, Mark5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)36:19
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Thomas, Paul5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:36
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Jones, Hayden5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:41
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Richards, Jeni5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:00
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Willgoose, Carol5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:19
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Edwards, Dave5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:52
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Birch, Christine5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)40:01
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Shone, Grahame5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:12
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Bancroft, Tom5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:15
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Maguire, Paula5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)44:56
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Essery, John5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)48:30
Wallasey Borders League, 201113/11/2011Shipley, Rachel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)49:01
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Wilyman, Richard5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:40
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)35:30
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Armstrong, Rob5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)36:14
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Mayers, Mark5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:02
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Simpson, Andy5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:22
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Reid, Ed5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:46
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Bancroft, Tom5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:03
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Arden, Graham5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)51:07
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Essery, John5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)51:42
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Richards, Jeni5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:05
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Willgoose, Carol5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)40:29
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Birch, Christine5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)42:25
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Shipley, Rachel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)44:17
Chritleton Borders League01/04/2012Westell, Kim5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)51:32
Capenhurst Borders League 201211/11/2012Wilyman, Richard5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:40
Capenhurst Borders League 201211/11/2012Waters, Jodi5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:54
Capenhurst Borders League 201211/11/2012Armstrong, Rob5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)34:00
Capenhurst Borders League 201211/11/2012Howe, Anthony5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:15
Capenhurst Borders League 201211/11/2012Pownall, Vernon5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:27
Capenhurst Borders League 201211/11/2012Bancroft, Tom5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:46
Capenhurst Borders League 201211/11/2012Shone, Grahame5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)40:45
Capenhurst Borders League 201211/11/2012Thomas, Paul5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:33
Capenhurst Borders League 201211/11/2012Essery, John5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)47:38
Capenhurst Borders League 201211/11/2012Willgoose, Carol5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:55
Capenhurst Borders League 201211/11/2012Westell, Kim5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)49:07
Christleton Border League 201216/12/2012Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)33:50
Christleton Border League 201216/12/2012Waters, Jodi5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)36:12
Christleton Border League 201216/12/2012Shone, Grahame5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:02
Christleton Border League 201216/12/2012Willgoose, Carol5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)42:32
Christleton Border League 201216/12/2012Birch, Christine5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:15
Christleton Border League 201216/12/2012Howe, Anthony5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:58
Christleton Border League 201216/12/2012Mayers, Mark5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)49:40
Christleton Border League 201216/12/2012Shipley, Rachel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)50:52
Christleton Border League 201216/12/2012Essery, John5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)53:04
Birkinhead Park Borders League 201313/01/2013Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)31:08
Birkinhead Park Borders League 201313/01/2013Waters, Jodi5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:57
Birkinhead Park Borders League 201313/01/2013Armstrong, Rob5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)34:40
Birkinhead Park Borders League 201313/01/2013Simpson, Andy5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:08
Birkinhead Park Borders League 201313/01/2013Howe, Anthony5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:50
Birkinhead Park Borders League 201313/01/2013Shipley, Rachel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)45:23
Birkinhead Park Borders League 201313/01/2013Shone, Grahame5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:58
Birkinhead Park Borders League 201313/01/2013Mayers, Mark5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:50
Birkinhead Park Borders League 201313/01/2013Birch, Christine5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)40:33
Deeside Border League10/04/2013Wilyman, Richard5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:41
Deeside Border League10/04/2013Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)33:55
Deeside Border League10/04/2013Armstrong, Rob5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)35:54
Deeside Border League10/04/2013Simpson, Andy5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:44
Deeside Border League10/04/2013Mayers, Mark5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:59
Deeside Border League10/04/2013Mercer, Andrew5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:17
Deeside Border League10/04/2013Howe, Anthony5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)40:18
Deeside Border League10/04/2013Essery, John5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)49:56
Deeside Border League10/04/2013Birch, Christine5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:11
Deeside Border League10/04/2013Shipley, Rachel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)44:06
Deeside Border League10/04/2013Curtis, Lucy5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)44:42
Deeside Border League10/04/2013Shone, Grahame5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:00
Wigg Island, Borders League (Helsby)15/12/2013Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:24
Wigg Island, Borders League (Helsby)15/12/2013Waters, Jodi5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)33:33
Wigg Island, Borders League (Helsby)15/12/2013Armstrong, Rob5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)34:32
Wigg Island, Borders League (Helsby)15/12/2013Mayers, Mark5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)36:06
Wigg Island, Borders League (Helsby)15/12/2013Salt, James5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)36:14
Wigg Island, Borders League (Helsby)15/12/2013Mercer, Andrew5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:04
Wigg Island, Borders League (Helsby)15/12/2013Birch, Christine5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:08
Wigg Island, Borders League (Helsby)15/12/2013Shipley, Rachel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:35
Wigg Island, Borders League (Helsby)15/12/2013Shone, Grahame5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)45:39
Wigg Island, Borders League (Helsby)15/12/2013Maguire, Paula5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)46:00
Wigg Island, Borders League (Helsby)15/12/2013Plamperova, Dagmar5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)51:17
Birkenhead Borders League 201402/03/2014Lightowler, Ben5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:50
Birkenhead Borders League 201402/03/2014Waters, Jodi5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)31:28
Birkenhead Borders League 201402/03/2014Wilyman, Richard5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:55
Birkenhead Borders League 201402/03/2014Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)33:28
Birkenhead Borders League 201402/03/2014Cahill, Tim5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)34:12
Birkenhead Borders League 201402/03/2014Armstrong, Rob5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)34:27
Birkenhead Borders League 201402/03/2014Salt, James5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)34:48
Birkenhead Borders League 201402/03/2014Simpson, Andy5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:37
Birkenhead Borders League 201402/03/2014Willgoose, Carol5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)40:24
Birkenhead Borders League 201402/03/2014Shipley, Rachel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:31
Deestriders Borders League23/04/2014Lightowler, Ben5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)31:50
Deestriders Borders League23/04/2014Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:11
Deestriders Borders League23/04/2014Wilyman, Richard5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:45
Deestriders Borders League23/04/2014Salt, James5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)33:50
Deestriders Borders League23/04/2014Mayers, Mark5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)34:29
Deestriders Borders League23/04/2014Simpson, Andy5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)36:53
Deestriders Borders League23/04/2014Shone, Grahame5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)40:16
Deestriders Borders League23/04/2014Edwards, Dave5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:00
Deestriders Borders League23/04/2014Richards, Jeni5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:16
Deestriders Borders League23/04/2014Shipley, Rachel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:25
Deestriders Borders League23/04/2014Birch, Christine5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:46
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/2015Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)33:19
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/2015Waters, Jodi5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)33:41
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/2015Wilyman, Richard5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)34:53
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/2015Salt, James5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)35:43
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/2015Mayers, Mark5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)36:37
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/2015Shone, Grahame5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:52
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/2015Battersby, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:03
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/2015Armstrong, Rob5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)40:10
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/2015Birch, Christine5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)40:53
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/2015Owen-Jones, Amy5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:39
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/2015Wickham, Vince5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:53
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/2015Shipley, Rachel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:41
Birkenhead Park Border League11/01/2015Howe, Anthony5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)44:50
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Wilyman, Richard5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)31:28
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Lightowler, Ben5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:37
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)33:22
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Mould, Pete5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)34:46
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Cahill, Tim5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)35:28
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Waters, Jodi5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)35:48
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Armstrong, Rob5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)36:30
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Salt, James5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)36:40
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Mayers, Mark5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:40
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Jones, John5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:06
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Battersby, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:38
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Shone, Grahame5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:18
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Collins, Emma5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:45
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Shipley, Rachel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:03
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Owen-Jones, Amy5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:43
Birkenhead Park Borders League 201508/11/2015Birch, Christine5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:12
Birkenhead Park, Borders League 201604/12/2016Wilyman, Richard5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:58
Birkenhead Park, Borders League 201604/12/2016Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)34:09
Birkenhead Park, Borders League 201604/12/2016Salt, James5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)35:42
Birkenhead Park, Borders League 201604/12/2016Evans, Gareth5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)35:51
Birkenhead Park, Borders League 201604/12/2016Mayers, Mark5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:37
Birkenhead Park, Borders League 201604/12/2016Jones, John5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:42
Birkenhead Park, Borders League 201604/12/2016Snelson, Daniel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)40:16
Birkenhead Park, Borders League 201604/12/2016Howe, Anthony5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:11
Birkenhead Park, Borders League 201604/12/2016Shipley, Rachel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:41
Birkenhead Park, Borders League 201604/12/2016Birch, Christine5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)42:52
Birkenhead Park, Borders League 201604/12/2016Maguire, Paula5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:41
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:36
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Waters, Jodi5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)33:01
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Salt, James5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)35:18
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Mayers, Mark5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)36:27
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Battersby, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:33
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Howe, Anthony5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)40:13
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Shone, Grahame5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:08
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Powell, Mike5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:53
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Collins, Emma5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:19
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Shipley, Rachel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:37
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Owen-Jones, Amy5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)39:54
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Maguire, Paula5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)41:41
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Birch, Christine5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:18
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Nesbitt, Lorraine5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)48:31
Birkenhead Borders League03/12/2017Powell , Hillary5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)45:59
Birkenhead Park Borders League 2019.2001/12/2019Blazier, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)32:28
Birkenhead Park Borders League 2019.2001/12/2019Ilsley, Alan5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)34:37
Birkenhead Park Borders League 2019.2001/12/2019Bonfield, Simon5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)36:37
Birkenhead Park Borders League 2019.2001/12/2019Battersby, Darren5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:31
Birkenhead Park Borders League 2019.2001/12/2019Lloyd-Jones, Gwil5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:07
Birkenhead Park Borders League 2019.2001/12/2019Snelson, Daniel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)42:30
Birkenhead Park Borders League 2019.2001/12/2019Shone, Grahame5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)42:09
Birkenhead Park Borders League 2019.2001/12/2019Shipley, Rachel5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)37:45
Birkenhead Park Borders League 2019.2001/12/2019Collins, Emma5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)38:40
Birkenhead Park Borders League 2019.2001/12/2019Birch, Christine5.5mile border league (5.5 Miles)43:33
Wrexham XC21/01/2006McCormack, SeanXC 9k (9 Kilometers)32:16
Wrexham XC21/01/2006Shone, GrahameXC 9k (9 Kilometers)34:18
Wrexham XC21/01/2006Lucas, AlanXC 9k (9 Kilometers)42:55
Wrexham XC21/01/2006Reid, EdXC 9k (9 Kilometers)36:18
Wrexham XC21/01/2006Spotswood, RobertXC 9k (9 Kilometers)39:46
Wrexham XC21/01/2006Cahill, TimXC 9k (9 Kilometers)35:02
Wrexham XC21/01/2006Edwards, DaveXC 9k (9 Kilometers)42:38
Wrexham XC21/01/2006Hughes, GeranXC 9k (9 Kilometers)32:07
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200827/09/2008Blazier, DarrenXC 9k (9 Kilometers)33:01
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200827/09/2008Cahill, TimXC 9k (9 Kilometers)36:12
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200827/09/2008Edwards, DaveXC 9k (9 Kilometers)44:35
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200827/09/2008Elliott, KeithXC 9k (9 Kilometers)41:46
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200827/09/2008Lucas, AlanXC 9k (9 Kilometers)47:20
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200827/09/2008McCormack, SeanXC 9k (9 Kilometers)33:12
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200827/09/2008McCormack, StevenXC 9k (9 Kilometers)36:54
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200827/09/2008Shone, GrahameXC 9k (9 Kilometers)41:23
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200827/09/2008Thomas, PaulXC 9k (9 Kilometers)44:17
Colwyn Bay X-Country, 200827/09/2008Ward, StevieXC 9k (9 Kilometers)1:00:51
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009Cahill, TimXC 9k (9 Kilometers)33:37
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009Roberts, DewiXC 9k (9 Kilometers)34:10
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009McCormack, SeanXC 9k (9 Kilometers)34:12
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009Roberts, GarethXC 9k (9 Kilometers)34:23
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009McCormack, StevenXC 9k (9 Kilometers)36:33
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009Shone, GrahameXC 9k (9 Kilometers)38:21
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009Elliott, KeithXC 9k (9 Kilometers)39:00
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009Reid, EdXC 9k (9 Kilometers)41:32
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009Edwards, DaveXC 9k (9 Kilometers)43:13
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009Spotswood, RobertXC 9k (9 Kilometers)44:53
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009Lucas, AlanXC 9k (9 Kilometers)45:00
Wrexham XC 200817/01/2009Brambles, NealXC 9k (9 Kilometers)34:45
Oswestry XC Men, 201006/02/2010Hughes, GeranXC 9k (9 Kilometers)37:33
Oswestry XC Men, 201006/02/2010Elliott, KeithXC 9k (9 Kilometers)41:07
Oswestry XC Men, 201006/02/2010Lucas, AlanXC 9k (9 Kilometers)56:57
Bangor XC, 2010 Men30/10/2010Lee, RichieXC 9k (9 Kilometers)33:02
Bangor XC, 2010 Men30/10/2010Cahill, TimXC 9k (9 Kilometers)33:18
Bangor XC, 2010 Men30/10/2010Reid, EdXC 9k (9 Kilometers)38:21
Bangor XC, 2010 Men30/10/2010Thomas, PaulXC 9k (9 Kilometers)39:31
St Davids Cross Country, Men20/10/2012Cahill, TimXC 9k (9 Kilometers)41:42
St Davids Cross Country, Men20/10/2012Mayers, MarkXC 9k (9 Kilometers)44:28
St Davids Cross Country, Men20/10/2012Armstrong, RobXC 9k (9 Kilometers)44:50
St Davids Cross Country, Men20/10/2012Howe, AnthonyXC 9k (9 Kilometers)49:04
St Davids Cross Country, Men20/10/2012Hardy, PeterXC 9k (9 Kilometers)1:02:34
Oswestry Cross Country Mens02/02/2013Cahill, TimXC 9k (9 Kilometers)40:42
Oswestry Cross Country Mens02/02/2013Mayers, MarkXC 9k (9 Kilometers)47:30
Oswestry Cross Country Mens02/02/2013Edwards, DaveXC 9k (9 Kilometers)49:20
Oswestry Cross Country Mens02/02/2013Howe, AnthonyXC 9k (9 Kilometers)49:22
Oswestry Cross Country 201408/02/2014Armstrong, RobXC 9k (9 Kilometers)46:08
Bangor Cross Country, 2017, mens25/11/2017Cahill, TimXC 9k (9 Kilometers)39:42
Bangor Cross Country, 2017, mens25/11/2017Salt, JamesXC 9k (9 Kilometers)41:12
Bangor Cross Country, 2017, mens25/11/2017Armstrong, RobXC 9k (9 Kilometers)44:13
Bangor Cross Country, 2017, mens25/11/2017Bonfield, SimonXC 9k (9 Kilometers)46:31
Bangor Cross Country, 2017, mens25/11/2017Howe, AnthonyXC 9k (9 Kilometers)49:07
Walford Cross Country, Men 201820/01/2018Cahill, TimXC 9k (9 Kilometers)43:19
Colwyn Bay Cross Country, Men20/10/2018Salt, JamesXC 9k (9 Kilometers)47:13
Colwyn Bay Cross Country, Men20/10/2018Howe, AnthonyXC 9k (9 Kilometers)54:15
Wrexham XC Men05/10/2019Bonfield, SimonXC 9k (9 Kilometers)38:18
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Lightowler, Ben5.7m (5.7 Miles)32:30
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Blazier, Darren5.7m (5.7 Miles)33:08
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Waters, Jodi5.7m (5.7 Miles)35:49
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Salt, James5.7m (5.7 Miles)36:23
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Mayers, Mark5.7m (5.7 Miles)37:31
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Armstrong, Rob5.7m (5.7 Miles)39:17
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Evans, Gareth5.7m (5.7 Miles)40:07
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Battersby, Darren5.7m (5.7 Miles)40:48
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Garnett, Ben5.7m (5.7 Miles)41:11
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Shone, Grahame5.7m (5.7 Miles)41:17
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Richards, Jeni5.7m (5.7 Miles)39:08
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Birch, Christine5.7m (5.7 Miles)42:47
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Shipley, Rachel5.7m (5.7 Miles)45:24
Christleton Borders League 201409/11/2014Owen-Jones, Amy5.7m (5.7 Miles)45:02
Welsh Inter Regional X-C Masters10/12/2006McCormack, Sean9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)36:41
Wrexham XC 200720/01/2007Hughes, Geran9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)33:12
Wrexham XC 200720/01/2007McCormack, Steven9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)33:24
Wrexham XC 200720/01/2007McCormack, Sean9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)33:31
Wrexham XC 200720/01/2007McIlveen, Justin9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)35:20
Wrexham XC 200720/01/2007Cahill, Tim9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)35:40
Wrexham XC 200720/01/2007Ashton, Matthew9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)36:10
Wrexham XC 200720/01/2007Reid, Ed9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)36:55
Wrexham XC 200720/01/2007Shone, Grahame9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)37:46
Wrexham XC 200720/01/2007Thomas, Paul9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)38:40
Wrexham XC 200720/01/2007Spotswood, Robert9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)41:10
Wrexham XC 200720/01/2007Edwards, Dave9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)42:26
Northop Cross Country, Men12/11/2011Dixon, Josh9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)31:40
Northop Cross Country, Men12/11/2011Lee, Richie9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)37:32
Northop Cross Country, Men12/11/2011Mayers, Mark9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)39:23
Northop Cross Country, Men12/11/2011Edwards, Dave9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)41:55
Lilleshall Cross Country, Mens18/01/2014Cahill, Tim9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)43:13
Lilleshall Cross Country, Mens18/01/2014Armstrong, Rob9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)44:43
Oswestry Mens Cross Country 201803/02/2018Cahill, Tim9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)46:22
Oswestry Mens Cross Country 201803/02/2018Howe, Anthony9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)57:29
Oswestry Cross Country, Men, 201902/02/2019Cahill, Tim9.2k XC (9.2 Kilometers)39:17
Hot Toddy29/12/2013Willgoose, Carol5.8miles (5.8 Miles)42:18
Wrexham Borders League 202015/03/2020Blazier, Darren5.8miles (5.8 Miles)33:37
Wrexham Borders League 202015/03/2020Yarwood, James5.8miles (5.8 Miles)38:14
Wrexham Borders League 202015/03/2020Battersby, Darren5.8miles (5.8 Miles)40:07
Wrexham Borders League 202015/03/2020Foden, Nick5.8miles (5.8 Miles)42:35
Wrexham Borders League 202015/03/2020Mayers, Mark5.8miles (5.8 Miles)43:05
Wrexham Borders League 202015/03/2020Jones, John5.8miles (5.8 Miles)44:18
Wrexham Borders League 202015/03/2020Shipley, Rachel5.8miles (5.8 Miles)40:00
Wrexham Borders League 202015/03/2020Collins, Emma5.8miles (5.8 Miles)41:6
Welsh Inter Regional X-C Masters, 200813/12/2008Roberts, Dewi9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)33:46
Welsh Inter Regional X-C Masters, 200813/12/2008McCormack, Sean9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)34:18
Welsh Inter Regional X-C Masters, 200813/12/2008Cahill, Tim9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)34:59
Welsh Inter Regional X-C Masters, 200813/12/2008Hughes, Geran9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)35:17
Oswestry XC Men, 200907/02/2009Hughes, Geran9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)37:52
Oswestry XC Men, 200907/02/2009Roberts, Dewi9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)38:32
Oswestry XC Men, 200907/02/2009Roberts, Gareth9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)39:13
Oswestry XC Men, 200907/02/2009Cahill, Tim9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)38:48
Oswestry XC Men, 200907/02/2009McCormack, Sean9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)39:24
Oswestry XC Men, 200907/02/2009McCormack, Steven9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)43:16
Oswestry XC Men, 200907/02/2009Elliott, Keith9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)43:47
Oswestry XC Men, 200907/02/2009Reid, Ed9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)46:35
Oswestry XC Men, 200907/02/2009Jones, Hayden9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)47:01
Oswestry XC Men, 200907/02/2009Edwards, Dave9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)47:42
Oswestry XC Men, 200907/02/2009Lucas, Alan9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)50:49
Inter Regional Cross Country, Men13/12/2009Hughes, Geran9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)36:16
North Wales Cross Country Championships 201129/01/2011Dixon, Josh9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)37:09
St Davids Cross Country, Men17/10/2015Salt, James9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)41:43
St Davids Cross Country, Men17/10/2015Cahill, Tim9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)42:50
St Davids Cross Country, Men17/10/2015Armstrong, Rob9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)44:07
St Davids Cross Country, Men17/10/2015Jones, John9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)46:13
St Davids Cross Country, Men17/10/2015Brown, Warren9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)46:49
St Davids Cross Country, Men17/10/2015Battersby, Darren9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)48:23
St Davids Cross Country, Men17/10/2015McCormack, Steven9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)51:03
St Davids Cross Country, Men17/10/2015McCormack, Sean9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)43:14
St Davids Cross Country Men21/10/2017Salt, James9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)42:02
St Davids Cross Country Men21/10/2017McCormack, Sean9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)43:01
St Davids Cross Country Men21/10/2017Armstrong, Rob9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)46:19
St Davids Cross Country Men21/10/2017Bonfield, Simon9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)50:17
St Davids Cross Country Men21/10/2017Howe, Anthony9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)51:52
St Davids Cross Country Men21/10/2017Jones, Hayden9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)54:46
North Wales Cross Country XC Championships, Men05/01/2019Barnaby, Martyn9.5k xc (9.5 Kilometers)49:09
Oswestry XC04/02/2006McCormack, SeanXC 6m (6 Miles)36:10
Oswestry XC04/02/2006Lee, RichieXC 6m (6 Miles)38:02
Oswestry XC04/02/2006Reid, EdXC 6m (6 Miles)41:06
Oswestry XC04/02/2006Ashton, MatthewXC 6m (6 Miles)39:44
Oswestry XC04/02/2006Cahill, TimXC 6m (6 Miles)39:23
Oswestry XC04/02/2006Edwards, DaveXC 6m (6 Miles)47:45
Oswestry XC04/02/2006McIlveen, JustinXC 6m (6 Miles)39:16
Oswestry XC04/02/2006Hughes, GeranXC 6m (6 Miles)35:46
Hoylake Borders League09/04/2006Blazier, Darren6m (6 Miles)34:07
Hoylake Borders League09/04/2006Ashton, Jamie6m (6 Miles)1:09:27
Hoylake Borders League09/04/2006Ashton, Matthew6m (6 Miles)36:48
Hoylake Borders League09/04/2006Earlston, John6m (6 Miles)34:15
Hoylake Borders League09/04/2006McCormack, Sean6m (6 Miles)35:05
Hoylake Borders League09/04/2006Grant, Simon6m (6 Miles)39:45
Hoylake Borders League09/04/2006Shone, Grahame6m (6 Miles)37:14
Hoylake Borders League09/04/2006McIlveen, Justin6m (6 Miles)37:09
Hoylake Borders League09/04/2006Thomas, Paul6m (6 Miles)40:10
Hoylake Borders League09/04/2006Essery, John6m (6 Miles)45:43
Hoylake Borders League09/04/2006McCarten, Steven6m (6 Miles)47:05
Hoylake Borders League09/04/2006Ward, Stevie6m (6 Miles)52:57
Leckwith 10.2k XC15/10/2006Hughes, GeranXC 6m (6 Miles)40:11
Ras Tarren Hendre03/02/2007Hughes, Angie6 miles Fell (6 Miles)1:21:00
Ras Tarren Hendre03/02/2007McIlveen, Justin6 miles Fell (6 Miles)1:01:00
Christleton Border League04/02/2007Earlston, John6m (6 Miles)33:01
Christleton Border League04/02/2007Blazier, Darren6m (6 Miles)33:32
Christleton Border League04/02/2007McCormack, Sean6m (6 Miles)34:17
Christleton Border League04/02/2007McCormack, Steven6m (6 Miles)35:47
Christleton Border League04/02/2007Ashton, Matthew6m (6 Miles)36:52
Christleton Border League04/02/2007Reid, Ed6m (6 Miles)37:51
Christleton Border League04/02/2007Jones, Hayden6m (6 Miles)39:30
Christleton Border League04/02/2007Thomas, Paul6m (6 Miles)39:55
Christleton Border League04/02/2007Elliott, Keith6m (6 Miles)40:11
Christleton Border League04/02/2007Edwards, Dave6m (6 Miles)42:35
Christleton Border League04/02/2007Smith , Peter6m (6 Miles)42:35
Christleton Border League04/02/2007McCarten, Steven6m (6 Miles)45:27
Christleton Border League04/02/2007Essery, John6m (6 Miles)48:39
Christleton Border League04/02/2007Shone, Grahame6m (6 Miles)37:22
Telford Cross-country 2007 men20/10/2007Hughes, GeranXC 6m (6 Miles)34:54
Telford Cross-country 2007 men20/10/2007McCormack, SeanXC 6m (6 Miles)36:12
Telford Cross-country 2007 men20/10/2007Roberts, DewiXC 6m (6 Miles)36:33
Telford Cross-country 2007 men20/10/2007Cahill, TimXC 6m (6 Miles)36:44
Telford Cross-country 2007 men20/10/2007Roberts, GarethXC 6m (6 Miles)37:25
Telford Cross-country 2007 men20/10/2007McIlveen, JustinXC 6m (6 Miles)37:30
Telford Cross-country 2007 men20/10/2007McCormack, StevenXC 6m (6 Miles)37:56
Telford Cross-country 2007 men20/10/2007Perry, JonathanXC 6m (6 Miles)38:07
Telford Cross-country 2007 men20/10/2007Shone, GrahameXC 6m (6 Miles)41:18
Telford Cross-country 2007 men20/10/2007Lucas, AlanXC 6m (6 Miles)47:27
Telford Cross-country 2007 men20/10/2007Ward, StevieXC 6m (6 Miles)1:07:13
Rhobell Fawr Fell Race10/11/2007McIlveen, Justin6 miles Fell (6 Miles)56:29
Tarren Hendre Fell Race02/02/2008McIlveen, Justin6 miles Fell (6 Miles)57:05
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008Hughes, GeranXC 6m (6 Miles)35:49
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008McCormack, SeanXC 6m (6 Miles)36:53
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008Roberts, DewiXC 6m (6 Miles)37:44
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008McIlveen, JustinXC 6m (6 Miles)38:11
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008Cahill, TimXC 6m (6 Miles)38:31
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008Roberts, GarethXC 6m (6 Miles)38:38
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008McCormack, StevenXC 6m (6 Miles)39:09
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008Ashton, MatthewXC 6m (6 Miles)39:45
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008Reid, EdXC 6m (6 Miles)40:12
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008Jones, HaydenXC 6m (6 Miles)44:44
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008Lucas, AlanXC 6m (6 Miles)48:09
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008Spotswood, RobertXC 6m (6 Miles)48:36
Oswestry XC Men09/02/2008Ward, StevieXC 6m (6 Miles)1:11:56
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Blazier, Darren6m (6 Miles)33:05
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Earlston, John6m (6 Miles)34:29
Helsby Border League06/04/2008McCormack, Sean6m (6 Miles)34:37
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Cahill, Tim6m (6 Miles)35:39
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Ashton, Matthew6m (6 Miles)36:11
Helsby Border League06/04/2008McCormack, Steven6m (6 Miles)36:58
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Reid, Ed6m (6 Miles)39:02
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Shone, Grahame6m (6 Miles)40:02
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Jones, Hayden6m (6 Miles)42:47
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Elliott, Keith6m (6 Miles)41:58
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Spotswood, Robert6m (6 Miles)46:19
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Smith , Peter6m (6 Miles)46:30
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Lucas, Alan6m (6 Miles)47:03
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Essery, John6m (6 Miles)48:21
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Willgoose, Carol6m (6 Miles)41:44
Helsby Border League06/04/2008Richards, Jeni6m (6 Miles)46:04
Maiden Castle Loop12/07/2008Smith , Peter6m (6 Miles)56:43
Maiden Castle Loop12/07/2008Williams, Katie6m (6 Miles)56:53
Christleton Border League, 200812/10/2008McCormack, Sean6m (6 Miles)33:11
Christleton Border League, 200812/10/2008Blazier, Darren6m (6 Miles)33:03
Christleton Border League, 200812/10/2008Dixon, Josh6m (6 Miles)33:28
Christleton Border League, 200812/10/2008Cahill, Tim6m (6 Miles)34:36
Christleton Border League, 200812/10/2008McCormack, Steven6m (6 Miles)36:39
Christleton Border League, 200812/10/2008Shone, Grahame6m (6 Miles)41:00
Christleton Border League, 200812/10/2008Elliott, Keith6m (6 Miles)41:00
Christleton Border League, 200812/10/2008Reid, Ed6m (6 Miles)41:38
Christleton Border League, 200812/10/2008Lucas, Alan6m (6 Miles)46:37
Christleton Border League, 200812/10/2008Essery, John6m (6 Miles)50:39
Christleton Border League, 200812/10/2008Ward, Stevie6m (6 Miles)55:00
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Blazier, Darren6m (6 Miles)34:07
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Cahill, Tim6m (6 Miles)34:41
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Dixon, Josh6m (6 Miles)33:33
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008McCormack, Sean6m (6 Miles)34:11
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008McCormack, Steven6m (6 Miles)36:30
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Roberts, Gareth6m (6 Miles)35:58
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Roberts, Dewi6m (6 Miles)35:28
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Ashton, Matthew6m (6 Miles)37:11
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Hughes, Geran6m (6 Miles)37:22
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Elliott, Keith6m (6 Miles)41:07
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Edwards, Dave6m (6 Miles)44:03
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Hughes, Angie6m (6 Miles)45:53
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Richards, Jeni6m (6 Miles)45:57
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Lucas, Alan6m (6 Miles)47:24
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Essery, John6m (6 Miles)49:09
Hoylake Borders League 200809/11/2008Ward, Stevie6m (6 Miles)53:13
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Blazier, Darren6m (6 Miles)32:42
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Ashton, Matthew6m (6 Miles)36:44
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Hughes, Geran6m (6 Miles)41:03
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Shone, Grahame6m (6 Miles)41:15
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Reid, Ed6m (6 Miles)41:25
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Goodson, Andy6m (6 Miles)43:25
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Mayers, Mark6m (6 Miles)45:36
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Hardy, Peter6m (6 Miles)46:04
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Lucas, Alan6m (6 Miles)49:27
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Essery, John6m (6 Miles)49:43
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Perry, Jonathan6m (6 Miles)49:54
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Willgoose, Carol6m (6 Miles)42:56
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Richards, Jeni6m (6 Miles)43:21
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Hughes, Angie6m (6 Miles)44:37
Christleton Border League, 200918/10/2009Hall, Sian6m (6 Miles)46:50
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/2011Blazier, Darren6m (6 Miles)29:49
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/2011Wilyman, Richard6m (6 Miles)30:17
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/2011Lee, Richie6m (6 Miles)32:40
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/2011Mayers, Mark6m (6 Miles)32:56
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/2011Mercer, Andrew6m (6 Miles)33:49
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/2011Reid, Ed6m (6 Miles)34:00
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/2011Edwards, Dave6m (6 Miles)35:51
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/2011Willgoose, Carol6m (6 Miles)36:00
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/2011Richards, Jeni6m (6 Miles)37:37
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/2011Birch, Christine6m (6 Miles)37:49
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/2011Shone, Grahame6m (6 Miles)38:27
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/2011Maguire, Paula6m (6 Miles)42:28
Prestatyn Border League, 201116/10/2011Essery, John6m (6 Miles)45:45
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/2011Blazier, Darren6m (6 Miles)35:26
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/2011Wilyman, Richard6m (6 Miles)36:41
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/2011Mayers, Mark6m (6 Miles)40:10
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/2011Simpson, Andy6m (6 Miles)41:55
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/2011Howe, Anthony6m (6 Miles)42:27
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/2011Edwards, Dave6m (6 Miles)44:12
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/2011Shone, Grahame6m (6 Miles)46:07
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/2011Arden, Graham6m (6 Miles)57:08
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/2011Essery, John6m (6 Miles)57:12
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/2011Richards, Jeni6m (6 Miles)43:22
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/2011Birch, Christine6m (6 Miles)46:05
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/2011Shipley, Rachel6m (6 Miles)53:58
Tattenhall Borders League, 201111/12/2011Curtis, Lucy6m (6 Miles)54:42
Riverbank Run "10k"24/06/2012Blazier, Darren6m (6 Miles)34:03
Riverbank Run "10k"24/06/2012Cahill, Tim6m (6 Miles)37:04
Riverbank Run "10k"24/06/2012Mayers, Mark6m (6 Miles)38:23
Riverbank Run "10k"24/06/2012Willgoose, Carol6m (6 Miles)42:21
Riverbank Run "10k"24/06/2012Birch, Christine6m (6 Miles)43:22
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Blazier, Darren6m (6 Miles)34:56
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Wilyman, Richard6m (6 Miles)37:06
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Waters, Jodi6m (6 Miles)38:18
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Lightowler, Ben6m (6 Miles)38:46
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Armstrong, Rob6m (6 Miles)38:48
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Mayers, Mark6m (6 Miles)39:40
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Salt, James6m (6 Miles)40:25
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Mercer, Andrew6m (6 Miles)41:21
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Simpson, Andy6m (6 Miles)43:59
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Howe, Anthony6m (6 Miles)44:23
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Shone, Grahame6m (6 Miles)46:09
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Willgoose, Carol6m (6 Miles)45:42
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Shipley, Rachel6m (6 Miles)48:28
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Maguire, Paula6m (6 Miles)51:22
Tattenhall Borders League 201317/11/2013Plamperova, Dagmar6m (6 Miles)57:30
North Wales Cross Country Championships 201425/01/2014Cahill, TimXC 6m (6 Miles)45:44
North Wales Cross Country Championships 201425/01/2014Armstrong, RobXC 6m (6 Miles)46:45
Tattenhall Border League07/12/2014Blazier, Darren6m (6 Miles)36:18
Tattenhall Border League07/12/2014Waters, Jodi6m (6 Miles)36:52
Tattenhall Border League07/12/2014Salt, James6m (6 Miles)39:09
Tattenhall Border League07/12/2014Wilyman, Richard6m (6 Miles)39:16
Tattenhall Border League07/12/2014Mayers, Mark6m (6 Miles)40:34
Tattenhall Border League07/12/2014Shone, Grahame6m (6 Miles)43:23
Tattenhall Border League07/12/2014Battersby, Darren6m (6 Miles)44:21
Tattenhall Border League07/12/2014Garnett, Ben6m (6 Miles)44:22
Tattenhall Border League07/12/2014Howe, Anthony6m (6 Miles)49:37
Tattenhall Border League07/12/2014Arden, Graham6m (6 Miles)54:12
Tattenhall Border League07/12/2014Birch, Christine6m (6 Miles)45:49
Tattenhall Border League07/12/2014Shipley, Rachel6m (6 Miles)48:18
Oswestry Cross Country, Men, 201606/02/2016Cahill, TimXC 6m (6 Miles)47:11
Oswestry Cross Country, Men, 201606/02/2016Salt, JamesXC 6m (6 Miles)47:36
Oswestry Cross Country, Men, 201606/02/2016McCormack, SeanXC 6m (6 Miles)49:42
Oswestry Cross Country, Men, 201606/02/2016McCormack, StevenXC 6m (6 Miles)51:30
Tattenhall Borders League, 201620/03/2016Wilyman, Richard6m (6 Miles)35:04
Tattenhall Borders League, 201620/03/2016Blazier, Darren6m (6 Miles)37:17
Tattenhall Borders League, 201620/03/2016Waters, Jodi6m (6 Miles)37:56
Tattenhall Borders League, 201620/03/2016Foden, Nick6m (6 Miles)38:23
Tattenhall Borders League, 201620/03/2016Williams, Danny6m (6 Miles)38:29
Tattenhall Borders League, 201620/03/2016Salt, James6m (6 Miles)41:34
Tattenhall Borders League, 201620/03/2016Howe, Anthony6m (6 Miles)42:00
Tattenhall Borders League, 201620/03/2016Mayers, Mark6m (6 Miles)42:09
Tattenhall Borders League, 201620/03/2016Shipley, Rachel6m (6 Miles)43:17
Tattenhall Borders League, 201620/03/2016Collins, Emma6m (6 Miles)43:21
Tattenhall Borders L