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Riverbank Run 200724/06/200710k (10 Kilometers)44:01
Llanfair TH28/07/200710k (10 Kilometers)48:41
Tattenhall Border League09/12/200710k (10 Kilometers)42:21
Riverbank Run 200822/06/200810k (10 Kilometers)46:44
Caernarfon 10k 200831/08/200810k (10 Kilometers)44:54
Flintshire 10k, 200821/09/200810k (10 Kilometers)43:26
Flintshire 10k, 200904/10/200910k (10 Kilometers)44:41
Nick Beer 201007/02/201010k (10 Kilometers)46:06
Caernarfon BL 201024/10/201010k (10 Kilometers)45:00
Twin Piers 201221/01/201210k (10 Kilometers)43:57
Nick Beer 201212/02/201210k (10 Kilometers)45:36
Vaynol Park 10k04/07/201210k (10 Kilometers)46:09
Deiniolen 10k19/06/201310k (10 Kilometers)50:00
Flintshire 10k, 201313/10/201310k (10 Kilometers)48:39
Twin Piers 10k11/01/201410k (10 Kilometers)45:16
Nick Beer 10k, 201409/02/201410k (10 Kilometers)47:40 [Chip: 47:35]
Vale of Clwyd 10k, 201719/03/201710k (10 Kilometers)48:06

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